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7757865361Timeshare resales.Guest52016-07-06 12:24:33
7756245805Calling the RCMP - calling to say they are a utilities retailor and are going to cut our power off - they are fraudlent!!!!!!!Guest62016-07-07 05:27:55
7753767059unknown callerbonnie42016-07-07 11:30:33
7756245806he is a scamer he told me same thing then says sent 4000 by misstakezack32016-07-07 11:46:35
7756245810Always calling me three to four times a day. Left message stating its a civil matter and I need to take care of it . I never answer the calls . Now they are calling my relatives that I gave them their numbers when I didn't do no such thing . I wish they can stop calling they are annoyingGuest42016-07-07 19:14:44
7753767050Phone call with no message left!Rick72016-07-07 20:10:45
7753767052Called today - 'John' from Air duct cleaning.  Knew immediately it was telemarketing due to the pause and late connection to the boiler room.  Cut him off immediately and told him about DNC list, spoofing, ethics, etc. then I hung up before he could say another word.sunshine6572016-07-07 23:35:01
7756245809called back, no answer; wouldn't even ringGuest42016-07-08 00:29:36
7756245807Fake caller id prankGuest72016-07-08 00:44:45
7753767051Area circulation worst company everGuest62016-07-08 02:48:57
7753767058Open line--could hear conversation in backgroundGuest42016-07-08 04:00:07
7753767055Repeated calls with not message. Definitely a spam call bot.Guest42016-07-08 05:43:40
7756245804Scam --wanting me to pay for an extended warranty on vehicleGuest52016-07-08 06:15:58
7756245808Just another scam, no message! Just another unwanted nonsense call!I Check'em Out!72016-07-08 13:55:39
7756245812calling several times a time and you cannot call back because the answering machine is full and cannot accept any messages.Guest62016-07-08 14:32:46
7756245813They call often  and I see it on my caller IDI never answer ite pem72016-07-08 16:18:29
7753767053She calls people phone playing on it and something need to be done about it calling people private messing with peopleGuest52016-07-08 16:20:02
7756245811Just received a clearly bogus student loan collection agency bill in the postal mail at my business name and address from the following company - Performant Recovery Inc. Their phone numbers are : 209-858-3500 aka 209-858-3850 aka 209-858-0600 aka 325-224-6001 aka 325-224-6504 aka 325-224-6728 aka 510-636-0505 aka 510-636-0300 aka 510-636-0400 aka 510-636-0666 aka 510-639-2353 aka 541-955-7800 aka 717-961-5107 aka 800-766-0190 aka 800-766-7617 aka 800-866-5317 aka 800-927-7667 aka 888-310-2006 aka 888-335-6267 aka 925-960-4766 aka 925-960-4800 aka 925-960-4880. Their websites are : aka aka aka Their business names are : Performant aka Performant Recovery Inc aka Performant Financial Corporation aka Diversified Collection Services Inc aka DCS Inc. Their addresses are : P. O. Box 9054 Pleasanton CA 94566-9054, P. O. Box 9057 Pleasanton CA 94566-9057, 333 North Canyons Parkway Suite 100 Livermore CA 94551, with other locations in Pleasanton CA, Lathrop CA, Grants Pass OR, San Angelo TX, and Miami Lakes FL. The representatives name is Hal Cox. The supposed Amount Referred : $240.91. The supposed Current Balance : $192.73. The supposed Pay This Amount : $38.55. The supposed Due Date : 12-13-14. This postal mailing is in direct violation of the FDCPA Section 809 (b). Our business has NO prior notices of ANY delinquent accounts, no outstanding student loans, no outstanding debts other than to our regular Net 30 distributors (who would call us if we were past due, which we are not). We clearly do not have any debt with them or anyone else, so this past due collection attempt is clearly FRAUD. We WILL be filling a formal complaint directly with the BBB, the, and the AG's Office of California for attempted fraud.Not Important32016-07-08 18:18:18
7753767056they list themselves as Impact Sales Solutions- they have called me every AM for 3 weeks- you cannot call back as the mailbox is always full- they leave no message- its just damn annoying-mark52016-07-08 20:37:23
7754101558From Telephone W W W Indian Man calls always threatening me Around a litigation against me for a loan that I never had. This morning my Man told him not to telephone anymore and he proceeded to tell my Man that I was a prostitute and which he was going to me for W. . and he went on and on for Around 5 minutes within the manner. . . We finally Put up and he called appropriate back and left a message on the answering machine Around how he was going for post my phone online and tell everyone in the United States that I am a prostitute and all of your things that I can can for W. . . I 've that recording and I am going for find whatever Firm he represents and sue for everything that I could get. Do not Discuss To THESE Folks. . . or better Though create them Crazy record what happens and join me within that fit. Caller Law office of Henry Stone. . Call Type Debt CollectorGuest32015-11-05 15:28:42
7753481769When I phone back the number there surely is a recording that says it's not a working number. Questionable. . . . . . Wayne82015-12-14 02:43:53
7753522902exactly your same thing for me overly how do they get for understand about my travel Strategies within that first Put. Guest82015-11-06 09:05:42
7755385336That is a spam number. Calls 2 all hours of the night but leaves no message on your express send. Block it. Guest52015-12-14 19:38:47
7756367496The May n't become a Vendor services Firm trying for plant that seed within your head to accept credit cards by acting like they are Only a few arbitrary Individual who can just do company along with you personally if you will accept credit cards. That phone went enjoy the quot Do you personally accept credit cards. quot I said no and they said quot I m sorry for wasting your own time quot and Put Upward. I attempted calling them back for say that I can take Paypal which I only use if my clients leave town without Making a check and the number was not valid. That machine said quot the number is not in service. quot I know I called the appropriate number back because I Only returned the telephone on my cell Telephone caller ID and I attempted it several times. Credit card processing isn't customary in my own line of work so a phone like the from a Actual Possible Customer is improbable. Guest82015-11-06 14:57:42

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