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7845343485which is the place located in this numberGuest12015-11-14 09:00:24
7845741237thank you johnsanta62016-02-05 08:23:35
7840002260best buy scam messageGuest42016-02-05 08:28:33
7845741243Stop callsGuest32016-02-05 08:24:03
7844966995Appears to be Spam caller.Guest32016-02-05 08:30:04
7846523411House is disgusting. Smokes crack and goes into a schizophrenia-like psychosis. Became a little violent. Very scary.Guest52015-12-19 01:35:21
7840098594busyGuest12015-11-15 09:27:24
7842841780saying im going to be procutited and my ssn is on hold us federal in a txt message from 7862841780 but i meeded to call a different number 813 398 9798Guest12015-11-15 11:01:59
7845295247Sorry no incoming calls allowed from you this number. Thank you!!Guest22015-11-15 11:24:59
7844918219This phone number will no longer accepts text messeges from you.Guest12015-11-15 12:46:59
7844967002Relentless callsGuest42016-02-05 08:30:31
7845337867BBVA Compass BankGuest72016-02-05 08:21:04
7845337866Recievied call today from a Mrs Davis at HFS,who is this?Jim42016-02-05 08:20:58
7841054455googling the number returned this company "Pacific Rim and Trim International, Inc."Kathryn72015-12-16 11:18:09
7841969247saviGuest12015-11-16 08:36:24
7844307558My father has received at least 20 calls from this number. 11 of which were all from the same morning. He's scared out of his wits because my brother and myself are his only contacts. :(Guest32015-11-16 11:07:46
7844967004SpamGuest62016-02-05 08:30:36
7840002255bogusGuest42016-02-05 08:28:23
7844577557Seriously, who calls a massage therapist asking for a time to schedule a massage appointment then already has another appointment with another company/massage therapist? If you could get in sooner with me would you bother to call the other MT back to cancel?Guest82015-12-16 05:30:09
7848830620He's left me threatening voice mails and texts.Guest72015-12-16 13:27:40
7845289850plz reply to meGuest22015-11-16 23:29:59
7840002257Finding my dadGuest32016-02-05 08:28:28
7845741235We're they liveGuest62016-02-05 08:23:30
7840002259Can't tell if this is a legitimate call or a phishing incident.Guest32016-02-05 08:28:31
7845289350Scammer -sent multiple sex texts- don't know him would not answer when I called back.Guest72016-02-05 08:32:45
7844966998receive text messagegsassy52016-02-05 08:30:21
7845264036She is sing people for money saying she has a rare disease on HHT websitesGuest12015-11-18 18:46:59
7840002261scamGuest62016-02-05 08:28:34
7845693686No, you're just another lying shill for the scam!  A real travel agency has a bricks and mortar address - not a UPS PO Box!Gallus72015-12-15 23:51:23
7845337861Stop Calling?Guest52016-02-05 08:20:34
7840005221I expect a card services to help you get your credit right nowGuest192015-11-19 06:50:59
7844970261Close these bastare down.Guest42016-02-05 08:18:27
7842080800asking for gilbert - did not identify self or company then hung upGuest52015-12-16 01:08:48
7841075008Unknown numberGuest42015-12-14 09:02:49
7844967003Text homosexual content every 1/2 for 2 days had a year long break and it started backGuest32016-02-05 08:30:34
7846586212have not answered. they call at least once a week.Shari52015-12-18 21:40:17
7845283022block this numberGuest62015-12-18 23:51:37
7841074076cold call reason unknown. started out by asking how I was doing how was my day. Rather than answer I stated that if this was a cold call seeking donations or to sell anything that I was not interested, his response was fu** you then hung up. great salesman here...Guest42015-12-09 19:46:18
7845809252doucheGuest42016-02-16 07:42:30
78449669993 text messages and all 3 were threateningGuest52016-02-05 08:30:26
7845337865Apparently this is a dating service in San Antonio, TexasZS42016-02-05 08:20:55
7844967541That's CrazyGuest72016-02-15 18:47:05
7847541234Changing to unlisted doesn't stop the dialer machines from calling you either sadly.. You might try a call blocking device or phone.  They have several types over on amazon and I read someplace here that the T-lock Incoming PRO Call Blocker sells for under 60 bucks on Amazon and can block up to 1500 numbers.Steve152015-11-20 08:24:51
7840002428ST VINCENT GRENADINE - I asked the caller how he got my number and some [***] story that "the merchants must have turned in my name to them at Corporate Services" I told him I do not have any credit cards and he said "Well obviously you do!" and rambled on again, I interrupted and tried to say please take my number off your list, they hung up on me mid sentence. I think I would know if I had a credit card, that would mean I had $$$ or I had bills.....   checking......    NOPE!  [***] stupid idiots! GET A REAL JOB LOSERS!WrongPersonTo Call112015-11-20 08:39:58
7840003294It did not leave any message at all!!!!!!!!!d162015-11-20 08:46:02
7840138047dirty pedophileGuest12015-11-20 09:21:24
7845867335They are stating that they are from the United States Health and Human Services Dept.Guest72015-12-14 03:36:18
7842356589got call 20152010 8pm no msgmike92015-11-20 10:39:11
7845264595sfdyutgjshzAndreia12015-11-20 11:02:09
7845645897I got the same result, no one there when I answer and not able to call the number back. No name came up on caller id, just the number. Maybe skip tracers?RJ42015-11-20 11:16:01

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