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8027789077Robocall message from Randalls-Tom Thumb (Safeway subsidiaries) reminder to get a flu shot.  LegitCallerID shows: TOLL FREE CALLERBubba42016-07-07 20:16:25
8027789076When I asked to be put on the do not call list the caller became very abusive and started swearing at me. When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he asked if I wanted to f_____him too.Guest52016-07-08 03:35:59
8027789074They call and it is in Spanish. I just hang up.Guest62016-07-08 08:04:42
8027789083Caller stayed on line until answering machine picked up & I'm using toll saver. Didn't leave message.Cmarie52016-07-08 11:55:09
8027789081MISSED IT, UN AUTOBLE MESSAGE.moe72016-07-08 12:56:30
8027789075Why not let Terra Nostra know how irritated we are by all these junk faxes? Terra Nostra may not be behind these faxes, but then again maybe they are. If we let Terra Nostra know what a PR nightmare this is creating maybe, just maybe, they will do something about it.My suggestions:Every time you receive a fax about Terra Nostra fax it to Terra Nostra, but don't just fax it once fax it several times. The fax number is 1-626-796-5999.Heck, why not send them an email telling them how you feel: [email protected] /* */If you want to call them, their investor relations phone number is 1-866-626-0088 (toll-free). Their main number is 1-626-796-0088. Don't forget, everytime you call their toll free number they pay for the call.Maybe you want to snail mail them a copy of the faxes.Mr. Don Nicholson, PresidentTerra Nostra Resources Corp790 East Colorado Blvd., 9th Floor Pasadena, CA 91101Don't forget, Even if the faxes go to a computer or you leave a voice mail someone still has to take the time to review each one of them.These firms keep filling our fax machines with their junk faxes, well it time we let them know what we think. Let's fill their fax machines, email boxes, snail mail, and phone lines with our disdain. Let them stop the junk faxes!Enough already62016-07-08 14:50:07
8027789079This is a harassing caller. I've blocked several numbers from this caller, and requested he stop calling and texting me to no avail. Please advise me on what to do about this. I've reported this caller to my local Sheriff's Dept. as well.Guest32016-07-08 16:02:41
8022660393I received a telephone Now from the Owner I had to stop my replying machine but they had already Installed up. farmer112015-11-04 15:43:19
8025484392Called twice each day Wed Thurs Fri. No message left. Located in VT. ID was for U. S. Cellular. Tom in STL392015-11-04 16:26:50
8022942415I Additionally got a phone Recently from Vt and your Indian guy had a significant Feature. . He claimed I owed National taxes and gave me a badge number to ensure it is seem Actual. The Guy had that nerve for tell me that they are Choosing legal action against me Afterward questioned me about if I knew how you can would a wire transport. Amount he called out of was WShalini62015-11-04 14:15:14
8024883093so i got a missed telephone and a 2 Minimum express send saying hello. your car Guarantee has expired please press 1 for get a brand new warranty or 2 to become removed. Subsequently it repeated itself again. After that it said if you might have a Automobile between W W then they can offer a warranty on it. have no. hint how they got my number probably calling within sequence. Customer bewarewho knoes1712015-11-04 14:45:26
8022311248Verizon Wireless Choices or spam Called back got Automobile attendant Verizon wireless for press x. . Pt20262016-04-11 00:59:40
8026658989Spanish Audio sounded like a record presuming this really is an Test at fraud. I Installed Upwards instantaneously. beast52015-11-04 18:45:16
8025857384Was seeking the phone Amount W W W connected to the name Leon David for a friend who was recently contacted through the Chat feature of Fit. com by someone named Leon David who Offered the phone Amount. He claimed to become residing in close Akron OH and had Lately moved there out of Virginia. Note that phone Amount Region code is for Vermont. He Promised he was a geologist. I passed your Information in Petra s warning above to my Pal. She has chosen not to follow through on the Leon David who contacted her through Match. com. My friend who lives within Ohio but no where close Akron has chosen for disable the Fit. com Chat Characteristic and substantially limit by space that matches through Match. com. I m Only Publishing this as a Warning for others who might become signed Upward along with online dating Websites and are contacted by a Leon David along with this Telephone Amount. Juanaquena22015-11-04 18:48:16
8029880404please Cease calling we have been not interested within whatever it's You're selling offering. Cheers. stop calling62016-04-13 15:33:48
8024558221I Additionally got a message from this number saying the same Specific matter as Danielle. They said they were Ok along with the price and condition and would send a bank check via FedEx and Prepare Choose up after it Removed within my bank account. They asked for address no PO carton . I told them my address was Mr. Santa Claus 2 main street North Pole. Haven't heard back. LolaWEndy62015-11-05 07:36:28
8026513217Same Storyline as your last. Doing your same and Afterward cussing me out and saying they will locate me. austin62015-12-09 21:24:21
8023757227Yes I got a phone out of them there fraud be thorough they would create Upward a name once u start asking them lots of questions. They don t even understand who there calling don t provide your own personal info not even your own name. And they will lie for u that they removed your own number. That Instruction pitch is a lie its only to get Ur info to sell for other Folks. Guest32015-11-05 17:34:15
8021219968Receiving Email addresses along with the phone listed to call States to become along with Ci ti Bank NY City Fake SCAM CRAP. Bill Green12015-11-05 21:27:39
8027826398Has anything occur since. I Simply got a Telephone telephone from them Now. They're definitely a bunch of crap. Guest72015-12-19 06:17:40
8024975165Set Agency scam. Needed me to instantaneously press a button to Discuss for someone. Yep not likely. . . . Tinman32015-11-06 00:16:31
8027531167This Amount along with others ending in different Numbers telephone Underneath the guise of lowering your credit card attention speed. The automated call system dozen t present you the option to become placed on their don't phone list and the Individual it connects you for says quot no quot and immediately hangs Upward when you request them for Discontinue calling. Guest42015-12-09 23:16:18
8022214980They called today 2 times within about W minutes. Put up every time I replied. next time I won t Select Upward. Guest52015-11-06 10:28:15
8022807198Asks for bank account Information SCAM Don't FEED INTO IT BANKS Will not TEXT You personally AND Ask To Phone. Guest42015-11-06 17:27:15

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