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8035530349Obtained a call Around a sweepstakes I won though I never entered it. Your Owner had my first and last name. Guest42015-12-14 22:02:31
8038354004This Amount when I called it back said quot It a lawyer. . . That is a scam. calls everyday nighttime. . Guest62015-12-14 14:11:55
8034673090Comes Upwards a Kook telephone. I don t answer and they don t leave a message. Calls all times of your daytime. Lindsay42015-12-19 04:45:00
8036045123It's a Wellbeing insurance Service. Icahn . They're supposed for Supply various affordable Wellness Strategies. Sheila52015-11-06 05:12:31
8033792344Alexis I know who You're. He has cheated and led for me thus many times until I was Capable for Get him. While he was messing Approximately along with you personally he was Imagine to become committed for me. I m a strong believer in karma. What goes around comes around. Said component bulk of the hideous girls he sleeps along with knew he was in a relationship. It Simply but i moved on. jokes on him52015-11-06 05:15:08
8030535207These calls are not to me they need me to call them. . I consider these calls are cell phones who gets your Telephone Amounts use them or you get a Large Telephone bill. . I am on MySpace and these People talk for your requirements and ask you personally to phone. Please let me and others know about this. . If I am incorrect Afterward I apologize for the message. . Merely Attempting for be cautious. . Helen12015-11-06 10:07:42
8038355510please help these Individuals called and hangs Upward demand to know who they're demand them Discontinue now. . inoi22015-11-06 11:32:04
8031515123Called my home phone July W 2 times in evening. Left no message on my express mail. This is a strange number for SC Region code. I 've been getting many such calls with the W Place code but the next 3 number aren't part of your normal SC phone system. I consider they are many of those harassing calls. I don't have any debt thus they are not Set calls. . . . Sue12015-11-06 15:24:56
8036674560I Merely HAD A MISSED Phone I Would NT Know WHO It is I Would NT RECOGNIZED That Amount AND I Do NT Desire For Phone BACKGuest42015-12-20 16:29:09
8035866303Get telephone at arbitrary times asking for a Technician store. Simply obtained a telephone at 'm and 'm. Anonymous12015-11-06 17:46:37
8034748084Answered that telephone amp it was dead atmosphere until someone Arrived on the line a couple seconds After along with telephone Centre Sound in the background. Owner Inquired for an Official of our Business. Asked who was calling. Stated his name was John Meridian. Inquired who he was with. Stated RCA . Asked him for hold. After one Second returned for that line amp they had hung Upward. amy52015-12-09 13:14:06
8035333383 NOKIA British Promotion Your own Cellular telephone Amount HAS WON You personally W W GB POUNDS. Adamz Abdul Loddo12015-11-06 21:23:33
8037534843Owner answered when I returned telephone Inquired what I was ordering Afterward would not say what Business it wasGuest72015-12-19 03:10:40
8036673393I Only got 1 too. On my cell phone. . . . Didn't response. . . no message left. Who that hay is it. . . . . . . . SW42015-12-14 08:35:58

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