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8104794118This my phone (210-219-7139) and someone stole it and I've been trying to find it and get it back but don't know where it ended upGuest52016-07-05 08:24:56
8104794114recorded message selling security systemoldone52016-07-05 12:08:33
8103601594sorry no estoy disponible para los falso...adiosGuest52016-07-05 14:31:01
8103601593its a collection agency trying to recover some old debt. I think it auto dials to see if its still a current number. Then one of the times when you answer it will be a live person, very pushy trying to get you to answer what your full name is etc and then they will want to start recording the call etc.very annoyed42016-07-05 16:21:38
8103601589hola idiotajacinto42016-07-05 16:49:02
8103601592Text message spam about a $50 Target Voucher.Guest32016-07-05 17:26:56
8103601595I got a call from this number today. It was a man claiming to be conducting a survey about the "region that I live in". He gave a name of the company/survey but I did not catch it. Before he could continue I started directly questioning him. I asked what region he was referring to. I had to ask twice before he said washington state. I persisted asking what region in washington. He said quietly eastern washington. Since I am living in eastern washington (though my phone number is a western washington area code), I said ok and expected him to proceed. Instead he hung up on me. If this number calls you I would not give them any personal information. If they can't even answer simple questions (like the demographics of their survey), they are not legit.Guest52016-07-05 22:18:46
8103601590Just had them call me tonight not sure what to think they were asking for sin # and everything, they even called my boss first looking for me , and havent had an account with them for some time now saying that I owe money but when I closed my account I took care of all my personal stuffchas72016-07-06 05:54:06
8104794117Call from sprint to take a survey about ya recent visit/ callGuest52016-07-06 06:57:43
8104794112bill collectionGuest42016-07-06 11:23:36
8104794119Again @ 20:16 26 Dec, 2010 no message.Wayne32016-07-06 11:47:06
8104794120Also, I forgot to mention that when this lady spoke to me she would say the company name very fast and when I asked her what the name was she did tell me and I asked her a few times to not only make sure that I had the right name, but, to see if the name changed any.  I even repeated it back to her.  The second thing I forgot to mention is that after she had begun to try to sell me on a maintenance service call on my A/C, I told her that the # she is calling from has been a phone # that continually calls me and says nothing to me or hangs up on me......she said nothing to that other than ... "I'm sorry" ... and than went on with her speal.Debbie72016-07-06 11:58:41
8105692803called and hung up as soon as I answered. I think an abandoned telephone from a telemarketing Vehicle Call er. Guest142015-11-04 19:24:23
8107353481Receiving calls from this number. I don t understand anyone in Michigan. Need that calls stopped immediately. Guest542015-11-05 16:16:09
8109622088thus i did not understand you are out of California are you personally in Peru . . . what place. . . . kike duarte52016-02-16 03:01:11
8102692084I get a call on my acreage line everyday from this number. No one ever says anything thus I constantly hang Upward. Guest192015-11-06 03:16:23
8101592964Gotten a phone from this number. The caller refused for identify where they were calling from. I hung Upwards. Guest72015-12-19 10:33:42
8105645111I got a Telephone telephone from here so that as shortly as I answered they Installed up. Cease Calling. Deborah42015-12-18 11:30:48
8102991770ranee i cant take this anymore I am gonna have a breakdown enjoy your own win autumn with all your strangers you are able toGuest12015-11-06 10:47:28
8102443326A Female called to say that I owed around just one thousand dollars and asked what credit card I wanted to use to pay that Invoice. I told her that I did t owe anyone anything and I don t 've a Statement with her. She said that I did. . . and I hung Upwards. She attempted to telephone again immediately and I Simply did t answer that incoming call. It showed up on caller ID as the same number. Denny22015-11-06 14:43:15
8107323662This really is a blood Contribution Centre in Aurora Illinois. They may only call you if you've Contributed within the pastGuest82015-12-16 16:42:51
8102879725I received a call from this number trying to sell me a home security system. There was no option to remove myself from the list. When I called it back, it sounded like I got a regular person on the line, not a company. She sounded confused and hung up on me.B82017-05-19 16:02:23
8103545450(810) 354-5450...Impersonates real owners name, tries to rent out the house. In my case, it was a deaf woman, upset with realtor, listing house on Craigslist. Deal was too good to be true. Here is what they used:: THE HOUSE IS AVAILABLE FOR RENT, so you are free to decide on how long you intend occupying it...Rent already includes utilities.. You can go by the house and let me know what you think of it and get back to me.. The address of my house is 3108 Whirlaway Rd, Dallas, TX 75229, I AM A DEAF WOMAN, and I have been transfer here for job on a contract, am spending 2 - 3 years and am planning to buy another house over here., I want you to know that you will not be able to view the inside of the house as the keys are with me here in New York. If you like the house we can now move forward on how to get key sent to you.... I'm ready to accept either monthly or upfront mode of payment.. Depending on the one you are most Comfortable with.. Utilities include: power, water, washer/dryer, sewer and trash..Your monthly rent already covers utilities so you do not have to pay extra charges for that. Pet are allowed as long as they are not destructive.Scam Rental Con!42017-05-30 17:36:29

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