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8124922014Yes, on my ripoff TracFone. There was nobody there, but (check this out!) when I tried to hang up, the phone put the call on HOLD. If I hadn't noticed this would havve burned through all my minutes. What a scam!Guest32016-06-17 05:10:33
8122000816annoyingGuest62016-06-17 05:36:33
8125655186my name is Richard Shields. I give my number out to all sorts of crappy websites and then they call back. This one is about my requesting for loan but I don't qualify since I have no credit because I am a scammer myself.Guest72016-06-17 08:59:38
8122000819I looked this number up and it states it's an escort service?????  I did not call this number, I did not inquire about services and I want you to stop calling my phone!J42016-06-17 09:01:03
8125655184Get calls from this number - when I answer, get hung up on - then when call back - number is busy.  When I trace the call it shows up as a cell phone.  Must be a scam.CrowParrott32016-06-17 10:30:07
8125655185They keep caling n not saying anythingsteena52016-06-21 06:05:37
8125694669there are based in Canada. That would explain why teh company is not familiar at all.kaileena42016-07-04 08:37:48
8129877036Teri ma ki chootGuest32016-07-04 12:34:05
8129877029DncGuest72016-07-04 13:51:45
8125694666Daily calls from 646-852-xxx numbers. 2x/day. Never the same exact number, but always 646-852-xxxx. Nobody there when I pick up. After "blocking", it goes straight to voicemail but no message. Not even a recording.  Return calls, says the number was temporarily disconnected. WTFnope72016-07-04 15:34:59
8125694665he's a stalkerGuest42016-07-04 17:17:49
8129877033Trying to do and netspeed scamGuest32016-07-04 22:57:08
8129877028Shawn-its a scam-pay them nothing!! just tell them you reported them to your local authorities and the FBI. THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!jordan72016-07-05 02:56:44
8125694670No vmGuest52016-07-05 08:00:56
8125694673AIU OnlineGuest42016-07-05 08:23:05
8129877035I Have this sutveđwGuest32016-07-05 08:40:10
8125694671You are blockedGuest42016-07-05 09:54:53
8125694667deandreGuest42016-07-05 10:52:43
8125694672No one has posted about this number for awhile but got 2 calls from them today.Kit72016-07-05 11:17:07
8129877030This is Costco.  I ordered something but didn't recognize the number on my call display.  Hope that helps.Ellen42016-07-05 12:57:50
8129877034Getting nonstop hang up calls and telemarketing calls from this number. I just received one at 6:22am. This is a work phone and I have entered it on a do not call list. When they call they actually have the nerve to giggle.Guest52016-07-05 19:22:40
8125694664unknown person sent text that said " hey buddy just got ur message. i got off may 29 so i can go."Guest62016-07-05 21:31:11
8129877032Called at 9:30AM. No one there5zj6wGuest32016-07-06 07:36:13
8129877031Leave a comment about the caller hereGuest62016-07-06 12:54:03
8129877037West Jet calling to say I have been chosen to receive $999 in creditAshley62016-07-06 13:37:23
8126550810This Amount keeps calling my phone number. They never leave a message thus i presume its spammers or worse. Quilter52015-12-14 15:19:01
8123424401Lost your address 've your cash I owe you personally get back so i can send it to you personally thanks. Ian Tiffany62015-12-19 08:57:24
8125033139The number has called 2 times Now and 4 times Recently. I am getting really fed up with the and I believe it is a scam. When I called it back many Guy replied and said it was many Firm. . . . This can be definitely a F g scam. We need for can whatever we can to Discontinue all of these spams. Everyday I get spam calls out of at least Distinct s a day. Guest82015-11-06 05:29:33
8122016803This phone is a loan Bureau promoting business loans. I believe this cell Telephone Amount is being spoofed. Guest82015-12-18 19:18:00
8125903897They need you personally to invest in their own company. I said no cheers before they got really far after telling me that. Guest22015-11-07 07:25:31
8125920862Calling escorts trying to book I go w believe to be a cop trying to bust me . Katie Katz LouisvilleBelieve to be a Cop42017-09-30 23:29:16

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