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8155664878877-478-4350  This number is calling and hanging up on our answering machine.  They are calling multiple days at the same time, 7 p.  They called April 28 and again tonight, May 9th.   I don't know who they are but I'm sure it is telemarketing and I am on the 'donotcall' registry.  I wish there was a way to prosecute them so they would have to pay a stiff fine for disturbing our peace.  I always have to take my phone off the hook during prime time TV nights and at other times.CityGirl42016-07-04 10:00:45
8155664887Yep. Sallie Mae owns them, too:Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc.P.O. Box 100Arcade, NY 14009"Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SLM Corporation,®  commonly known as Sallie Mae, and a member of Sallie Mae's Asset Performance Group division. Sallie Mae is the nation’s No. 1 paying–for-college company and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange". 11:29:13
8155664884Just got the exact same message from 866-419-0994. Called the number back no answer.Susan42016-07-04 12:19:39
8154355014legal scamGuest32016-07-04 12:48:49
8153881912Yes, it is HSBC collections. They will harass the crap out of you calling up to 15 times a day and one of the branch managers actually showed up at my house. that is considered harassment.ttt72016-07-04 16:54:14
8153881904wrong wayGuest32016-07-04 18:17:01
8155664882Get about 4+ texts a day. Just say 'Hey' or 'Whats up'. I have recently rebooted my phone and lost all contacts, so when they first text me I replied with who is this. They replied with Isn't this *******? I said Yes. Then nothing. I tried calling, now I'm just ignoring them. Also am now getting other numbers doing the same thing.Guest52016-07-04 20:19:21
8153881908Free iphone after you give away your life and subscribe to all sorts of monthly services and selling your financial info and phone number to the world.Guest42016-07-05 01:07:24
8155664886will not leave me aloneGuest52016-07-05 05:25:33
8153881911They called to tell me I had a package I needed to go pick up.Alex52016-07-05 05:27:22
8155664881Some schoolGuest52016-07-05 06:27:07
8153881909Trying to sell promotional items (key chain flashlights)Guest52016-07-05 09:16:51
8155664885called and did not respond when i answeredLarfy42016-07-05 09:56:45
8158867247They keep calling me about bedwetting problems for my child, which have been resolved months ago. I have asked them repeatedly to stop calling.Guest62016-07-05 10:47:15
8158867256they are from Multiplan,if you are out of network provider, they represent United Healthcare and other companies to negotiate fee with you. they often ask for 45% off your fee and after that there are deductable, coinsurance so you got nothing left. if you do not response their fax, they will just hold your claim waiting so your claims will be processed very late. i think you should just tell them you dont want to negotiate and do not call you anymore.James42016-07-05 15:31:15
8153881913You won a $1000 visa gift cardGuest72016-07-05 20:45:38
8155664883Caller is insistent that I or someone in my house had bladder sling surgery and it was unsuccessful. You cannot convince them to quit calling. Also it is a caller that you can barely understand.Guest72016-07-05 21:33:16
8153881910tiredGuest72016-07-05 22:52:50
8153881906don't hang upGuest42016-07-05 23:00:12
8153881907SUNNY MORTGAGE In Wilton Mannors Florida keeps calling me weekly to refinance my already low rate mortgage! They are based out of Wilton Manore in Florida. This very annoying man with a muchkin like voice will not take no for an answer. I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST and will be persuing this serious matter.ANNOYED!72016-07-06 04:05:36
8155664879Craigslist spammerGuest42016-07-06 09:19:45
8153881905This person has called me at least 20 times in the last month, 5 times in an hour one day, in spite of being told repeatedly he has the wrong numberGuest62016-07-06 09:55:45
8152191644SCAM -Very interesting: this number is out of service yet it just called me yet again. "final notice as it relates to the financial stimulus". Also, they use 207 (local for me) 780-1431 and now 406-780-1431Guest32016-07-06 11:46:34
8155664880I received a call from 4079285383 and the caller ID says Ford Wendy. I do not know anybody by this name. When I tried to call the number back, the mail box is full. Who is this anyway?LL52016-07-06 12:53:32
8152214220These Individuals are scampers when you personally ask for a legit business name they either lie for you or when you personally tell them that their business name USN t Actual hang up on you personally. . They claim they are Burns amp Stevens LC out of South Carolina along with a local W Amount. . The business dozen t exist they offer conflicting information when you request for a business address. . Will92015-11-04 16:51:54
8153159199Keep becoming this call on an office line. I response and nobody reactions and it disconnects. Very annoying. Guest192015-11-04 19:27:12
8155569931Today got a telephone from quot James quot who said something about my Lately quot being on among their Occupation sites quot . When I asked what job site he Put Upwards. When I did a net search there are listings for Juliet amp Simple field Il for Messiah Lutheran Church but Additionally some Unusual mentions of the same within Honolulu Hello amp Tuscon Az. Guest112015-11-04 20:44:12
8152008075Playing on your phone now paranoid that hes not incognito. Worried for departure Around how i know his name. Guest42015-12-14 20:08:50
8152148152No 1 says anything and they phone several times a day. I 'm a senior and have cancer and on bed remainder along with House Wellbeing care workers and Physicians coming into my home for create physician visits. I cannot get for that phone to response it readily and when there's no 1 on your line it is annoying. We need for stop these kinds of calls. Coralee Proffitt52015-12-14 17:48:38
8156540235I get a telephone at least once a daytime from this Amount. It is a recording. When I do quot Press 1 quot a rude and horrible Man answers so that as shortly as I start talking she hangs Upwards. Becoming sick of this. I Typically NEVER reply your phone when the number pops Upward on my caller ID but these calls are making me get rid of my acreage line. Guest12015-11-05 09:02:12
8155623716Rob phone. Says they're AT amp T and won money off my Statement. Attributes you personally to your website Mable. comDebbieKat62015-12-20 00:09:23
8152060448Beth Lee Ltd telemarketer. Striving for get you personally for come to some girls s Clothes sales. Sounds Bad. Girl leaves a zillion voice mails for phone her back. . . goes by name of Sandra Becker. And if you personally re on that do not telephone list you re not safe either. They ll still phone you whether through Sandra or by W W W or W W W or W W W. What a reputable Business. . . . ignores don't call laws and requests for Cease calling. It s surprising they vie gone as long as they have when i m sure most girls are Actually f ING annoyed to become called at work. Losers. If you personally don t enjoy becoming calls at your own work Put send your Grievances to their registered agent president Gloria N. Klein W Prescott Court Killdeer Il W. Better However try calling her multiple times a day at W W W and see how she likes it. Selima22015-11-06 00:58:44
8152236194When you get these type of calls press NO buttons. As you personally did hang Upwards. When you press a button do you know you agreeing for. Perhaps not what you believe. It's foolish for believe that an illegal telemarketer would remove you personally from their call list even if you personally pressed a button for do thus or talked to your live Individual. Badge71462015-12-19 00:18:24
8159814122Did not response cell Telephone and they left no message. Think it was a scam Telephone phone showing IllinoisGuest12015-11-06 09:22:01
8159801572Ct Light and Electricity for suggest of Electricity outage and when Anticipated Electricity will become restored. Guest62015-12-09 16:14:33
8159977537If this can be a telemarketing telephone I 'm on your do not phone list. I don t 've Verizon Or can I desire it. . . Guest32015-11-06 20:21:01
8152558110Calling for car insurance Prices Needed to understand Automobile information and birthday and year already knew nameGuest12015-11-06 21:20:00
8156140308They called me in Sweden. They missed me and I 'm Simply Interested to understand who tries for mess along with me. . . JA72015-12-13 16:27:09
8153060371Attempting for place you personally Upwards with fake Assess to deposit in your own account and send them moneyGuest72015-12-21 19:45:41

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