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8194142001Last night a man calming to be Police officer Danny Farker @ the bureau of fraud investigation called my cell phone with the caller id of 911 and left a message saying that my husband owed for a loan and that if he wanted to resolve the problem that he needed to call 347-640-5544. He stated that If I didn't call that I would be arrested and held on fraud charges. This morning the same "officer Danny Farker" called my wives cell phone and told her the exact same thing my wife asked for his badge number and he refused to give it to her. My wife told him that we have never taken out any type of loan and that he needed to not call again. He started to yell at her saying that he would just send his officers to pick me up and arrest me. She told him that she was going to call the police and he hung up on her. Minutes later he called my cell phone again and told me I could fix this issue if I just gave him my ssn and credit card or bank account number. I told him that my wife was on the line with the police and that if he was a real officer that he would know my ssn if that was the case. I told him to not call me again and that my wife and I were making a police report and he hung up on me!!!Miguel32016-02-15 21:59:09
8197646103This  spanish speakers people just tried to steal my money, they call me to tell me that i just won a 4 trips around  the world for a total of 4800  dollars but in order to get all my prizes they asked me for my credit card information and I gave it to them after a few minutes I checked this page and I called my bank to protect my account from this company there was a  non authorized charge from this company for 299 dollars already fortunately this charge didn't go through because i called my bank right away. oh my god this people sound very convincent there is no doubt that they are very well trained. Right now I'm gonna call the FBI because I want them to stop these people who makes fun of the good will of people and steal their money too.Marlen42016-02-15 23:35:43
8192003814They just called me too and they hung up but now I have a new strategy.When I answer my phone to these strange numbers, I tell them: just a second.I'm going to google your number to see if this is a scam.They hung up!Maria52016-02-16 02:52:20
8197770028I received a call same as noted above. I have not and will not return the call. The IRS does not have my cell number.  They would contact me via mail.Sarah62016-02-16 03:40:35
8198555627these people have been calling my cell, which ive had since late 2008, for a guy names james parker. it must have been his number, but they bug a whole lot.crystal52016-02-16 07:43:14
8192000054SAME AS EVERY ONE WON PRIZE 450,000 CALL 1888 622 0004 PRUDENTAL INSURANCE GIVE NUMBER TO CLAIM PRIZE 94670846LV092009 CALLBACK 1888 785 2581TOM42016-02-16 08:03:23
8195809173I do not want these calls...or any solicitation or ''want your opinion'' calls.  That is why I am signed up on the DO NOT CALL LIST.  My phone is for my personal use and not for people to abuse my privacy by using it for their purposes.Agnes72016-02-16 09:08:44
8197040670I'm trying to find out the name of this company. I have an appointment there, and don't know the name.  It's Health ?? Med Cliniclovitax42016-02-17 16:19:36
8197001255Lisa Marie Schroeder - Lisa Marie Foss uses this number to send harassing text messages and calls to people she doesn't know.Anon42016-04-07 09:53:53
8193715006Any Age Elite FitnessAddress: 3301 Procyon St Las Vegas, NV 89103Phone number: (702) 985-5030 to Any Age Elite Fitness. Let me guide you to a healthier lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what age you are, I believe the one goal we all have in common is to be healthy.Mandy72016-04-08 11:34:51
8192431345Congrats your entry won a FREE $150 Prepaid debit card. Visit and enter prize code 00000 to have you $150 debit card shipped today.Ashley72016-04-10 02:30:03
8196789879Received a phone call from a rude male.  Didn't know why he's calling my phone & he wouldn't tell me what company from which he was calling.  Will report him to the FCC.Kristi Guess52016-04-10 09:35:45
8193715012These debt collectors should be sending letters to the people instead of calling them with these recordings about you have a very important call. NO, if the call was important, they would be on the line to speak with me.Guest42016-04-10 20:49:13
8193715007They call and never say anything,  I don't answer the phone but I have an answering machine.  I can hear noises in background like  kids playing or something.  Seems to be some sort of prank call or a harrassing solicitorNeal in Brandenburg42016-04-10 21:38:21
8196847118this person is totally using my minutes that I can't afford to use. Trying to start a conversation and sexual connotations. My phone is for emergency only,Guest52016-04-11 04:02:58
8197765581I've only just started using HydroSacks and have found them to work brnillaitly. We have stored some in our garage and used one the other day for a leak from the washing machine, it soaked up all the water and left no mess. My father recommended them after using them to stop his house from being flooded, but I think they are useful to have stored at home.Guest52016-04-11 04:46:27
8197430860I got a call from this number.  I made some mistakes and passed a bad check a couple of years ago, and this firm helped me resolve it out of court.Kurt32016-04-12 10:24:26
8196847127same caller same situation, just havent called back. called my parent's house gave a case number and said i was involved in a theft claim for items i have.idk7942016-04-12 13:12:40
8196789886Called hung up no message called back answered with how are you I said who is this and he answered Degree Help oro something like that I told him I didn't need help with that and to please take my name off his list and before I could get it our he had hung up.Becca42016-04-13 04:15:20
8193715011BM, Ghana, 40, owns rentals, liquor store, convenience stores, clothing stores and lowballs. DNA! Keeps calling back poor mouthing. Call someone else azz hat.Guest32016-04-13 04:22:50
8196789885This is a Canadian Pharmacy, he (Definitely middle-eastern but goes by the name of Kevin) didn't ask for anyone, just rattled off his deal ... when I told him to never call my cell again it was against the law, he argued that it wasn't. I hung up, he had the nerve to call back and call me a piece of white hoe-trash. I blocked his number but I am sure that he will call again.Guest52016-04-13 12:24:52
8193715008Got a call from 724-561-0095 and the Caller ID said "Thank You" on it.    This is virtually guaranteed to be rubbish of some kind. Didn't answer it.Ohio62016-04-13 18:41:47
8197782607These Dumbass People have called 7 times in the same morning. I f I can get their address I could go and there and they will be very sorry.digital_one72016-04-14 00:43:15
8196789880Batky Jewelers5600 W Lovers Ln. #120 Dallas, TX 75209 phone 469-335-8900www.batky.comBatky Jewelers offers finest quality engagement rings in town. Classic to new timeless diamond engagement rings.Jewelry, Jewelry Store, Gold Buyer, Diamonds, Jewelry AppraiserAnna62016-04-14 03:05:16
8192431347I called number back. I didn't have to say anything. Spunkie guy said it looks like I qualified for more schooling and what would I be interested in. I stated don't see how I qualified so he asked me what year I graduated or got my ged. I stated 1965 (altho it was 1990). Clink! I Took care of that I guess.Guest62016-04-14 04:45:02
8197765577I just got this phone call in Spanish and I am very angry because I have gotten these before! When I try to call the number it says it cannot dial because it has been disconnected. THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING!BlueOrchid8772016-04-14 09:59:54
8197765582877-848-5773 -aka- 646-747-6905 -aka- 646-564-5904 / Received a fake $62,350 check in the postal mail today from Imperial Advance -aka- Imperial Lending Services -aka- Imperial Merchant Services -aka- New York Imperial Merchant Services Inc -aka- Everest Merchant Services -aka- Red Payments -aka- the over two dozen different fraudulent company names that they use. They are located at : 132 W 36th Street, New York, NY 10018. Here is their spiel : 'Working Capital For Business Owners. Congratulations!!! 'Your Misspelled Business Name' has been Pre-Approved to receive up to $250,000 in working capital. Business Owners are eligible to receive the funds within the next 5 Business Days. Our working capital solutions provide you with several options to meet your financial needs. Imperial Advance is actively seeking business owners who need additional working capital. While many banks continue to close business credit lines and tighten lending criteria, we continue to offer funding for business owners. Funding is NOT dependent upon your personal credit history. If you need cash for business expansion, payroll, inventory, advertising, taxes, or any other reason call Imperial Advance now at 1-877-848-5773 to get the funds you need within the next 5 days. Call 1-877-848-5773 We Provide Immediate Funding When Others Decline!!!' - Folks, this is nothing more than a very high interest loan with some garbage fly by night loan company who changes their phone number and company name more often than most people change their underwear. Stick to dealing with traditional and insured lending institutions for your own safety.Not Important42016-04-14 21:17:23
8192431348Keeps on calling me and saying "wrong number". Has happened at least seven times in three days. Either they're idiots or they're up to something. Either way, it's annoyingGuest72016-04-15 03:51:26
8197430864VIVA USA INC, IT Services & Solutions Firm 3601 Algonquin Rd., Suite 425 Rolling Meadows, IL 60008.Tel: 847-450-1859 / Fax: 847-483-1317URL: 18:44:02
8198050990This number was given to me from Facebook, don't know if it's legit but just making a note since it seems like a fake profile.Guest72016-04-16 02:05:27
8197001261This is Comstar Financial Services. Got call from another one of their numbers last night, asking for someone who doesn't live here. Told em to get me off list. Today I get a call from this number. One more call and they get a Cease and Desist letter, which pisses me off, since the call is not even for me. Hope to make some bucks if the violate the letter.Guest52016-04-16 23:33:39
8198050991They have called about 10 times in the last 2 days. will not give any answer unless you give accoutn number or your social security number. They finaaly gave a name of Allied Collections but they were saying the calls are computer generated.Guest62016-04-17 06:04:12
8193715009Never ever answer yes, always ask them a question back such as who may say is calling?  By answering yes, you have no idea what they could do with a taped/recorded response!j52016-04-17 23:58:15
8193715013R u climbing trees? Ur face Hahahaha im kidding im actually ur mom Do u like tofu??!!' Y not?! U HAha well i liv in edina I go 2 ur school No i go 2 normandale I never said i went 2 valley view I go 2 nomandale JE NE SUIS PAS UN IMBISULJE SUIS INTELLEGENT!Guest52016-04-20 04:03:02
8197765579This lady is a drunk calling several people harassing them, her husband passed away you think she would be mourning not harassing people so quickly.Guest62016-05-02 13:21:55
8193775206Keeps calling, will not say who they represent. Very rude and obnoxious. When I call back they will not provide any information and hangs up.Guest62016-06-03 09:50:12
8197973813called twice, tonight,  I did not pick up. did not leave a message.  tried the number got message " Sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed.annoyed32016-06-15 22:25:23
8197973816Wants to give me an ipadGuest42016-06-17 05:32:54
8197973817Who is the guy? He sent a friend of mine an email on facebook.Donna62016-06-17 05:35:08
8194107781There was an automated phone this afternoon when I came home my husband told me that I should listen to this caller it sounded like a fraud they way he spoke Listen who ever you are we were not produced yesterday. I 'm going for telephone your CARA tomorrow morning and provide them your number and they may trace you where ever you are you personally Ill SOB. Mrs.S332015-11-04 16:42:03
8195802137Many out of this number called my grandpa the morning and Promised for by SGT John Roberts from your U. S. Marine Corps. Roberts said he was within Mexico City for six months to Help U. S. service members and that I was within Prison because I was riding along with strangers in Mexico and that Auto got pulled around and we all got busted along with Bud and my grandfather Desired to Line W so I could post bail. Needless for say I m not within Mexico and in fact I never 've been. Your Telephone Amount being used W W W is Enrolled to someone within Quebec Canada. I attempted for find their police contact information but of path that Site is simply available in French. Who your s are who are doing this scam demand to become caught. They're preying on grandparents who are likely for send that money in Capable for help their grandchildren. Ryan12015-11-04 18:15:12
81978044194 Calls never state anything but you can Notice it is a call Facility within the background. Close that number downGuest72015-12-08 22:56:32
8196940984N AI re u UN Apple pour UN don OXFORD ET Jew vex m as surer Que c est bi en ex quid appellant. Nicole Pelletier12015-11-05 11:08:09
8192522093A guy keeps testing out of the number at within between 1 am Am waking me up. I don t understand anyone within GuamMe82015-12-14 09:09:43
8198880000Called and instantaneously Installed Upward when I replied. Suspicious nature of telephone. Promotes Uncertainty. Guest112015-11-06 09:22:27

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