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8198090165harassing callsGuest72015-12-18 16:57:36
8197726262Looks enjoy a shill for the fraud here. Definitely a credit card phishing fraud. Shill Buster72015-12-19 02:05:20
8198255593Received 3 calls Now W W W Guest12015-11-04 20:56:57
8194150433Jew Sui's Brown ET c Ur d Avior Ce's Oranges. Plus capableÉcoeuré62015-11-04 21:01:41
8198096744Been getting calls out of this number nonstop for that past 2 times. They called 3 times today. It s a long distance Amount and I don t reply calls outside of my Region code but they won t Cease calling. No Thought who it's but it s really annoying and I m not Choosing up. Anon132015-11-04 21:10:28
8198613688Political BSJim82015-12-19 17:48:57
8197437636Very rude disrespectful. . Guest42015-12-19 18:00:31
8192437243fake guy. mark. sent fake pics. time wasterGuest72015-12-16 12:56:54
8197173600they never talkDaniel32015-11-04 21:29:26
8197581529Discontinue callingGuest82015-12-18 17:33:19
8193715003c est Le Agency d Use Que Beck quid v rife Si vows Te's a la recherche d UN employ. . . marie-france béliveau52015-11-04 21:52:04
8192822241Insurance Firm doing a study on arthritis and desire you personally to take a questionnaire for see you qualify . Max52016-05-01 19:06:17
8194318724i received calls from the Amount i want not in Solaria calls from this number. . . HTTP soporifics. com Anitta Sv62015-12-16 16:50:37
8195802859I received 3 text message in a week asking if I Needed for get discount on Baseball tickets. Guest32015-11-04 22:02:27
8194203443Merely got the exact same phone except the time from W. Bothered, again42015-11-04 22:11:06
8192434432blockGuest92015-12-16 12:57:11
8197782612No call No show Waste of time DNAGuest72016-04-13 03:52:04
8193400160got a telephone out of W W W. Telephone ID Quebec Canada . No message left. tired62015-11-04 22:27:06
8194379641the Amount has come Upwards several times on my caller I. D. Your I. D. says it belongs to an Edith Villus. wendy boutin12015-11-04 22:28:19
8198051009get calls frequently out of the number. All i hear is low volume express poor English. canopener22015-11-04 22:35:55
8194201933Cash Cash. Pay them back they ll leave you alone. I got the error of using their loan service. Overpriced Virtually like loan sharking. dododiggity92015-11-04 22:56:58
8194254790Beware. Doug Wendell the Creator amp CEO of Flock Inc. Doug is quite unprofessional rude and ignorant as nicely as a thief. Mark62015-12-14 10:11:36
8198410336N AI re u UN Apple d ex Jew n AI pas r Lake car N Avis claque Selected fa ire. Jew n AI EU auxin message ET ills Ont rappelled 3 foils De novenas Que j AI r Pool ET Que Illinois n y avid acne r ponesKeven Caron42015-11-04 23:07:10
8193501000When they phone they don t leave messageGuest72015-12-08 17:02:46
8193223039I got this message on my computer as I was ordering something by credit card. kathy62015-12-08 18:53:10
8194170433moi Aussie j AIs re cu SE message ET SA NE r pond pasHelene62015-11-04 23:22:32
8192435995Ills m appellant r GUI raiment Depp's Dix ans m me Si Jew demand Que ills me reticent P} la Lister. T AI envoy UN corrie tel Que ills me l Ont Consuelo Ave UN addressee hot send ET Le corrie en question NE function pas. Tanné82015-11-04 23:26:36
8194153608Hang upGuest62015-12-09 13:33:20
8198409823they called here too but no message left. dontbugme52015-11-04 23:34:53
8199093566telephone re cucarlos gervais32015-11-04 23:35:42
8196883099ughGuest42015-12-16 11:17:00
8192000044Do not phone again. marvin42015-11-04 23:50:38
8194107767Obtained phone from the left a message. Perpetrated crime of fraud of CARA. It s a scam telephone. Taral72015-11-04 23:51:19
8193741545Evaluation callcougar32015-11-04 23:59:55
8195668068An W numberGuest52015-12-10 00:07:34
8193247845I have blocked your own numberGuest82015-12-14 13:48:09
8192843057payday loan scamkeith bradshasw82015-12-16 10:36:42
8197777339Same thing they left a message with someone hanging Upwards. Bobby Bobépine82015-11-05 00:33:15
8199651002if you have an Advertising posted on a Website like Kojak or someplace these Men try and direct you into a Distinct Advertising crap . . dint waste your cell minutes or time unless your own solitary and need someone to talk tomatt52015-11-05 00:36:15
8197914202I got a phone a few minutes ago from that Amount and they said that I got a credit of W for a next trip with West Fly. I believe that it is a scam. Guest12015-11-05 00:37:11
8194494333Around loans. Guest62015-12-16 14:13:06
8193244157Spam Marketing papers junkGuest52015-12-14 17:30:03
8196070585SpamGuest42015-12-20 11:34:16
8195727998what number was it and how did they get my number . was it a School number if thus what School . Guest82015-12-16 20:11:18
8192333191SpanishGuest82015-12-09 22:13:52
8195366014Don't Telephone This Amount. . . . It's A SCAM. . . acquired a telephone along with message that a credit card had been suspended. Since I do not hold an account with that bank I called to let someone understand the Telephone number they 've on file is wrong. Receptionist told me the call is a scam someone trying to get unwitting people for call and enter your credit card number and other identifiers. Enormous suggestion away this is likely a scam is the fact that it's a Canadian Telephone Amount. . . Us banks don't direct you to a Canadian Telephone number to activate or reactivate your own account. D22015-11-05 01:19:40
8196847125the Man is harassed me. Can I block this Individual . Guest52016-04-12 14:45:38
8199120702Called my text Plus number unknown. Miyuzaki72015-12-19 23:58:21
8194725886Bonn . La Jew Sui's Durex De Savior De quoin Celia returnee SE t l phone Jew chitchat dies aims oi quid volt me contact er ET vows me Donne la r pones . Marci ET Bonner seaming . Gilles72015-11-05 01:35:52
8192010038Do not phone me. . . Karen Swaine52015-11-05 02:05:04

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