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8299850144FAKE Graphics. . Do NT SEE You may Become Cat FISHEDGuest52015-12-19 13:28:01
8297872624This number has called 4 times today with a terrible English accent saying hello hello hello and then hangs Upward. It's also called another Amount attached to the Telephone s cellphone Strategy. K&K12015-11-04 22:46:52
8298916742Death threatsGuest52015-12-10 04:23:50
8292352041Has called Regular for almost a week right and never leaves a message. Guest42015-12-20 09:00:27
8298614923we met on meet we talk by phone we Arrived Pals benefits than afire that he play games with me say I not your Buddy he state bye than After he need become my friend overly Substantially games we Quit talkingGuest42015-12-20 19:56:31
8294293842She called twice. I think she talked in Spanish. Eugene22015-11-04 23:06:20
8295766767I m being harass someone who was testing me none Quit out of the number. want I could Simply block them or make a report on them . cathy52015-12-14 11:24:13
8298690943Te ammo state joyful new year es toy en mi Case no pud Ir new York Te puds go intern net Centre Hey Speak with mechriyuris12015-11-04 23:12:02
8298599530Your blockedGuest42015-12-14 08:55:47
8297226255I get at least 7 calls each daytime from your above number. I certainly don t understand Everyone within the Dominican Republic. . . . Missht12015-11-04 23:19:39
8298108055Guest42015-12-08 14:58:49
8297405741beepingGuest72015-12-08 21:51:59
8294911076Has called W times with text messages or Simply calls after PM. Can we stop these calls. I got a Authorities siren Outside and played it into the phone. They 've Ceased for that last two hours. Helpannoyed12015-11-04 23:30:42
8298829736I have a new cellphone and I vie been becoming Peculiar phone number s calling. One of them is the 1 and they don t leave a message. Mad12015-11-04 23:33:44
8292869604They called my mobile phone. Matt52015-12-14 17:49:49
8294407844Called twice no message. Did t answer. Guest62015-12-16 04:42:17
8297227819scummier. . . Guest82015-12-20 05:47:40
8298060124I did t return it for locate outArun22015-11-04 23:42:42
8292340200Duplicate calls don t reply no message. If this can be Hilary campaigners I will reply amp strike a whistle into your receiver. Pissed in Idaho42015-12-16 13:39:10
8292494865Called my Telephone 3 times in a row after W PM. First time this Amount called me it was W PM. They 've called on several Events and I don t know anyone within the Dominican Republic. They have never left a message. I added the number to my Avoid list. Probably a scummier of some form. fl lady12015-11-04 23:45:26
8299783927Calling no answerMono12015-11-04 23:46:03
8297607121I m Only exaggerating ha ha. But no it was a lot. Paulene32015-11-04 23:59:02
8298070879Phone all timeGuest62015-12-18 15:27:57
8295780207received on March W W at W W 'm EST. P. Cambouris12015-11-05 00:19:53
8295097189Amount shows on caller ID but no message left. Phone back and simply get a active signal enjoy your line isn't functionalMelissa62015-12-19 01:22:46
8296970492SHE S ILLEGALTONI82015-12-14 13:41:55
8296109753No. dosh52015-12-16 08:52:08
8293857126please offer me info on this numberstephanie22015-11-05 00:37:31
8293282939The number keeps calling when I response their are Folks talking in background and they never respond to anything I state. When you personally call back it tries for charge youRob12015-11-05 00:38:53
8299987250hey mom its Craig from the computer my Risk is killing me really badly i was wondering when u were coming House and check Outside my throatcraig62015-12-16 20:20:49
8295268678Lloyd Sorry somebody took my crystal Baseball to your local bowling street and it is now unable to read that texts you personally acquired. Perhaps you personally could Show us and offer us a try of that texts so we might become Competent for discover if they're similar to that many scams being foisted on Individuals. Lloyd Humphries22015-11-05 00:45:14
82965487414 am I rejected the call went to my voice send turned Outside to become a fax machine. mw12015-11-05 00:51:08
8292988206This Individual calls me every night . He harasses me and mocks me please become conscious. Guest72015-12-18 18:07:19
8294044382DON T EVEN Attempt ITGuest52015-12-19 01:09:19
8295121236Sexual harassmentMaria del Carmen82015-12-19 14:55:41
8298265942They called my cell Telephone 4 times and simply let it ring 2 or 3 times. Jane12015-11-05 01:22:40
8292138499somebody w foreign Feature like Indian telephone left a message from the office of David Clarke Google your name and w no results Everyone. on my Owner Id simply shows a telephone out of W they left a message to telephone the [email protected]82015-12-08 06:40:57
8297718869never response againGuest82015-12-13 21:35:23
8298180002q no me Jodiyeffrin12015-11-05 01:35:24
8296109746Saw the number appear on my Telephone but area code not in directoryelcee12015-11-05 01:38:18
8297245754What are they Merely dialing randomly. Your dialed twice. Blue12015-11-05 01:44:13
8292790829somebody always calling metony22015-11-05 01:44:24
8299395086I dint understand who called meGuest22015-11-05 01:49:12
8297026770I see. . . You might have to acknowledge when they create Partial or obscure places enjoy that it can be as bad as the People that believe we can Quit calls from happening and harder to body Outside . Richard Muniz52015-11-05 01:55:58
8296302553Call from Wmarv22015-11-05 01:57:01
8295686553I just got a telephone from this Amount and no one was there 2. W. W W PMHS42015-12-16 04:38:39
8297862580This call Arrived to my NYC mobile number. I did t know the Amount but I 've a Buddy doing Offer work so I called back. I got a machine and left her dad s name. SVK12015-11-05 02:19:44
8294498726block the callGuest42015-12-09 14:56:15
8292840417These day s one should not answer along with yes to anything. Your illegal callers could Perhaps record you personally yes answer giving them accessibility for saying you personally agreed for Lt insert your scam here gt . . Always response with Who s calling who wants to understand or whats this Around. A question with a question. . Crystal Shoemake42015-12-14 11:57:08
8293768633Guest42015-12-16 14:07:39

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