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8452531275Didn't talk to them so don't knowGuest42016-06-17 15:46:32
8459137814Got a call from this number on a sunday afternoon. Did not answer. It looks like its a business number for ollies outlet in columbus ohio.Guest42016-06-30 22:07:45
8458537313called my caell, no one spoke, need nameof caller.loster52016-07-04 18:53:58
8459137815Automated political polling company called TVI.  Message repeated loops until your answering machine message times out.  Was targeted to my specific home county.bob72016-07-04 20:46:39
8458537311She is a rip off artist. Stole form me 200.00 dollars Be ware, of this callerGuest32016-07-04 20:48:13
8458537318they numer prank called memr52016-07-05 08:52:36
8458537309done ✌✌Guest52016-07-05 09:16:51
8458537310Enough already! - This is the 5th call.Rec'd yet another junk marketing ph call from 269-768-2100, recognized the number and didn't even bother answering these dirtbags!If it weren’t for the stupid environmental wackos that have absolutely no common sense, function only on "feelings" and see our election process as a American Idol, for the black Jesus, Obama, I truly would like to spray DDT on everyone of these telemarketers. That’s the one pesticide that works, and as we all know, the lefties despise anything that actually works.Al52016-07-05 09:19:17
8458537312Bellwether Construction Service Cape Coral, FL, 33993 (239) 494-7887 Whether it be building your new custom home, remodeling your existing home, or adding that beautiful custom pool you have always dreamed of... Bellwether Construction Services team will make it happen! Kitchen Construction Service, Bathroom Construction Service, Home Construction Service, Construction Service, Construction Company http://www.bellwetherconstservices.comGuest32016-07-05 10:40:19
8458537317Annoying repeat calls from this number.Bill42016-07-05 14:34:57
8458537315It's Avis, just a nice courtesy call.Phoinix Group42016-07-05 18:55:47
8458537316Keeps calling this is a pain and you call back to a voice mailGuest42016-07-05 20:02:09
8458537314Yep, same thing happened to me. 876-592-2282, caller ID said Jamaica, claimed I won 6.9 mil and a 2013 Mercedes Benz. I told him I was at work and I would call him back. It's Monday -aint no body got time for that on a Monday! Total SCAM!Villanueva52016-07-05 20:30:52
8459888475nastyyyyyGuest52016-07-08 09:49:04
8459407124The guy James Stevens calls and tries to Work} like your own absolute best Buddy and he is very harassing. langhorne82015-12-09 21:29:20
8459285146Don t response or telephone back Many spammer market research Business state you will W Money present card for Walmart for trying SAN Security program. And if you telephone that Amount back it or response it auto sign you personally up for phone spa mu could End it but its a paint and takes time but calling them back and Afterward waiting Thur all that crap for cancelTalltec62015-12-14 17:41:25
8453798452call out of Vibes Around free vouchers Accessible. . . . . . . annoying sales girl pestered me for a great 5 minutes. Guest12015-11-05 04:44:19
8455821445Knew my name but I said it was a incorrect number. Guy Afterward called me quot Female quot so I hung Upward. Guest222015-11-05 09:00:43
8453432400Have obtained out of the number and other Amounts calls and I telephone back and the Amount is disconnected. Kjovia72015-12-20 12:26:16
8454063256They keep telephone in me but I dint understand who it is. Occasionally I pick up and they dint state anything. Guest72015-12-14 23:53:49
8458591403Caller ID Supplies name Gloomy Sad. I do not know this Individual. Please block this Amount if you are able to. Thank you. Guest232015-11-06 00:50:43
8454454062Software reads Mr Ms . . . . I am Specialist Paul Martin in the Offense and Investigation unit. The second you get the call I need you personally or your own retained attorney for call me instantaneously at W W W. If I do not Notice out of you personally immediately I could just want you personally quot Great Luck quot as that Condition unfolds badly for you personally. Great Bye. Guest82015-11-06 01:17:42
8456031191when these Folks call I Generally say Ada Cops department they hang Upward fast. it s the Place I live in Guest42015-11-06 02:28:19
8456749422has called my cell phone twice. . . don't Understand your number. . . and did not leave a voice send both times. Guest52015-11-06 10:35:43
8452921080Total scam. . They request you to your a credit debit card number for hold that property for W but affirm they won t take funds Outside. Don t offer them any information. Heed your warning. overly great for be Accurate . Once they have your card number they ll save it and they ll keep trying for take money out of your account once it s in there. pure evil-don't give any information42015-12-17 05:21:59
8453674994This number calls Generally when I answer I Notice a fax tone. Annoying. Don t know how you can stop these. Frederic52015-12-20 19:48:53
8455209080Not your girl in the graphics. Lure and switch. Can harass you personally for a suggestion. Lousy service. Warning Do not SEE. . . Guest32015-11-06 20:58:42
8459774515Peter Sullivan. called me saying he is an Specialist of the Department. of treasury. and that I 've W. W that the dept of treasury desires for present me. First telephone this W W W present them my grant approval and security code present them a security deposit of W. W and they may Line my W. W for me within 4 hrs. i request exactly why and he said that is how long it takes for your Benefits es for go through with all that information they need to send that money to the right person. the W. W dollars is a security deposit. for say you are that person you state you are. so I called the Tel. spoke for Rachel Wilson ext. W she told me your same thing and Inquired her can I tell this is real and not a fraud. she said go for Www. . com and Additionally that info the dept. of treasury got out of me was through your senses form that I filled Outside. Guest152015-11-06 22:17:43
8452103747 quot Thank you personally for participating in the Net survey. You might have already been Chosen for win one of three Awards. quot I did t need to press any number to do anything but to opt out of whatever it was. Had to press quot 3 quot . to would that. Subsequently I was Inquired for give my Telephone number. I Installed up. I figured they already had my Amount. They called me. Guest32015-11-07 00:44:42
8454502985He used the name Official Hofstadter and said if he did t hear from me all he could would is want me good luck. Guest292015-11-07 03:42:19
8452623296Has called my cell Amount three days within a Line and even though I say hello 3 times that caller hangs up. Guest432015-11-07 07:38:42
8454537487He gets on my last nerve. He misspells the world beautiful every time he types it . He's so annoying and now he's threatening to hold my nude, dying body until I stiffen an go limp and lifeless. Hahahahahahaaaaaa!!!! I really wish that he would find something to do with his life. He's a degenerate alcoholic with a touch of incest. (Son of a bitch)I call him " Tommy The Drunk"62016-08-05 03:52:46

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