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8552451519they threating me about taking my carnishchdwick22016-10-11 21:24:05
8554815339called a number supposed to be QuickBooks support. Got a bitchy female named Shelly Sing, whom was demanding and I got the feeling they didn't know what they were doing. I had called 1800-615-0869 for support. Then they indicated that the customer I was working for needed to pay $249, for upgrading to pro-plus version and was force full in getting payment or my issue would not be resolved. I said no and hung up. Now every since this I have been getting a call from this number and from Cambodia.Consultant52016-09-23 19:55:58
8558286679I have told the scammers at Conserve several times that the person they are "looking for" has not lived at the number called in 14 years. Today, I told yet another idiot the same thing. I also called the number back on cell and gave the same information to another person of the same intelligence caliber. She "assured" me they would not call my number again. Can you tell I'm holding my breath?JB Tx72017-01-13 17:15:56
8554996859This guy called me said he was from integrated Services said I had a payday loan from check and go and that I needed to take care of it I said you need to send me a notice he said he did not need to send me a notice I knew it was a scam I recognize the voice this man and a woman were harassing me all last week they called me from a different number the number was 866-594-5232 when they called me on that number I told him I knew they were trying to scam me and that I was recording the phone call and that I was going to report them I didn't hear nothing for a couple of days then they call me back on this 855 number told me the same thing that they were going to file a felony warrant against me if I didn't pay $300 I knew it was a scam but I went along and said give me your address I'll send you a money order and of course I knew it he was going to say I'm not going to give you my address big red flag I told him you were trying to scam me leave me alone I am going to report you he proceeded to say that he was not trying to scam me and that if I did not give him $300 from a bank card or prepaid card that he was going to turn me in to the county to the DA's office I told him to bring it onLori102016-12-01 06:37:58
8556983543On 1/25/2017, a friend had a pop up appear after clicking a link on Facebook. It appeared to be a Microsoft Windows advisory saying there was a Trojan Virus on the computer, locked the screen and gave a warning not to turn off your computer and to call this phone # within 5 minutes. Upon calling the number, my friend spoke with a male named Tom at extention 101. He reportedly had an Indian (as in the country) accent. He accessed her computer remotely and told her it would take 2 hours to fix after confirming there was not a "Microsoft Store" nearby. While Tom was applying the "fix", my friend spoke with me and I looked up the real Microsoft support number and spoke with a tech who advised this was a scam and that the company was trying to sell computer tech services. The real Microsoft tech advised disconnenting from the internet and shutting down the computer immediately. My friend contact the real Microsoft and helped her uninstall a program called C Cleaning. She also ran virus and malware/spyware software and plans on having her computer professionally scanned tomorrow. She als immediately contacted all of her businesses that she worked with which could have been compromised. The Phone # appears to belong to a company called "My Tekies" ( This is clearly some kind of scam. Be aware. Apparently the "Tech" was quite convincing.Nigel, rescuer of computers52017-01-26 06:28:09
8552083779keeps calling and leaving messages....what kind of nonsense people have time to keep doing RIDICULOUS!Unwanted call from 855208377992017-05-05 09:10:16
8552794171Yeshen stewart called and asked for by name on my state issued work phone. She said a business matter had made to her and to verify she had the righr person, she asked for my date of birth. I told her i would not give her information and asked why she was calling. She told me she didnt want to give private confidential information to the wrong person. She askes me for another number to call me on. I asked her what company she worked for and hung up. Never give your information out! Never! Who knows who these people are or how they got my work number since i dont give my work number out.disturbing42017-05-19 17:35:14
8556766753My computer suddenly locked up and a number popped up, flashing. It said to call the number for assistance. I called and they spent an hour and a half on the phone (who knows how much snooping into my computer they did during this time?) They wanted me to agree to a lifetime of their fixing computer problems for $400.00. I did--then I googled the number and learned it is scam! So I went to my bank, got my credit card canceled, filed a dispute, and learned a very painful lesson. That was about three weeks ago. Today I got another call, hung up. Got another call from Unknown, did not answer. He left a voice mail saying that I must call him (gave the original name he gave me, Sam Watson) if I want a refund. I am not calling him back! After their "fix" there were all kinds of annoying pop-up ads all over the place. Disgusting people!Janet82017-05-19 20:00:23
8552468688I got a call from this number and he's trying to tell me my computer is hacked I told him he wasn't getting access and hung up. I called them back talk to a different guy pretty much gave me the same BS so I decided to have some fun and then i asked him when did they work on my computer a year ago how much did I pay and everything else and he got pissed and hung up on me too. This has been going on for little over a week now with this same people trying to get into my computer so I just have fun keep them on the phone and never really give me any information but have him keep asking or begging for it. What a bunch of jerks!Hackers72017-05-19 20:41:28
8558527658CC Cleaner puts fake alert on laptop saying you are screwed with virus and need to download cleaner, call support. Support will remote access your laptop and the phishing via malware begins. From there they get into your bank account and rip you off. Banks that are up to speed and have good security will catch on and freeze the action and alert you. You'll need to open a new account. Many people are putting up information on these phone search sites about how to get rid of the malware. If they tell you to download any cleaners from the web to fix the problem, don't fall for it. They are either with CC Cleaner, or looking to make $ by selling you unnecessary cleaners. The malware is easy to remove, and requires no downloads or purchases. Anytime you get some pop-up on your laptop or phone that claims you have a serious virus, and the only way to fix it is to download their cleaner, they are a scam.Goddy52017-06-30 09:24:01
8557255758Said she was with quality & assurance from Cabell Huntington Hospital and not the billing department. Wanted me to pay with debit card over the phone. Said I would rather send a check and she gave me a PO Box from NCWANTED MY DEBIT CARD NUMBER92017-07-10 22:53:49
8558242959Direct line to a customer service rep at Iberia Bank. Not spam; calling about my account. I gave no info and they were able to confirm all my information including last 3 payments, account number and had a legitimate issues I was able to corroborate online. Never asked me for anything except last 4 of Social to confirm identity (I gave it wrong and corrected it after he denied me access).IBERIA BANK CUSTOMER SERVICE92017-08-16 00:41:31

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