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Phone list in area 857

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8572320172Block pleaseGuest342015-11-05 04:39:04
8572402466Searching for sex. Will be a suit if it dozen t Quit contemplating the Individual he s testing is a minorGuest162015-11-05 04:43:04
8572390170This can be at amp tKrystal72015-12-14 20:36:48
8572494963baggy niggerGuest12015-11-05 05:18:04
8572503737Annoying callsGuest122015-11-05 05:22:04
85736290665 W W 3 PM they called and left no message. Who is the. Guest22015-11-05 05:22:27
8574448164I desire this Ceased they always call the phone and it's a work phone. I have placed it on that no telephone list but they don't Discontinue. Guest112015-11-05 05:25:10
8572778088The girl is a stalkerGuest12015-11-05 05:53:04
8573124042harassGuest12015-11-05 06:08:04
8576154959Receive several sex ting Email addresses Who s that peeveGuest32015-11-05 06:14:15
8574446084Nuisance Owner Never Leaves MessageGuest12015-11-05 06:17:04
8572490996Told me they were transsexual and wanted anal sexGuest12015-11-05 06:19:04
8573123594Only got a telephone and they Installed Upward attempted calling the number back and active signalBill52015-12-16 13:54:42
8572643222My phone registered W W W but that lady who s name I could t make out saying she is calling out of Mag says i m Individual of attention and to phone back at W W W. Guest32015-11-05 06:25:27
8574440866GarbageGuest182015-11-05 06:37:04
8572079567is she realGuest52015-12-17 08:40:00
8572503667Individual called and asked for me. When I confirmed it was me. . . they Place me on hold. Then I Installed up. Guest92015-11-05 06:44:04
8572777634obtained a call from the Owner. I could t even comprehend what he was saying and when I Inquired him to repeat who he was and where he was out of he Installed Upwards on me . I 'm just going to block this Amount on my cell Telephone Guest252015-11-05 06:49:08
8574445509Many type of specialistGuest302015-11-05 06:53:04
8572473338someone is calling me with this number 1 W W W. I used another Telephone for telephone him . The Man is a Spanish speaking man so He called his son . I asked that thus son in English exactly why they are calling me and i Desired for understand the owner of the number . He told me it was a mistake his Father got by calling me. But the next morning the same number called me again. I demand someone for help me for look for Outside . Guest12015-11-05 06:56:08
8574445596telemarketing scamGuest442015-11-05 06:57:10
8572321730This really is a grisliest scummier. Guest32015-11-05 06:59:26
8573019463The number calls me 6 times in a row everydaykimberlee62015-12-20 01:31:58
8579916009ProstituteGuest22015-11-05 07:01:27
8572583610Spanish spam that sends multimedia messages altoGuest12015-11-05 07:06:04
8572468590very strangeM easy52015-12-16 13:45:01
8572166724Merely called beeped once said automated quot goodbye quot and Put Upwards. Guest72015-11-05 07:16:04
8574534152States I owe them outrageous sum of moneyGuest242015-11-05 07:21:04
8576002483haphazard numberDrG52015-12-18 13:37:12
8572362918spaGuest72016-04-11 06:37:10
8572323880Don t know anyone out of this Region that would be calling me did t answerZack82015-12-16 20:15:24
8574445566none stop calling out of sun Upwards to sunshine down and someone needs to Discontinue these Folks they phone hang Upwards anyplace from W W times a day and the absurd especially when you've a newborn. . . Idiots need to Quit enjoy really what's your point if you are not going to state anything and 've been told not for callGuest462015-11-05 08:05:04
8572496471they don t Cope along with grants they deal along with Monetary help Accessible in your state you are Making within they Only fit you personally up along with Thar right Companies . if there's Money Accessible in your state for education housing. . . lola52015-12-18 23:34:08
8572643313Schooling Popular lineGuest52015-11-05 08:13:04
8572222039dint answerGuest72015-12-16 12:15:22
8576150840no message leftmatt72015-12-19 17:51:38
8572236353Attempting for sell somethingGuest22015-11-05 08:32:26
8574008444Called in Spanish asked if I talked Spanish then Installed upGuest62015-12-09 01:54:50
8574042746no messagesIrene72016-04-16 16:43:21
8572362587these Folks don t recognize the word no. Guest62015-12-19 04:56:26
8572056656BlockedGuest12015-11-05 08:39:03
8574450606A foundation searching for cash. Guest12015-11-05 08:45:04
8572610172st ockerGuest32015-11-05 08:54:27
8573276490Called answered said hello twice and heard telephone center History Sound. No Result out of caller. Guest152015-11-05 09:00:09
8576155793Get arbitrary calls. Don t know when this Man is. Guest62015-12-18 21:12:27
8572347968desire to block phone and text from the numberGuest12015-11-05 09:21:03
8574533703Phone Amount for quot Wells Fargo quot text ed a request to be called back at this Amount which is not Wells Fargo. Obviously a scam. Guest512015-11-05 09:25:04
8577565822sexual harassment text drug Linked Graphic messageGuest12015-11-05 09:38:27
8572286551Attempting for sell sounds like a scamGuest82015-12-16 19:15:22
8572364429The Man tries for pretend he desires to Purchase something from you personally on Grisliest and Afterward never comesGuest62015-12-09 23:24:10

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