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8576156857got a call that the person was in jail (steven marshall) saying that he was trying to reach his uncle chris becuase he was in jail and his son was with him. Asked me to call his  mother at the hospital, where she worked, by dialing *72 817-353-5743.chris martin62016-04-16 23:00:18
8573334964This is a weight loss center. They called my cell phone and I called them back using my landline and requested them to remove me from the caller list the lady who answered the line didn't wait to here a name or number and just told me I would be removed from the call list within 24 hours and hung up.  --- really dumb and rude customer service if you ask me.Anonymous62016-04-17 00:48:07
8573666928This is a collection agency.OUT OF AREA (Caller ID Name)Source Receivables Management (Source RM), LLCCorporate Headquarters4615 Dundas Drive, Suite 102Greensboro, NC  27407-1761(616) 988-2893 (Caller ID No.)(202) 559-6082 (Alternate No.)(202) 909-1820 (Alternate No.)(203) 848-6463 (Alternate No.)(206) 858-9046 (Alternate No.)(210) 598-5974 (Alternate No.)(213) 291-0287 (Alternate No.)(224) 220-3800 (Alternate No.)(253) 292-6805 (Alternate No.)(262) 584-4992 (Alternate No.)(303) 558-6930 (Alternate No.)(313) 346-5881 (Alternate No.)(314) 596-0865 (Alternate No.)(317) 497-0286 (Alternate No.)(317) 999-6278 (Alternate No.)(321) 578-3705 (Alternate No.)(336) 553-1430 (Alternate No.)(386) 742-6201 (Alternate No.)(402) 881-8871 (Alternate No.)(405) 275-4394 (Alternate No.)(405) 529-5354 (Alternate No.)(406) 552-0345 (Alternate No.)(435) 226-0382 (Alternate No.)(440) 398-2007 (Alternate No.)(505) 359-6461 (Alternate No.)(516) 570-9614 (Alternate No.)(516) 926-5105 (Alternate No.)(518) 621-5475 (Alternate No.)(601) 724-3302 (Alternate No.)(609) 318-6371 (Alternate No.)(616) 988-0606 (Alternate No.)(617) 517-5129 (Alternate No.)(678) 392-3397 (Alternate No.)(702) 359-9679 (Alternate No.)(712) 560-3561 (Alternate No.)(720) 496-4569 (Alternate No.)(802) 222-2809 (Alternate No.)(850) 262-9421 (Alternate No.)(856) 200-8838 (Alternate No.)(856) 581-8049 (Alternate No.)(857) 214-3967 (Alternate No.)(908) 636-6672 (Alternate No.)(913) 535-1535 (Alternate No.)(919) 629-8554 (Alternate No.)(336) 386-3111 (Office No.)(866) 266-3111 (Office No.)www.sourcerm.comAdd this number, and all the other alternate numbers that they call on, to your call blocker.Callblocker62016-04-17 13:57:43
8573017577If your looking for a car do not trust the m refered on Craigslist . You may have texted a different number and they may contact you from this or another bewareGuest72016-04-18 03:09:53
8574534187Congratulations Larry(Not my name) you've been selected to receive an iPad 3 click here for details reply stop to quit. of course I did not reply with STOP because that would verify that my number is a valid textable number.Guest32016-06-15 14:44:58
8574534178Contacted my cell carrier and they said two days before they have any info,called my phone company and local sheriff dept.Do all you can as to help others.BobBob42016-06-16 04:43:47
8574534180did you follow up? is it legit? or is it a load of crap? i got a call today and i told them to call back. it sounded weird.allison52016-06-17 00:19:26
8574534184dncGuest52016-06-17 05:39:55
8573016706They called me but didnt here the phone ring and then I blocked the number.Guest32016-07-04 08:48:29
8573016703Dum think she better than sumoneGuest62016-07-04 19:18:13
8573016711he is a cold hearted personGuest52016-07-05 03:19:01
8573016704spamGuest72016-07-05 10:54:53
8573016710spam text message pay40.commoni42016-07-05 18:43:26
8573016709lameGuest62016-07-05 19:48:25
8573016705My number is registered on National Do Not Call. I recieve cals from a 914 prefix (different last four numbers) on a regular basis from a roto dialer. When I ask to talk to a representative they listen until I ask them to remove my number then they hang up.Guest52016-07-06 00:18:12
8573016712some travel company..pure spamGuest62016-07-06 01:28:01
8573016707Don't kno this numberGuest72016-07-06 10:44:23
8573016708put thru by receptionist to my desk - no messageAnnoyed42016-07-06 11:12:42
8574445649This Amount calls but no 1 is everything there when you response. When you personally telephone back your Amount is inactiveGuest732015-11-04 15:33:10
8572087627Seville Mother W W W is what the Owner id said. Hello moron callers I Understand you personally dopes monitor these Sites . . . if You'll not IDENTIFY yourselves we may NEVER EVER EVER reply or call you back. You called us You personally MUST IDENTIFY yourself or . . . . kindly . . . FL away and they called at 2 W PM on Could possibly W W SUNDAYGuest122015-11-04 16:35:04
8573629169That is Com star Monetary Services. Got telephone out of another one of their Amounts last night asking for someone who dozen t live here. Told em to get me off list. Now I get a call from the Amount. 1 more call and they get a Quit and Desist letter which pisses me off since your phone isn't even for me. Hope for create many Dollars if your violate the notice. Guest12015-11-04 16:46:09
8575296505They phone on a Day-to-day basis asking for a deceased General. I ask who are you they response may phone After. . . Guest92015-11-04 17:11:10
8573990705I got a text from W W W that said. . . Dear name here Your own Continue have been review on Web. cal jobs. ca. gov. Please response if interested. That job was for working at home online. A out of yahoo messenger can contact you out of Evergreen Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. that is their Business name being used and his I am yahoo account which you go Thur an online Meeting and Subsequently goes Thur a Quick hire that same daytime along with a thousand yahoo . com. It was a complete scam to send you cash for deposit in your bank acct withdraw After and send them a Graphic of your bank reception. You personally were to purchase W Applications along with their Directions. I got your Assess took it for that bank and located out it was a fake only because I went Indoors the bank rather than running it Thur that ATM like they asked. I was questionable once I got the allegedly Package that was for become Monitored on the FedEx Web site. I was given Guidelines to track the Bundle by Gonzalez on yahoo I'm account and Afterward get back along with him of where your package is. Your USPS delivered the envelope. On the package it did t come from your Business. . . It had EMS on just one side and addressed from Asian Services Ship pin W or W challenging for read your rest was W Will Wool Doctor. San Jose CA. W. Searching at that package IOU could see something did t look appropriate and did you did 've to hint for it. I went to my local police Department while I was still Assessment the Man and they said that no offense was being committed and they could t do any matter. I left and which was when I went to the bank. They took that check for Study. I keep all the texts Email addresses and took images of everything. They got my info Thur cal jobs. com which I am on unemployment and Needed for enroll before I get approved. This scares me since Cal jobs is a Authorities Bureau. Guest132015-11-04 16:53:09
8573017579They called for a Site called job atomic which is i suppose if your own looking for a Job but its becoming weirdGuest62016-04-13 19:25:32
8572490553the person who called my cell could not become Comprehended at all. your accent was not even understandable. joseph82015-12-16 16:58:02
8572374790you demonstrated you personally don t love me thus why would you call . . . . . . . . I m going to court alone NEVER forgetGuest22015-11-05 18:37:26
8572930899Political Rob phone. Republican or Democrat I don t attention. I Simply desire them for stay off my Telephone. Guest432015-11-06 01:28:08
8572323598Responded to Grisliest Advertising for a Cycle. Identified themselves as quot Laurel Paul quot . Said they were a Oil engineer currently working abroad. Did not try to Discuss Cost. Said they Needed it for a birthday current for their son. Asked for Paypal info. Said not to Stress about Transportation as their Select Upwards agent would would come and get it from me. Guest422015-11-06 02:34:04
85723205801 phone automated message within several languages telling me for press an Alternative for whatever language. Guest12015-11-06 04:21:26

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