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8683909895I got a message saying that they were retained to serve me with papers about a civil matter.  I have nothing outstanding...Alot of the call was a recording that someone inserted my name in.Heather42016-02-16 00:28:38
8681028660I'm getting used to all these scam calls from spoofed numbers, but this is a first: a credit card scam from one of our local numbers!!!! I later tried the number to tell the person someone had spoofed it, but got a fax machine. My husband answered the call, them proceeded to give the scam artists a lot of bad info to waste their time. I'm not sure how many of these off-shore scam artists there are because they change their numbers so often. But I'm sure there are more than one because they seem to have slightly different MOs. Either ignore their calls or try to waste their time with false information. We even had one company where we got all the way to a supervisor who tried tell us that it was ILLEGAL to give false information. That's a laugh! She was really angry, but she stopped calling for a while.Tired of calls32016-02-16 03:21:52
8682220579If you are receiving suspicious emails you can forward them to your ISP fraud division, check with them for the correct address, then forward and delete, do not respond to them and do not give out any banking or credit/debit card information. You can also send them to the following government departments as follows:[email protected] /* */[email protected] /* */If you receive texts, forward them to 7726. If you have AT&T, they use BLOCK. Cell providers can investigate any suspicious texts. Again, do not respond nor volunteer any banking or credit/debit card information.Hates scams62016-02-16 03:49:53
8683373018Relentless calling even if payments are made. There is no communication within the system to take you off the list, even if you request it. "Notes" are constantly incorrect.They like to call at 8:00 AM, 5:30 PM and 8:30 PMM52016-04-06 19:49:49
8688488870I also received a call from this number.  This was a legitimate call from a Mortgage agency regarding my recent financing of a mortgage.  The Loan agent "Cesar" made the call.Jim52016-04-07 03:00:12
8683829357If you read Latest News----over in the right hand column--->This appears to be the same as the FTC Goes After Credit Card Robocall Scammers.MeToo32016-04-07 18:57:15
8683283868Multiple calls claiming there is a case pending against me and I must take immediate action to avoid jail time.Guest32016-04-08 22:06:36
8683373024got a call from a similar number 440-088-4247 claiming to be these same people. most caller ids only show ten numbers, but when you look at international codes it is from the UK. i talked to a rep and and i wanted to know what credit cards they were talking about. she claimed all of them. i said wow, but i am not interested. she asked why, i said because you are most likely a scam, your number is an international one. she accused me of being hostile and did not like me calling her a fraud when i dont even know her. she continued...the number is routed through a call center and it shows up that way because its the phone company's fault for not providing the correct number. she had one excuse after another.hate these calls72016-04-09 13:56:08
8687692654Keeps calling and placing bogus food orders at our restaurant. She gives a bad credit card number to hold, and never comes and gets the food. The food gets wasted every time, and it costs the restaurant a ton of money!Guest42016-04-10 17:42:42
8687916293My caller ID says "Service Announc" ("ement" would not fit it screen).  Web search showed that this number belongs to "CITISTREAM COMMUNICATIONS" in Omaha, NE.  Went to their website and information about what they actually do is VERY ambiguous.  The link to it is: never answer someone I don't recognize and they didn't leave a message. Oh well... their loss.dchesebrough42016-04-11 19:49:33
8683829351They call multiple times a day about trying to sell health insurance. You can't get to a live person. Its really annoying.April S52016-04-11 23:12:45
8687692661JOEY = kangaroo...  so why don't you just hope away?? You are outclassed & outgunned.   BTW we don't believe you.  Fix your cap lock too - it's stuck.araT32016-04-13 00:42:12
8683565258I got a call JUST like that a few days ago at work. The company I work at has two offices and at the one I work at, I am the only person here and when I told him that he just hung up. I mean how rude!Lisa62016-04-13 14:05:53
8683829359Received a call from a restricted number.  I don't answer restricted calls or calls without  called ID. They left a voice mail .Callers name was Bill Kennedy from Publishers Clearing house to inform me I was a  1st place winner  with PCH and to call back 1-876-278-5848.Publishers Clearing House isn't in Jamaica !!!OK32016-04-13 16:39:59
8683689022Smooth-talking guy tried to make me think he was a regular caller! Ha!! He said he was from GLF (google!).504-201-6941M52016-04-13 22:10:10
8688488863I got a collect call from this number. When I said no to the charges, it tried to connect me anyway. I hung up and called the number back and it was disconnected.Guest72016-04-14 16:37:34
8683565260I received one text from this number at around 1:00 a.m. It just said "hi" and when I asked who this was, there was no response. I had the same thing happen from a different number in PA about 3 weeks earlier...both showing as land lines.Guest32016-04-14 16:57:41
8683565257Money grabbing scam from secret shopper associated with this number asking people to send money after depositing one of their fraudulent checksGuest72016-04-14 23:51:17
8683283866This number called my husband asking for me.  When I call it back it just says thank you for holding, then says your call is now being transferred then disconnects me....Does anyone know who this is?Tiffany72016-04-15 03:40:24
8687692659Got a similar text, from 1(719) 792-0647."Is ur advertised item on CL still for SALE.Contact me via my private email ONLY PLs. Carden444(@) & also ur price Text STOP to end" was the exact text message I received. Looks to have been sent via SendHub.Most definitely a scam and should be avoided.Zeig42016-04-15 08:39:50
8687692658He is a top ganster. I lost too much. He knows I put his number in the internet. Please tell me your email address. I can talk to you there.lingling72016-04-16 00:47:52
8683373017Told them 13 times to put me on the do not call list. Told them to please stop calling. They keep calling all day and night.Guest42016-04-16 14:19:06
8687692657I answered "order line", The woman rattled on so fast i could not understand what she said. Again I said "order line, do you need to place an order" and she hung up on me. So annoyed by these nuisance calls on my business line.bb52016-04-17 00:17:55
8687692656I just called them back . this is on a bill I pay them every month per our agreement. they call continuously when the check isn't in their hand by the next day and will call after they get the check also. They DO NOT send you and invoice on a monthly basis either. And When I call the 877 or 800 numbers they are no longer in service..Guest72016-04-17 16:44:26
86835652648502288391CREDIT UNION BANK ALERT: Your VISA has been temporarily -DEACTIVATED-. Please call Card Services line at (850) 304-0660 I received a text message from 8502288391 stating the above message. I did not respond but both numbers are unpublished numbers, or cell phone numbers. This is a scam as I do not bank at a credit union.Dwight Tindall42016-04-24 09:46:32
8683373016We've been getting this one a lot lately.  Sometimes twice in 2 hours, multiple times a day.  I haven't answered it yet.Dan72016-05-01 21:24:30

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