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86862457361 callGuest12015-11-06 03:57:50
8689897348KhoikhoiGuest12015-11-06 05:54:50
8683307877hair iGuest12015-11-06 06:40:50
8686924919jackassGuest22015-11-06 06:45:50
8683266707harassing me been ignoring. . . harassing me for months nowGuest12015-11-06 06:48:18
8683027400Harassing meGuest12015-11-06 07:14:50
8687863048don't callGuest12015-11-06 10:56:50
8680924781WGuest12015-11-06 11:16:50
8683632462this person got my Amount out of my friend and he is harass in meGuest12015-11-06 13:25:18
8689326780Last phone within Five times. Phone waiting shows quot W service. quot Express message asks your own name and if correct press 1 Telephone button. No response after doing so . . suspect this is a Possible scam. Don t supply any info to Everyone should you personally get a phone. Contact your state Lawyer General s office . Guest12015-11-06 13:35:18
8687687023BillGuest12015-11-06 13:49:50
8683020413Telephone was from Trinidad. Guest12015-11-06 14:33:50
8682990231CourtsGuest12015-11-06 15:17:50
8683565262Do not text my phoneGuest32016-04-12 23:44:57
8687329565Unwanted textGuest82015-12-22 07:17:21
8686420534punkGuest52015-12-19 02:41:28
8683195100I got calls out of the number but never a message. Nancy42015-12-16 14:59:06
8683236842Is the a real existing businessGuest82015-12-19 17:24:21
8686805702RudeGuest82015-12-16 19:02:19
8683058258I can t would better than youGuest22015-11-06 23:29:18
8683075316Folks are Attempting for tell me that they are out of Microsoft Net Works and may other Locations they state they demand to get into my files because there has been spam Delivered out of my Pc. Guest32015-11-06 23:29:18
8683221709nut caseGuest82015-12-19 13:44:31
8683334144Sexual harassmentGuest12015-11-07 03:17:50
8687366388Number Frequently called people until we blocked it. Guest72015-12-21 10:04:21
8682959710Called at 8 W pm no message leftorostar72015-12-19 19:45:36
8683720385can t Choose Upwards ATM please leave a message an I will get Beck to uGuest22015-11-07 05:36:18
8682912432They Merely said happy brand new year. . . . but why is someone calling me from Trinidad. Guest12015-11-07 05:56:18
8686716968credit cardsGuest62015-12-15 01:45:22
8688259768I got your same type of message at 1 Am. I had no Thought who was testing me at that hour within your 'm. Thought it was family crisis so I looked amp am checking account it Outside now. I idea your same How d they get my I vie done nothing along with Apple my text came out of W W WShimshim82015-12-14 03:38:28
8683332076Duplicate Inconsiderate Time WasterGuest82015-12-14 18:22:38
8687346183Ur blockGuest52015-12-08 20:46:47
8683517980u are unwanted in my life all care about my kids u witchGuest12015-11-07 12:56:18
8683403068over callingGuest12015-11-07 13:40:50
8683316615never answerGuest12015-11-07 15:43:50
8683184538harrassinGuest12015-11-07 16:54:50
8682997957don't now this company.Guest82015-12-08 19:28:32
8682952357Don't knw #Guest72015-12-16 11:55:24
8686800977My numberGuest72015-12-13 23:28:21
8682916286iGuest42015-12-14 10:28:17
8682227795These people need to stop calling me I check out the referance number and there is no file under my namerobyn62016-02-15 17:37:43
8686421973please reportGuest12015-11-07 21:59:50
8681311168IvoGuest22015-11-07 22:01:50
86879913701-847-368-7296 calls every day they dont speak english they are a  nuisance with their relentless phone calls.am72015-12-18 23:31:40
8683829353Somebody is trying to prank meGuest62016-04-17 10:34:38
8683626762Telemarketing of holiday cruise lineGuest52015-12-09 15:18:55
8683373015Calls my phone & just hangs up. So tired of it!Guest82015-12-09 08:35:54
8683023066lost and foundGuest12015-11-08 02:04:50
8681363111won't leave me alone.Guest82015-12-14 21:06:18
8687511709Very disreceptfullGuest12015-11-08 04:36:50
8682952983NaGuest12015-11-08 05:21:50

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