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Phone list in area 868

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
8686278112callGuest12015-11-08 05:32:50
8683097327I do not know this number. Do not want it calling.Guest72015-12-14 08:37:40
8684964454telemarketing school advisorGuest62015-12-16 05:50:40
8686828414SalesGuest42016-02-16 04:05:00
8689586561nasty pervert. dont answer him he is a sickoGuest92015-12-16 18:11:36
8687162527lhfrfhGuest12015-11-08 10:32:50
8682985308They say they are from Fleet and Fleet. Would not give anymore info.Marie62015-12-14 06:24:56
8683417575Threatening calls 39 times in 1 hourGuest62015-12-18 15:36:06
8682211825This numbeer is texting a minor child!!! They ask if the cild is going to be in school each time the text is sent!! The number has text this child repeatedly. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Guest12015-11-08 12:12:18
8683068836Bugs meGuest12015-11-08 15:07:50
8683850245This is a phishing scam claiming to be Bank of America! Beware!John Rizzo42015-12-08 12:04:09
8683370675Harressing Call Pretending to be a collection officerBhargav Shivarthy42015-12-14 09:15:10
8687505608Keeps calling me. 5 times a dayRichard62015-12-16 15:52:28
8688488862868-848-8862 AND 877-427-3368 are from the same CROOKS, harrassing people with a "fake" robo-call survey, but it is a SCAM!!!! It is apparently a "weight loss" programm using coffee. BEWARE! tHEY ARE ALSO THE SAME FRAUDSTERS PHONING FOR "DUCT CLEANING" AND ALSO "A VIRUS ON YOUR MICROSOFT/COMPUTER" If you get a phone call from these Morons, they should reported to: and Canadian anti-fraud centre at: http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraudeGuest82015-11-08 16:46:18
8683526633Told them they have the wrong number and they keep callingGuest12015-11-08 17:29:18
8683576164StalkerGuest12015-11-08 17:46:50
8683320288blockGuest32015-11-08 18:11:18
8687349040UghGuest12015-11-08 18:46:50
8687916288did in insurance quote online. this is the blow backa72016-04-15 01:43:29
8686351420155858692865389321ukn hjjhjmjjmnjm j.juj.Guest12015-11-08 23:54:50
8682257439no textsGuest62015-12-09 17:23:29
8683301249he's a maniac!Guest12015-11-09 00:09:50
8686925664Kaplan CollegeGuest52015-12-18 20:36:03
8688488871Mortgage or loan company textingGuest62016-04-11 01:07:48
8683010001dont know itGuest12015-11-09 01:54:50
8683264837they claim to be the I.R.SGuest42015-12-21 20:33:01
8687275720Received a text from this number trying to convince me it was an old war buddy by the nickname we use for  him.JD82015-12-15 00:33:40
8683634766Cyber stalker. He got my number from fbGuest12015-11-09 04:41:50
8689326786Number dialed my phone this am too, leaving no message.Why not try calling the number.Ellebean32016-02-15 22:23:42
8682954395harrassingGuest12015-11-09 04:58:50
8686272684Telecommunications Services of Trinidad (Landline: Trinidad & Tabago) {Port of Sp, TT}Guest12015-11-09 07:24:18
8683451268Phone stalkingGuest12015-11-09 10:58:50
8683442111don't awnserGuest72015-12-14 20:52:25
8683090525called and no message626570086472015-12-14 21:25:51
8686622586Multiple calls from this number telling me to log into fake Verizon website 21:47:01
8685005504don' pick upGuest52015-12-16 16:29:02
8683836820stalkerGuest12015-11-09 15:50:50
8688770742crazy stalkerGuest72015-12-19 23:13:32
8683151020harassmentGuest12015-11-09 16:03:50
8680476063OkGuest62015-12-09 23:57:42
8683900299Calls every day. Phone rings once or twice, when we answer there is no one there.Guest72015-12-14 17:03:07
8683532247I just received a call from that number this morning. When I answered the call, the person just listened to me and then hung up. Very disturbing.  Relieved to here someone got this call too.DMC62015-12-16 14:13:10
8689964663hiGuest12015-11-09 17:45:50
8683283864unidentified phone callskysky162016-04-30 22:43:01
8683143032Talking in make believe chinese and gigglingGuest62015-12-18 19:18:04
8689461451Randomly called on Friday at 7pm. Left no voicemail. Straight to my cell phone.Guest12015-11-09 21:41:18
8683201114Said I called them a few mins. before but phone was off all day Very suspicious and augmentativeGuest52015-12-19 00:46:07
8686534896Keep getting texts dont know this person...from providence riGuest52015-12-20 04:32:13
8683709934LolGuest12015-11-09 23:25:50
8684858600vulgar talksGuest12015-11-10 00:01:50

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