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8705341920Norfolk Electricity middlebrow Mum Components deptGuest82015-12-14 14:12:02
8702923632Would love to NOT keep becoming this telephone. Guest92015-12-15 20:36:15
8707185254Called. Won t answer me when i say helloGuest42015-12-14 22:44:29
8705717083no texts MSG'sGuest52015-12-18 14:48:46
8702436783The Amount consistently calls my cell Telephone. They never leave a message. Guest42015-12-19 13:23:28
8702708752BlockedGuest12015-11-05 03:29:50
8707389000the Simply called my Residence no one said anything after 2 Hi s out of me. . . they hung Upwards. . . i tried calling back but said disconnected. . . genia82015-12-18 15:44:40
8707330821annoying back for back callsGuest62015-12-08 07:39:46
8702099904someone for ccGuest12015-11-05 03:39:50
8704743031this spam a few Business number. Guest22015-11-05 03:49:19
8708824651aw. Guest32015-11-05 03:56:21
8704897292CrazyGuest12015-11-05 04:03:51
8705335318Has called me 4 times Now constantly and He last call I hit the Discount button. Says Illinois on id. Guest182015-11-05 04:05:18
8702432453block numberGuest82015-12-16 13:01:35
8706773028There was a Woman on there that Released herself as quot publications quot . I instantly told her that I was not interested and that I was on that quot National No Call List quot . She immediately disconnected. However that was your second call I had received. Guest382015-11-05 04:20:18
8709494239WETBACK WHOREGuest12015-11-05 04:27:23
8702781303Wanted to understand who owns the Amount. Erik82015-12-16 12:19:34
8705432114Discontinue calling meGuest72015-11-05 04:51:20
8708729861its overGuest82015-12-19 02:41:20
8707060955Shepherds Tree Service W County Road W Mountain Home AR W W W W HTTP . com quot We Can do It quot Tree Service Tree Trimming Tree Removal Stump Treatment Service Tree CareGuest12015-11-05 05:10:18
8706871396I got a text out of the number. It was an awful threatening text. Guest12015-11-05 05:17:20
8705511217Ty rel Hampton black no money. Text me for W and let him see me. StupidGuest32015-11-05 05:27:20
8705497309Grisliest Scummierjay62015-12-14 21:21:58
8706369531Advertisement solar cityGuest62015-12-16 23:35:58
8704837631WGuest42015-11-05 05:44:19
8706136377Unwanted phone left message. Guest62015-11-05 05:49:18
8705815025ScamGuest582015-11-05 05:50:18
8706800145ScamGuest12015-11-05 05:51:22
8706803919minister pastor cheater lire dog just no great. . . W 1 WGuest32015-11-05 05:54:18
8703123357had an enjoyable offerGuest42015-12-15 01:01:37
8708140691Your don't call registry won t subject. It s that same as if someone called you by accident which if this is a Facsimile machine calling your house then it's likely an accident. I called the caller ID number that showed Upward and was given the Alternative for remove my number out of their systems. WMitch72015-12-16 08:23:23
8702182243W different prank ed Amounts and I m Ill of her crap. Guest302015-11-05 06:20:19
8705632275constantly blockGuest32015-11-05 06:23:20
8702924550online schools Amounts they are using W W W W W W W W WGuest52015-11-05 06:28:18
8704942675Owner doesn't Answer but leaves messagesGuest82015-12-08 07:29:33
8708342961Don t phone me anymore. Guest42015-12-18 23:39:08
8708301098An IMO Que llama y text ea insulated a Application as Christians y De la Palmyra P} Duos en Rodent W. FM. Guest62015-12-16 15:38:40
8702709068Can t deal love no respectGuest32015-11-05 06:58:19
8708181882Who is thisGuest42015-12-13 23:37:54
8702457816A mortgage companytando42015-12-16 09:13:17
8705723441I got the same correspondence. Wondering if you personally went. Karl52015-12-19 11:49:30
8705147407crazy GuyGuest12015-11-05 07:27:51
8708159283don't callGuest22015-11-05 07:32:22
8703904530Artwork crapGuest62015-11-05 07:33:51
8706779230I ignored your phone not understand out of where it came. JF92015-12-18 03:08:59
8702253626BlockGuest62015-12-16 07:10:13
8708802117This Man is massive drama. . . Guest12015-11-05 08:01:22
8704034391Wedded wish no contactGuest32015-11-05 08:02:19
8708661984Multiple phone callsPeggy82015-12-19 01:09:10
8703951249spamGuest82015-12-18 05:39:24

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