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9016027207CollectionGuest32016-07-07 19:45:03
9019691636Did not leave message. Calls repeatedly at the same time every day.Guest62016-07-07 20:07:46
9019691633someone claiming to have vacation packagesAW62016-07-08 08:56:46
9019691634Keep calling and not leaving messages; Late phone voicemailGuest42016-07-08 18:37:47
9019691632we get a call from these folks at least once a day. All they say is "this is icor canada and it is very important that you contact us", then they hang up. If it is that important, why not stay on the line.biggord32016-07-08 20:03:02
9012303675they're calling me early mornings and late evenings but i don t response because i don t Understand your numberann82015-12-09 13:00:57
9017308944Someone called me from this Amount saying I had a job with Vector Advertising Agency and that a Pal of mine who was someone I really was only acquainted with and just remembered worked for them and had given them my number . Viewed Upwards Vector on that Web and it's a scam. I m Frightened now they 've too Substantially of my Information. Thus don t reply the number. . Guest52015-11-05 08:27:04
9016289474Stop calling my number i have never applied for a loan. leave me alone before i report you personally within. Guest52015-12-19 14:38:18
9013141247They was Imagine to be a girl but was a Man Striving for get me for buy some sex Playthings. And dope on a credit cardGuest12015-11-05 11:24:02
9018644719Dna DONS TWIT punk Arizona kid that will strive and see for free and jeopardize Police. . . . . . . BEWARE Don't SEE. . . . . Guest42015-12-14 23:30:47
9013352561Got 2 calls. 1 about at 2 within your morning and your second one Virtually 6. No express mail. Not calling it back. Ashley72015-12-22 13:45:44
9017911536Another phone number scam from Jamaica called that Authorities and got a case numb. what else could be done carolyn42015-12-09 14:16:22
9012829995Teri State Heating and Cooling system. . . Terrible customer service. Left me without A C for 3 days when they promised for become there on daytime 1. Kept calling and becoming same response we Can be there Now till they decided for Leave accepting my phone calls. Turned my caller ID off and they replied Subsequently we got disconnected when I mentioned my name. . . hmm mm. . . Guest12015-11-06 06:40:02
9018591828same here. . . telephone back and find out the number is spoofed. . . . not a real number. . . . . must become a scams. . . . beef42015-12-21 03:37:34
9018334389you personally hater my feel thus I am going to bag Upward away you personally a bit jay I adore you personally my guyGuest12015-11-06 10:30:04
9014910534got a text saying quot Congratulations. As a thank you personally telephone xxx for get you W retail rebateGuest12015-11-06 14:13:03
9014802973Winy Discontinue calling I've got around W blocked and there all Related so stressful this has got to Cease. . Guest12015-11-06 15:04:03
9012158979Brandon Boswell how Care you personally tell me which you Desired to be in a relationship with me when I asked if you was single you personally mentioned yes but a Buddy of mine which is a close Buddy with that youthful lady you State you are not Collectively with mentioned which you and her are Jointly you re a liar you re a cheater women beware of Brandon BoswellGuest52015-11-06 15:12:02
9017373986Don't Ever Believe Which you Never have Meant for GET WHAT You Desire AND That's ALL You personally 've EVER Needed. Guest42015-12-18 15:42:08
9013457610Keeps calling. Says out of Electricity company asking me to turn off Tv because too Considerably voltage coming into house. Guest12015-11-06 20:28:03
9014097871Weirdo Merely keeps going on about how he needs for be kicked within your privates. How i can Actually enjoy it Internet. Guest42015-12-21 15:06:51
9016497995Debt Collector or Scummier. Didn't supply him a opportunity. Sounded Lille he does not even live within the State. Guest72015-12-16 13:55:18
9012409505weary nigh ain't trying for hook Upward youthful boy within Ian t got nothing else for would but play on chicks pHGuest52015-12-17 09:33:51
9012388288you take DA great amp bad Outside on me. let s not talk for awhile you have been block for DA next W hours. Guest32015-11-07 08:35:02
9012707115've Things listed on Grisliest 've been harassed saying there gonna Purchase my Items with a certified checkmegan82015-12-14 23:04:40
9012491872These Individuals phone several times a daytime Regular. It's harassment because I have asked them for not telephone. Guest42015-11-07 11:17:02
90131429479013142967. Is the number on Craig list. Not. 9013142947. Beware. Scam. BewareKaren92017-03-05 21:13:19

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