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Phone list in area 908

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9084284377Received a text along with a message for call the number. That text message itself did not 've a valid phone Amount. Guest62015-11-06 06:26:25
9083788627Won t stop calling Delivered text asking politely they continue to telephone all hours . . . won t Speak they leave voice mails but all it is is a beepGuest212015-11-06 06:28:25
9082748182Message says they're serving me at work and House certified Files. Sounds bogus no Firm info. Frighten Techniques are really unprofessionalCrystal72015-12-08 14:52:53
9088181464Health insurance sales. . . . Guest262015-11-06 07:39:25
9082423514Its just another way for your favorite stalker to get through in your phone lineGuest22015-11-06 09:45:24
9086450495SPAMGuest42015-11-06 09:58:39
9082162497I vie been getting calls nicely text messages he sounds dangerousGuest72015-12-16 08:29:23
9085109558NoGuest72015-12-17 02:35:26
9087514493Hes a jerkGuest42015-11-06 11:14:25
9082805738Fake Google rep. . . Guest222015-11-06 11:30:25
9089963800blocking uGuest82015-12-08 16:16:01
9088544711Promotion low interest rates. Guest62015-11-06 11:49:26
9087233838they called me today i didn't pick Upwards its simply been once now no Thought who they'reGuest42015-12-14 17:55:58
9083977663vulgar languageGuest32015-11-06 12:37:25
9083093624don t answerGuest72015-12-16 14:32:48
9087412341That is the umpteenth time and they change the Telephone Amount each time. I would like for understand how you can Cease them out of calling Quite ANNOYING. Guest152015-11-06 14:36:25
9085772162please tell me who that is. i didn't like your phone i obtained from the Man. thanks. laura52015-12-13 19:39:12
9083406757I don t know who they areGuest682015-11-06 15:45:57
9083863279Call no messageGuest162015-11-06 15:46:25
9087593499PDA group not sure but said they hasd court papers to deliver think its a phone scamMike62016-02-15 19:43:58
9084598531No MSG Called back just a busy signal. Guest22015-11-06 16:54:39
9085164255Offering free cruise and if i did t need the cruise if i shared it along with my family i would get W. W. . . When i Inquired JENNIFER to fax that information to my Attorney she Installed upGuest32015-11-06 17:28:25
9082875064SpamGuest42016-02-16 08:10:56
9082022133Rob call with case amp threat of court actionGuest62015-12-21 20:02:42
9084095717fuckn HONKY FROM CLGuest52016-04-26 10:16:24
9082555455grouchy impatient not value that timeGuest22015-11-06 19:45:24
9082800698spamGuest462015-11-06 20:02:25
9088991786Dint text back. . SCAMMED Huge SCAM MMGuest62015-11-06 21:09:26
9089863804Your Man using the number Appears to become Striving for scam me for cash via a crags list purchase. Guest12015-11-06 21:14:26
9087235820HE IS A Fine GUYGuest12015-11-06 21:51:39
9087586201CNSGuest42015-12-08 11:35:45
9082200663BP Women hes a rapistGuest32015-11-06 22:30:24
9089989455Sales desires you personally to buy something. Guest32015-11-06 22:33:26
9084633804This number is no More Accessible. Guest12015-11-06 23:13:39
9082917648Indian scamGuest72015-12-09 10:36:28
9084207491torGuest12015-11-07 00:04:39
9085007180She s a meths smoking Residence wreckerGuest52015-12-16 06:55:08
9088458048This really is what I phone an quot air quot call. Answer it and no one can there be. Very annoying. Guest62015-11-07 01:43:26
9086274318Phoned my cell Amount 6 8 times Making no message. Guest52015-11-07 02:25:25
9083976810wasteful personGuest12015-11-07 03:22:39
9089627695I think you have the wrong numberGuest62016-04-11 00:51:15
9082658776possible scam marketer left no message. Guest12015-11-07 03:44:39
9089050279WGuest42015-11-07 04:02:39
9086366643Getting Telephone telephone within your mornings and earlier afternoon. No one may response after I ll pock it up. But when I call led back I was told that I 've Excellent debt and they are calling for collect it. Guest52015-11-07 04:05:25
9082830211the Owner and his FF W W W phone and leave terrible messages on my voice mail and office answering machine. . . . call back and phone does not permit incoming calls. . . . . . Guest12015-11-07 04:55:25
9083099425Time waster Affordable Broke Could Not read Dna DONS TWITGuest12015-11-07 06:59:25
9086881366Attempting to sell a weight loss productGuest12015-11-07 09:01:39
9087820919automated message selling me somethingGuest42015-11-07 10:27:25
9088458045I Began getting calls from the number out of someone with the Highlight who states he is a magistrate from your federal government calling about National Legal action. It's a recorded message stating for call W W W Dennis last name I could t create Outside. Fundamentally stating he is Striving for help. How do I Cease these calls and who should I report them for. Of path I 'm on that quot Do not call list quot . Guest192015-11-07 10:36:29
9088458041Keeps on transforming his phone no. It s a computer number. Guest162015-11-07 11:36:26

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