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9083602087CID: AHF SUNSETdon't know what that is.... when I called back, it said to leave a message for "Kevin Chin/Chen?" Don't know this person.Call came on phone phone on  Sunday 11/4/12 after 7pmSouthern CA32016-04-24 08:42:58
9089771117We started receiving calls for my husband's EX WIFE FROM 15 YEARS AGO who has NEVER had our home phone number. He said he had two claims he wanted to settle with her with the county she lives in (he gave the county name and everything)...of course when I try to call back and talk to them about it they are never available and want me to leave a message. NO WAY. I know that some folks have the misfortune of having to work for low-life, scamming, dirty, lying $%^&*$%% bill collectors - BUT BACK OFF!!! It isn't even OUR DEBT!!!I know their tactics and they have called us so many flipping times all because they do a general search for the real person they are looking for and since they can't find them they start harrassing ANYONE AND EVERYONE that has ever uttered their name or been associated with them - all in the hopes of getting the person's number. Even if I had it I wouldn't give it to them. None of this started until we went from a private number to a listed number. We had personal reasons for wanting to be listed so that someone could find us and this is what we get. We are seriously going to have to go back to a private, unlisted number all because of these types of SCUM BAGS who will stop at nothing and stoop to any level just to collect a dollar. and let's not forget - THEY HIDE BEHIND NAMES LIKE "WRA" OR ACTUALLY SAYING WHO THEY ARE WHEN THEY LEAVE A MESSAGE. No balls!!! LEAVE US ALONE DIRTBAGS!!!!!!!WRA SLAYER32016-04-29 19:11:12
9084095715Called me from 305-549-0415 claiming to be a Samuel Cole from Visa corporate office out of Miami.  Wanted $294.06 for insurance for the card through Allstate.  As if.  I let him go through his whole scam, before telling him, that he was wrong my credit score didn't go down, I already check it every week, The email address he said I used for applying was one that I use only for contests and stuff, so my regular email doesn't get filled with spam.  He was very unhappy when I refused to pay.  He said that I was being dumb to not do this.  As if a credit card company would allow that.Didn't fall for it72016-05-02 04:14:18
9084095710They called and we hung up on them. Lady called back asking why I hung up then said if I hang up on her again she will purposely put inaccurate information on the internet about my company. This is a threat! I stayed on the line to speak with someone and the line went dead. I called back to a recorded answer machine that only gave an option of being removed from the marketing call listing.Guest42016-05-02 22:48:58
9083362244meet he is a project manager in NY with one kid..started just talking by text a few days ago..I think he is scamming people..wanted me to put money in my personal accredited from clients...I'm not dumb by far I can smell a scam..once I said no to that then he asked for money cause he is in need...not gonna happen then he no longer wanted to talk after i said no again..please be aware of this guy.. SCAMMER ALERTGuest52016-05-03 00:14:20
9084690405got a text from this number and I don't know who or what it is about when I called it asked me for my card num and other information.Gary Marburger62016-05-04 02:34:52
9084095716This person is a homewrecker and likes to make phoen calls and tex messages to men that are in relationships - BEWARE - she is a [***] and her name is Cindy!w62016-05-06 02:32:46
9083362238Got call 10/08/2015 at 11:01AM. Muffled, almost automated voice of Lew? Colson? Claiming to be calling from Gainesville Country Club. Why would a country club in my city call from a Delray exchange, AND have that number show Unknown Name when calling? The phone companies need to be hit as part of anything these scam artists pull.Dr. Buggs42016-05-07 04:58:21
9083157217They keep ringing my friend's cell number but are asking for me. They won't say who they are or why they're calling. They just say they'll call back and hang up.ROM52016-05-08 05:58:10
9084690406I heard they shity job at my friends house, even I look there have not don good job . I never let them come in my house everrav52016-05-10 19:34:06
9082290826Since the scammer accessed the computer, they probably did one or more of the following:• Disabled the anti-virus software• Added nasty malware to the computer• Copied the Contact List (so they can email your soon-to-be ex-friends)• Copied any financial data or passwords they could find• Compromised the ID• "Zombied" the computer, so it would respond to THEIR commands sent via internet• Deleted some important files• Asked for money to repair the damage they causedWhat can you do immediately after such an attack?1.  Pull the cables on the computer, so it cannot access the internet.2.  Change ALL  passwords stored on the computer3.  Run FULL malware scans on the computer, in "SAFE" mode!4.  Change the passwords again, particularly if the malware scans showed anything5.  Inform your bank and credit card companies6.  Sign up for credit monitoring, and check the status frequently7.  You may have to bring the computer to a local repair shop, and tell them the story.8.  Tell friends what happened, so they can be aware of strange emails from you9.  Plug in the computer only AFTER all the above have been done10.  Change the passwords on all online accounts.  Even better - access a "safe", uninfected  computer, and chance your online account passwords RIGHT NOW.You fell for one scam, and might be susceptible to others mentioned on this site: that info to educate and help protect yourself!Honest computer companies do NOT cold-call people to tell them their computers need fixing! ... on-150170.shtml Remember to return here, to, after you look at any of the information at the above sites, either to post more information, or to let us know you avoided the scam or fixed the computer correctly.sheila Robinson42016-05-15 16:25:59
9085872359Bushman Kent Tree Service136 W Meeker St, Kent, WA, 98032,2536313892 Kent Tree Service is committed to the care and preservation of your trees, ensuring their healthy growth and abundance. We have been serving Kent since 1987.Tree Service, Tree Removal, Affordable Tree Service, Tree Service, Stump Grinding, The Best Tree ServiceBushman Kent Tree Service42016-06-13 09:30:12
9084284769I called back this number and the Salvation Army answered.  The automated answering machine gave the option to remove your number and was appologetic for any inconvenience the call may have caused.private62016-06-16 22:17:05
9083445733waste of timeGuest52016-06-23 20:55:12
9089050487I got a call from this number today on my cell at 10:54 a.m I didn't recognize the number so didn't pick. When I tried to call it back I was unable to and was told to call 611 for more info?Jersey32016-06-23 20:56:00
9082290831Continuously calls three or four times day and leaves no msgGuest72016-07-04 11:50:15
9088993662This number called my roommates phone and said,"...we have your name and social security number. Give us a call back to discuss fraudulent bank charges..." he hung up. It seemed automated and very sketchy.Guest42016-07-04 20:00:20
9088993666this caller is not accepting incoming calls message 1 2 3 77Guest52016-07-04 22:50:29
908409571385008 area coderaymond ledesma72016-07-05 00:52:07
9088993661unwanted phone messagesbebe52016-07-05 01:08:24
9088993659blockedGuest42016-07-05 06:25:22
9088993660This number called me three times very late at night.Lacy32016-07-05 07:52:18
9088993667they call me roughly 20 times a day and all times of the day and nightGuest52016-07-05 12:37:34
9088993658I just received the same message from the same guy (Davis Nollin) "I have a question ONLY you can answer"  right away i said "yeah right".  He left his number as 404-477-0677 asMP62016-07-05 14:15:20
9084095719They called 7/22/2013 I don't know who this is?Elwyn32016-07-05 15:41:34
9088993665talk to muchGuest32016-07-06 07:13:37
9088993663Andrews parent'sGuest72016-07-06 14:02:21
9084006991Exactly why would Individuals telephone and never answer Simply hang up after hearing tour voice. Can Individuals not have a lifeGuest182015-11-05 17:59:25
9083362236Some spam message from an idiot named Alex Hi you personally it s Alex I Set a few pics on textured. com Guest42016-04-29 21:18:38
9083362240Did you personally owe Electronic Statement our got a Closing see. I think it s fol before they come Outside to you off. Ath455472016-05-01 02:05:09
9082917347This is one of those places Striving to get you personally for agree to medical equipment diabetic supplies etc. Somehow they understand your own insurance Supplier as nicely. I personally feel it's a scam on Medicare because if you have Medicare they consistently Press for sell you more. Don t fall into this trap. They may continue for phone you personally. Guest252015-11-06 23:20:29

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