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9092815081No showGuest52016-07-07 21:37:17
9092815087Got text message asking me to call this number in reguards to an EPPIcard. For those that don't know EPPIcards are state regulated credit cards set up for payments, mostly in child support cases. The State takes money from the parent, and puts it on the EPPIcard as a credit for the parent with the child(s).Anywyas this text says there is a poblem with the card and asks for me to call for details. The problem is I'm not a "dead beat parent" nor do I have a EPPIcard! oops. Called anyways to tell them how bad they SUCK but the number comes back with an error code I100..... I guess somone go wise to these boners!C-dump52016-07-07 22:01:32
9092815084Wanted my SSN and addfor an "award"MW52016-07-08 05:44:14
9092815080You have been selected for a $1,000 Walmart GiftCard, Enter code "FREE" at to claim your prize: 161 left!Amanda42016-07-08 19:11:12
9097647737Had a link to your page where you can supposedly State your own W target gift card quot prize quot . If you personally read the fine print though you personally see quot Eligible members must Entire 2 reward offers out of each of the Silver and Golden Prize offer page Alternatives and nine Prize offers in the Jewelry Prize offer page Choices and Recommend 3 Pals for would the same. Various Sorts of Prize offers are Accessible. Conclusion of reward offers most often requires a purchase or Processing a credit application and being accepted for a Monetary Merchandise such as a credit card or Customer loan. If you personally look through some the quot offers quot you look for it that Performing all of the requirements may Really cost you more than W anyway. So you personally d become better away Only going to Objective and spending your money there instead. Guest72015-11-04 19:56:29
9096244808the Amount keeps on calling me i Select up and they hang Upward or Only stay silent its Actually annoying melinda62015-12-16 12:26:20
9095021441They will not give you the goal for their call unless you personally provide them with your personal Information. Maeve42015-12-19 13:10:04
9092690190The number has called 2 times today and 4 times yesterday. I 'm becoming Actually fed Upward along with this and I believe it's a scam. When I called it back many dude answered and said it was some Firm. . . . That is definitely a F g scam. We demand for would whatever we could to stop all of these spams. Regular I get spam calls from at least Distinct s a day. Guest42015-12-19 01:02:42
9092967321I get Around W calls a daytime from the number. . . Occasionally they telephone 3 or 4 times within a row. So annoying. Guest112015-11-05 10:09:28
9092850354Texts said her name was Cash and she is fresh for that Region. Simply proceeded out of Riverside CA and was looking for a Occupation. I Inquired why contact me she said because I Enjoyed your ad. I Subsequently said if you personally understand how to find your Website and navigate around your you personally should understand what you need for would. She said geezer never head. Guest62015-11-05 12:24:27
9094993575Simply called my cell Telephone and left no message. . . Simply Indicated this number Do not Answer to waste my timeGuest1202015-11-05 12:39:30
9092120953Whoever the was called my house after 8 PM a bloody nuisance. They also use another Amount from Crest lineGuest172015-11-05 16:45:27
9092595608Did t response that phone. . Viewed Upward that Amount and power saw it was a travel Bureau looking to sell somethingGuest312015-11-05 17:30:27
9092128880i think become Time paint be hr. com has something like that but i bevel there's a 5 Payment i vie not used it but i have looked at colors on that website before. also you are able to Choose up that paint booklets Processors at House Resource from become hr and your booklets has Free colors and shows your paint in different rooms. i personally like your become Time paint semi Shine because its Great for being Competent to clean it Notably along with kids and crayons markers finger paints etc. it's a bit costlier than most paints but it covers Fantastic and last Fantastic Additionally if you use your be hr Color and there surely is something wrong along with your paint itself a become hr representative will come Outside and Color your walls for you personally there has for be something HTTP KGB. com URL HTTP cytoplasmic. com cytoplasmic URL link HTTP postcodes. com postcodes link Guest82015-11-06 01:12:57
9098696809Cal Poly Univ Pomona on Caller ID. Willing t leave message on replying machine. Hangs Upwards when replied. Guest52015-11-06 02:10:32
9092461022I have acquired Around W calls from the number in the past 5 times. Never an answer when I Select up that phone. Guest72015-12-18 21:49:52
9092350794they request you personally to Check your SS BEFORE they are not unwilling to tell you personally what they re calling aboutGuest42015-12-21 02:25:17
9093453505The number keeps calling my cell Telephone. They don't leave any message. They telephone multiple times each week. . . Guest242015-11-06 16:58:28
9092013537MINE WAS LARRY DAVIS Out of CAPITAL RESOURCE Direction RETURN Phone TELL HIM You Would NT Need HIS CALLSSAMECALL92015-12-13 20:25:33
9097708400They're cal lung from a number not in service. If we cannot telephone the number we should not have it calling people. Guest92015-12-13 23:53:50
9095099621Amount of call no just one Discussions when I pick up phone they Simply listen. Many telephone within quite early morning. Thank Youw62015-12-14 18:02:31
9096445001i won a fresh Automobile send W western union and it may become delivered today i turn him down he got Crazy and causedalien62015-12-19 14:25:31
9092367940They phone at least twice a daytime and never leave any message. I don t response any Amount I am not familiar along with. Guest152015-11-07 01:17:27
9092595664Merely acquired a telephone from W W W. This was a pare recorded message. That is a SPAM call from California. Guest232015-11-07 06:41:27
9096126105I was called from a spoof # area code 997. I was called, called back immediately for a few days. I didn't answer bc it was an invalid area code. Woman left a message, bad connection & accent stating to fax the rest of the court papers to this So Cal #. I sued someone and am having their paycheck garnished. I went to the courthouse today and was told they need to call the court officer if they are missing documents. So I guess ADP handles his company's paycheck.Regarding garnishing paycheck?72017-08-11 03:01:43

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