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Phone list in area 909

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9099007256BBGuest42015-11-04 16:19:32
9092003015Hung upGuest422015-11-04 16:22:29
9094406514scummier do not deal along with the personGuest62015-11-04 16:23:28
9093336604its annoying. 've to phone from your number Telephone they are calling on to be added to their quot don't phone quot registry. Guest72015-11-04 16:26:28
9092719702Received a VIM message from quot Mark Jackson quot at that quot Section of Legal Affairs at your U. S. Treasury quot stating that I needed for phone them back right away to prevent legal Activity being Chosen against me. The guy had a very thick Indian accent. Even suggested that I have my Lawyer phone so as not to end Upward within a terrible legal Chaos. Same as Scott s Opinion. Guest492015-11-04 16:32:29
9099392802Caller keeps calling and won't take no for an answerGuest72015-12-20 17:34:47
9093833141State Extensive insurance salesGuest12015-11-04 16:45:43
9094403004First Source Advantage Set agencySource92015-12-19 19:23:17
9093402071Calling Around Reduction prescription recorded messageGuest92015-11-04 16:50:30
9098821374No SE identifies. S lo envy a texts sin identifiers. Guest82015-12-18 22:13:12
9099240710Simply reported to Do not Phone Web site. Everybody report there and if they get a lot of complaints Perhaps they may inquire. Guest802015-11-04 17:04:51
9092718533Quit calling. Guest62015-12-10 02:45:57
9092595625SpamGuest732015-11-04 17:18:27
9092651557hwy man was up HZ U Would III. I WAN Sam HELP MY ID Vulnerable ITS John HERE. . . . . I Wa NA Stand Amount. . Guest12015-11-04 17:20:29
9093630321Please make them Discontinue callingGuest382015-11-04 17:21:28
9095022316I got the telephone earlier Now I did t Choose up because I did t Comprehend the Amount and they left a Amount seeing lowering my interest rates. Too Simple of a call and Clearly spam. Guest1292015-11-04 17:25:57
9094678552Ditto. . . SCAM. . . HARASSMENT. . . DON T Response Discount. Alfred42015-12-16 09:43:04
9092037333loserGuest82015-12-09 14:49:48
9097921851Exactly why are they Competent for spam cell Telephones. . Additionally on that National Don't Phone Registry but what good does it would. Guest782015-11-04 17:40:32
9096664557LOAN SCAMGuest622015-11-04 18:24:02
9093872418Spam phone. Says something about Money or something enjoy that. Someone else replied your Telephone but they did t say what they were calling for. Guest482015-11-04 18:37:28
9092568210It s a guy pretending for become that Irs to scam Folks. Guest72015-12-16 16:10:31
9095654282Mark Johnson and he doesn't Talk English well. Told me a law fit is being Registered against me if i didn't pay W along with a Walmart debit card. Guest202015-11-04 18:41:31
9099183146Did t answerGuest132015-11-04 18:45:29
9098625678That is slander. . Cease it. Guest32015-11-04 18:54:32
9094781253Shows up on Owner id as Naval air station. . . . . . Guest52016-04-25 13:07:27
9092595624Registered message of telemarketer offering a free 2 night cruise to your Bahamas. Caller identified his Business as SOSGuest162015-11-04 19:12:27
9096102040yes anyone understand who this is. Guest92015-11-04 19:27:29
9099677221Random textGuest42015-12-19 10:04:17
9092036172to Direct plays games never shows Upwards constantly calls to ask questionsGuest52015-11-04 19:40:26
9093045634Called back and said it was disconnectedGuest12015-11-04 19:43:42
9094955978he is a drug Vendor and addictGuest72015-12-21 22:18:20
9097445484Hang up then Requires for survey. Guest22015-11-04 19:47:32
9092595672SpamGuest662015-11-04 19:50:27
9095877592SpamGuest22015-11-04 19:51:43
9096443243EverestGuest52015-12-18 03:17:15
9096589526I am not answeringGuest42015-11-04 20:02:31
9092517589He called me Mom so I told him for come lick Mother s BUT THOLE cause it s real Filthy and itchy. Guest462015-11-04 20:04:29
9092017955each and every nighttime at the same time I receive a phone from W W W. What makes the irritating is they Simply breath heavily into the line nothing is ever said. I could hint the back to a acreage line but other than that I don't have any Notion who this is and it's freaking me out. Think I have a stalker. . . . Guest32015-11-04 20:05:26
9095194780Sending mysterious meaningless textsGuest22015-11-04 20:05:29
9094330370They call too muchGuest12015-11-04 20:12:43
9095712030Joke caller don t state anything but Notice them having sex . Only disgusting. StopGuest22015-11-04 20:13:29
9092031330telemarketersGuest32015-11-04 20:55:26
9092173884stupidGuest52015-11-04 20:55:27
9092338316collectionsGuest82015-12-09 00:37:19
9092873880your blocked David. Guest62015-12-20 02:00:40
9092762128I 've a package bankGuest62015-12-18 11:51:22
9094724600Calling me Around AMGuest922015-11-04 21:06:30
9098597001Nothing. . . . again. Guest272015-11-04 21:07:29
9094409696Scam ed me out of W. W said i was Accepted for a loanGuest32015-11-04 21:07:30

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