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Telephone information: Peerless Network Of New York. New York, NY. New York. United states
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Post by Karen Havens,

9173989727 Quit calling my number.

Post by Carol,

917-398-9727 I don t understand what Firm is calling because they don t leave a message and when I Face that Amount I m cut off before it rings. Can you help me get away your list.

Post by Nyasia,

9173989727 Whoever it is that keeps plan on my phone please Discontinue its annoying

Post by Jan,21 2013,

917-398-9727 I Get That Same Calls. . . . W W W

Post by ChloeD,

9173989727 It's an online education Business. For match you personally Upwards for online courses and schools. Call back and follow the prompts for remove your number in the calling list. I filled out a type on a free try Web site and have been becoming so many of these calls. live amp discover.

Post by sara,

917-398-9727 call the back and listen for that record. there may become an option for u for become removed in the calling list Subsequently they shouldn't telephone u back

Post by suzanne,

9173989727 Discontinue calling my number I 'm on the dint telephone list

Post by Cindy,

917-398-9727 This Amount keeps calling dint appreciate it they harass me with Telephone calls and don't leave voicelessly are annoying

Post by hunter,

9173989727 their

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 school spam

Post by Edward,

9173989727 his Amount keeps calling me and I am sick of it

Post by Stevie,

917-398-9727 Block

Post by Edgardo,

9173989727 I did t requested any phone from this Business.

Post by ej,

917-398-9727 i got a express mail Simply now. . . many black Guy talking about Selecting someone Upward in the airport and . what a Stupid .

Post by sonia,

9173989727 Dint need any calls out of this Telephone

Post by suuuus,

917-398-9727 Watt

Post by jane brown,

9173989727 so Way I 've gotten 2 hang Upward calls from W W W. I am a professional job Designer and consider whoever is calling from the number gets personal numbers from online job applications.

Post by sara,

917-398-9727 if u response that call u demand to state hello enjoy 5 times or wait W seconds and say Hi because it takes a sec for them to get on your line. Subsequently tell them they 've the wrong they will Discontinue calling. or if u phone that back and press 1 i think they may remove you personally from your list. these s get R Telephone from matters that u 've filled out online.

Post by Mary,

9173989727 Called me three times today and left a vermilion your last phone. I could Notice my name within a talk within your History and Afterward really clear and perceptible someone SANG Babble that sounded like puree is Nat a bead climbed. Super creepy. And I do believe its about college Lessons. I signed Upwards for many freebies and I believe they Offered my Information. I m becoming 5 7 calls per daytime now out of different Amounts about going back for school. I m not sure if its from your freebies or out of snag a job because I m for a job and registered with them and now they vie been calling overly. Perhaps its both. I m sick of it either manner. H.

Post by Cara H,

917-398-9727 Yep Additionally getting numerous calls from the number at least three times a daytime for your previous week. Where can I block my number out of them on my iPhone. Please help. . .

Post by seoaine,

9173989727 Please help Quit this Amount out of calling Individuals. I have a company line and they phone many times a week. Cops FBI New York State. . who are these people and Stop them from their painfully persistent calls.

Post by jeff,

917-398-9727 Owner ID says School 4 attention. Its a few type of scam. .

Post by tshep,

9173989727 i put no cheers and i still get a telephone wrong

Post by yoni,

917-398-9727 Quit calling me

Post by Dan,

9173989727 Twice today 2 7 W to my cell.

Post by Carrie,

917-398-9727 I Simply now had a telephone from a Girl saying your same thing about We vie acquired notification which you re interested in continuing your Instruction . . . I told her I did t hint Upward for anything like that. She said she was along with University of You personally Or something. . . I understand it wan t the University of Utah also called U of U but your W area code is from NYC.

Post by Tired Of Stupid Callers,

9173989727 Actually getting drained of all the Mindless Folks enjoy this one W W W They either telephone and Only set there keeping your line open or Only hang Upward. And it s Very terrible when you indication Upwards to the National Do not Telephone List and these Stupid still are Capable for phone. . . Get A LIFE MORE ON S.

Post by James Crawford,

917-398-9727 Take my phone Amounts away of all your calling lists ASAP. . . . . . . . .

Post by susan,

9173989727 Discover the way to fascination.

Post by Teena,

917-398-9727 where does one find the ring tone no runt . i created ring tone that was a hardly perceptible click and use that plus turn off vibrate . . . my meeting mode on my cell Telephone. silent vibrates too loud for silent meetings.

Post by sally,

9173989727 they called 3 times a day . every day

Post by susan,

917-398-9727 Learn how to fascination.

Post by Brandy,

9173989727 Stop calling my Amount. Notably on The weekend 5 times a daytime it s silly.

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 jugs a spam

Post by sadee,

9173989727 they are called Faculty Group they try to match u up with funds for school i dint know just what they get from it but i understand just one matter if they dint Discontinue calling my cell phone i 'm going for report them to attorney generals office and any other office i can think of thus it's your own pick and u should Recall Options 've consequences and yours should be simple stop bothering people if they dint Answer that means they are not interested why waste time boy i would not want any of your Faculty degrees

Post by al,

917-398-9727 i do not understand who is registered to the number but i would like to have it blocked from calling my cell phone. what Cain can.

Post by Guest,

9173989727 dint know that number

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 Discontinue. calling

Post by Nanny50,

9173989727 That Amount called me twice today. First time they Installed Upwards second time they said they were following up on something I had Directed} saying I wanted to continue my education. Which I never did. Its obviously a scam. . .

Post by Jane,

917-398-9727 The number W W W calls when we reply there is never anyone there.

Post by Cyn,

9173989727 I called back and it said thank you personally for calling your own school awaits. Press 1 for be removed from the calling list I Strike 1 and I expect it works because it s annoying as hell. They vie called me 3 times before 'm and never leave messages.

Post by guest,

917-398-9727 don t know Owner id calcareous

Post by Guest,

9173989727 they would t leave me alone.

Post by yoni,

917-398-9727 Discontinue calling me

Post by Guest,

9173989727 Whatever it is you re selling. . . . . I m not buying. . . . .

Post by Jackw,

917-398-9727 Obtained call. Refused to Select Upwards. Assessed Google and located many Gripes which Recommend there are W s of thousands. About the just thing these criminals recognize is Madame La Guillotine.

Post by Stella J Ramsdell,

9173989727 Telephone several times a day. I don't answer. . . Test to block but some how stupid Verizon phone keeps letting call come through. I refuse to reply. I understand no 1 in New York.

Post by tmc,

917-398-9727 I been getting calls out of the phone number daily they dint leave me a message in the least and is annoying that hell from me. Demand for it to stop

Post by Naysayer,

9173989727 Pick up your phone. Call W star W Simply follow instructions and you can block this and other callers at your switchboard. You may never here out of them again.

Post by pr,

917-398-9727 keeps calling and I tell them for take me off their list.

Post by Carrie,

9173989727 I concur. Your woman I talked along with was Attempting for get personal data out of me for School courses . . . Yes. . . don t think thus.

Post by Deidre McArthur,

917-398-9727 If you personally re already on Do not Phone list better report this amp all other numbers at Web. dentally. gov and 've them take care of it. I instantly report and they Generally Discontinue calling.

Post by Jay Savage,

9173989727 Your own school Waite's W W Here we go again along with Businesses call my Ce again. Like Inflow Post Share Advertise Jay Savage I did Complete Outside a job Apple on Internet. Delmarva. com Your Day-to-day Times. Delmarva. com Used for front page don t miss module hours ago Like Remove Preview Jay Savage Cell phone 2 hours ago Enjoy Jay Savage HTTP Delmarva. gentling. com Vocation Designer index. HTML believe I get a phone from your own school waits each time I fill Outside an Program on the net site. W W W I recalled your amp the guy said for press 1 for become Chosen away the list. Salisbury Occupations from Delmarva. com That Daily Times and Livelihood Creator. middleman. gentling. comparability Characteristics more local than any other source. Includes employment cl. . . See More about an hour Past Enjoy Remove Survey Donna Galbraith Lynch Your own have for block IT minutes Past via cellular telephone Like Jay Savage When I press 1 that s suppose for Discontinue it. a few seconds Past Like Jay Savage I think it Profession Contractor. com that doing it. a few seconds Past Like

Post by Lizzie,

917-398-9727 Who are these people. exactly why are they all of a surprising calling all your time. ANNOYING. . . . . .

Post by Ash,

9173989727 Do you make them stop calling. . . So frustrating.

Post by Dell,

917-398-9727 I keep receiving calls out of Peerless Network of New York your School Awaits on my cell Telephone. I have told them to stop several times. Once when I did t response I called your number back. There was a record for press 1 for Discontinue that calls. I did that. They Simply called me a increase. It was a Actual Individual when I replied. I yelled at them for calling me and told them that I already 've told them for Discontinue.

Post by roberto,

9173989727 read my other message.

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 They telephone all day long . I work Rd Switch and demand for sleep . I have told them for take my number from there cs ll list . They say Okay but receive calls .

Post by blase zampetti,

9173989727 have received numerous calls from this Amount and they hang Upward when you answer

Post by vde,

917-398-9727 these losers are still calling people. . i called back and it is still something Around college Ed. That number is in NY

Post by kevin,

9173989727 why dint they leave a message. its Apparent a sales phone or many sort of telemarketing if someone calls and dozen t leave a message it must be from someone not expecting a telephone back. .

Post by Nicole Rodriguez,

917-398-9727 They telephone me all daytime long W times today. I vie called them back a Collection of times to get off that phone list.

Post by Guest,

9173989727 the Firm is called quot your own school awaits quot if you personally telephone it back it will instantly supply you personally your Alternative for add yourself to their no telephone list

Post by annoyed,

917-398-9727 I told them to Discontinue calling and they continue to call.

Post by sara,

9173989727 call the back and listen for the record. there will be an Choice for u to become removed from the calling list then they should not call u back

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 College Choice call

Post by terry,

9173989727 Quit calling my

Post by chris huiet,


Post by harassed,

9173989727 've started receiving calls out of this Amount of pass two days. No just one answered when I replied your telephone the first time and no voice mails left when I missed that telephone. . . . .

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 school awaits

Post by Jan,21 2013,

9173989727 I Get That Same Calls. . . . W W W

Post by guest,

917-398-9727 Now calling numerous times per day. Called on SUNDAY PM. . I 'm on DC but kid in Faculty. Somebody dropped a dime on us. Can now 've to Set them on call Avoid .

Post by tedepp,

9173989727 This Amount is for a school how the hell they got my number I dint know they were calling me nonstop daytime and nighttime. I called back and pressed for take my Amount off their list. . . Mg there has to become a law Outside there the was annoying.

Post by Drew,

917-398-9727 Called Attempting for Discover an ANGELA P. I 've informed them 3 times today that no just one exists at this number. My next phone will become to FCC for violating my stated Don't Telephone LIST. I even dialed the Amount for have my Telephone Amount Set on your DON NOT Phone LIST and they still telephone. . . . . . . . .

Post by Carrie,

9173989727 I agree. That Girl I spoke with was trying to get private info from me for college courses . . . Yes. . . don t believe thus.

Post by bcall,

917-398-9727 Wont Cease calling me either. Must have got my from a survey Program. . . . Stupid NY

Post by Patti,

9173989727 Please Discontinue these annoying calls for my number

Post by Nick,

917-398-9727 Discontinue call in the number now . . . . .

Post by BONZI,


Post by jesusfreak,

917-398-9727 They have called my Residence 2 times today all it says on that caller I. D. is cell Telephone NY never says anything or leaves a message.

Post by michelle,

9173989727 also have been receiving calls several times a day same matter. . . . . no message. . . . . quite annoying Specially earlier in your morning and late evenings what is up anyone understand. . . . . .

Post by Jadzia,

917-398-9727 They phone about four times a daytime. I answered once and my fiance answered once. They're a company called IV and they told me I won a W Wall Mart present card for filling Outside a survey online. I don t can that spam my and told them I did t Complete out a survey and I don t need a damned gift card. They just don t Discontinue. When you personally attempt to phone them back to Chat along with a Manager they instantly Fall your call.

Post by tedepp,

9173989727 The Amount is for a school how the hell they got my number I dint know they were calling me nonstop day and night. I called back and pressed for take my number away their list. . . Mg there has for be a law out there the was annoying.

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 School spam solicitor

Post by Guest,

9173989727 phone calls all day long. . . STOP

Post by jbriggs,

917-398-9727 I have been receiving phone calls out of this Amount for months now. I don t answer phone as there surely is just silence on the other Finish and they never leave express messages Around exactly why they're calling. Needless to state if Owner id dozen t display your own name Subsequently I don t reply. .

Post by Guest,

9173989727 I got just one phone out of them but did t Select Upwards. It left a voice message on my Telephone and sounded enjoy a phone center.

Post by Katy,

917-398-9727 The Amount nee eds for Quit Calling Me. I m tired of this freaking Amount. I had my phone Firm block all numbers that are enjoy sale rs and Match matters But this Amount keeps calling. Imam say something if it dozen t stop amp I text ed it. . all it says is a Acreage line Amount. Reply Y for send all text messages for this Amount as a voice messages for 0. W MSG. std MSG fee Details text. com . Stop Calling Or I m Reporting you personally To that Police. Ugh.

Post by Jay Savage,

9173989727 HTTP Delmarva. gentling. com Profession Contractor index. HTML believe I get a telephone from your own school waits each time I Complete Outside an app on this web site. W W W I recalled your amp the guy said for press 1 to be taken off that list.

Post by Carrie,

917-398-9727 I agree. The woman I spoke along with was trying to get private info from me for School Classes . . . Yes. . . don t believe so.

Post by Carrie,

9173989727 I Merely now had a phone from a Girl saying your same matter about We vie gotten Notice you re interested in continuing your Schooling . . . I told her I did t indication up for anything enjoy that. She said she was with University of You personally Or something. . . I know it wan t that University of Utah Additionally called U of U but that W Region code is out of NYC.

Post by Harvey,

917-398-9727 They telephone and no one s there. Annoying. . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Teena,

9173989727 where does just one find that ring tone no runt . i created ring tone which was a barely audible click and use that plus turn off vibrate . . . my Assembly mode on my cell Telephone. quiet vibrates overly loud for quiet meetings.

Post by ambrein,

917-398-9727 i 'm becoming calls from the number since last few days. . . . they don t leave a message . . . . . . i dint understand how did they got my Amount. it is thus annoying. i Merely want to get rid of the. Pl help me to get from the.

Post by Stan,

9173989727 call them back You'll get an automated message press 1 for be placed on the do not telephone list

Post by nurse cathy,

917-398-9727 someone from the number is calling me around and around and tells me that i signed up for School courses. . Since I 've my resume posted on Occupation sights i need to answer all calls that come within. these Individuals must 've gotten my Amount out of that. . i told them your last time they called for not annoy me .

Post by They Knew,

9173989727 I loved them they Offered me Sporting heart beats for an hour.

Post by angry,

917-398-9727 Don't call Calls and no message. I will not return or response unknown Amounts.

Post by JK,

9173989727 Keep getting a phone out of the number. No one says anything when I can Choose Upwards. On caller ID it says Your own School Anticipate all as 1 word.

Post by kathy,

917-398-9727 have acquired at least 2 calls a day from this number for a week. nothing on other Finish except a News sound after i answer.

Post by Helen,

9173989727 Pals. Cease calling my Amount.

Post by tx66gal,

917-398-9727 I wondered exactly why I 'm getting thus many strange calls I too 've been registering on Occupation sites for employment which is pretty low they 've a way of becoming your Amount out of that. When a Man is searching for a job they either are from work or demand more income than they have they don't need Folks like the Attempting for get more money from them.

Post by SJENSEN,

9173989727 2 calls a day Every daytime from the Amount. Please ensure it is Cease. . .

Post by ChloeD,

917-398-9727 It is an online Schooling Firm. To match you up for online Classes and schools. Telephone back and follow your prompts for remove your own number in the calling list. I filled out a sort on a free sample website and 've been getting thus many of these calls. live amp discover.

Post by Stan,

9173989727 phone them back You'll get an automated message press 1 for be placed on your don't call list

Post by Detective,

917-398-9727 I ll find them and silence them.

Post by cam,

9173989727 so i Installed up on them and they called back and called me a dumb . . . . . . . Actually.

Post by cindy,

917-398-9727 Cease calling me I told you personally to take me off my list. annoying.

Post by Kelly,

9173989727 I called the Amount back after they called repeatedly. Push Choice 1 for remove your number from their list. .

Post by MD,

917-398-9727 Bacall. Calls for continuing Ed. The was after I Enrolled with Creature and or Vocation Contractor. They obviously sell their Customer base Info. I m leaning towards Monster.

Post by Louie E.,

9173989727 I keep becoming called from the Telephone 1 W W W whatsoever times of your daytime and night. I keep telling them for Discontinue but they still phone. How can i get them to stop. Cheers LOUIE

Post by JG,

917-398-9727 I called them back and it s a Telephone line for ask for more info on becoming a Faculty level. I think they are purposely calling haphazard numbers and hanging up without any messages or you don t hear anything if you personally reply that is what they need. The reason why I think they re doing which is so they won t be charged for that Telephone call and technically since they did t even Discuss with you then they can legally get by that Do not Call list rule. Additionally that cost of the telephone gets placed on you personally when you phone them back for see who they were. Either that or they re Rob calling system USN t very good. It initiates calls and while your phone is being placed it checks to see if the Telephone Amount it s dialing is on the Do not Phone list. When that system sees it on that list it terminates that phone but then a couple Bands have went through already. Mostly because the Rob calling system is old and slow Likely because that company that bought it's too Economical to Purchase a modern system.

Post by amy,

9173989727 the Website is Amazing. i did t reply when they called. i don t response unknown Amounts. i go ogled your Place code to see where it was and it said your entire fresh York area. Subsequently i go ogled the whole Amount and this Website Arrived up. next time this Amount shows Upwards i m going for response and immediately scream into your receiver. your ears Mr. W W W.

Post by klawiter,

917-398-9727 Do not Telephone . . . . . . . . .

Post by Jackw,

9173989727 called my cell Telephone. i did not Understand Amount thus i rejected for my express send that's 3 Sit tones and a message that states that number you might have dialed in not in service . saved as bad phone Amount W since seep W. i got W calls on my brand new Amount on first day i had it. Regrettably my cell phone Business cannot block numbers enjoy others can.

Post by Jay Savage,

917-398-9727 Missed your telephone I called the back a guy said for press 1 if I did t desire any more calls.

Post by [***] pissed off,

9173989727 when are they going for Blast your building this person is using for make these calls from

Post by VH,

917-398-9727 This annoying Telephone phone keeps calling me for 2 times for nothing

Post by Doug McKay,

9173989727 I missed the phone thus I go ogled it and located the Outside. I relay trust those included get caught.

Post by roberto,

917-398-9727 read my other message.

Post by silversalt grains,

9173989727 W South Avenue Package W Staten Isle NY W that is who and your address of who is calling people. Andretti Internet. employment network. net Elect Outside should become that way for make it stop.

Post by sm1ley1818,

917-398-9727 the and several other calls come within out of unknown sources. I believe it's for can along with filling Outside Reviews and such. Any Excellent how you can stop them out of calling.

Post by Guest,

9173989727 Spam

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 College recruiting

Post by Michelle,

9173989727 Cease calling

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 and done show it

Post by Rue,

9173989727 Merely got a call from this Amount earlier but my instincts told me not for response glad I did t.

Post by Teena,

917-398-9727 where does one find the ring tone no runt . i created ring tone which was a just perceptible click and use that plus turn off vibrate . . . my Assembly mode on my cell phone. silent vibrates overly loud for quiet Conferences.

Post by Guest,

9173989727 Don t Answer

Post by Jackie,

917-398-9727 If you personally call it back you are able to get you Amount remove. If it works good. . . if you can any investigation where you enter your Amount to fill out something it will mechanically add your own Amount for lists

Post by robin mcsherdon,

9173989727 this number was telephone ling me for three weeks now. nothing has worked. I wont it st oped. there is another number they are using too and its from Ontario Ca. the Amount id W W W. Could you personally get it st oped. your name they are using is your own school away.

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 don t know

Post by AJinPA,

9173989727 This Amount has called me 3 times in that last W hours but since I let numbers I don t understand go for voice send they vie simply left empty Clear voice mails. Somewhat irritating when expecting Actual phone calls for work.

Post by Carol,

917-398-9727 Ditto I never answer if I don t Comprehend that . . . but some idiot Individuals companies still keep calling. . . never leaving a message.

Post by Carol,

9173989727 Ditto I never response if I don t Understand that . . . but a few idiot Folks Businesses still keep calling. . . never leaving a message.

Post by kirby,

917-398-9727 Quit calling

Post by Guest,

9173989727 School spam

Post by Christy,

917-398-9727 Been becoming calls from the Amount Began last week been calling each 3 hours on your dot out of Am for PM. Reply and there is nothing on another end. Actually want them to Discontinue calling.

Post by Guest,

9173989727 They called at 9 Am I answered they hung Upward.

Post by prorodeogirl,

917-398-9727 Don t who these people are sounds enjoy something would for along with school Faculty courses. Funny I haven t signed Upwards for anything even though i m already a Pupil. . . Must not become that important since they don t leave a voice mail. Don t understand where they got my number it s not even listed and I don t give it Outside for Simply anyone. What occur to privacy and that don't call list that I had my number Enrolled with TWICE already. And the calls still continue. . . If they're going for call they need for learn English first that is America. . . not India china or Asia. . . . and no i don t understand that words that are coming out of your mouth. get a clue and get a life. . . but not mine

Post by Sarah,

9173989727 called once overly early within the morning called again 2 hours After saying they were out of 1 School connection then I Put Upwards adding it for the do not call list

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 block

Post by susan,

9173989727 Learn how you can fascination.

Post by Sasha R,

917-398-9727 the Individual called Megan keeps calling my Telephone and request if i am someone and then hangs Upwards when i request who they wanna Chat for and when i try and call back the Telephone hangs up Notably when i phone. out of a Distinct phone

Post by Mike,

9173989727 This is many kind of space learning college within Brand new York. My number is on your don't phone registry but they called any how. I defined for them that I was on your do not phone registry and their Amount would become reported. You can attempt this.

Post by Carol Cook,

917-398-9727 I average 2 calls per daytime from the number. When I phone back its active. When I response there is no one there. How do I Cease the.

Post by Ed,

9173989727 I keep becoming a telephone from W W W but i dint response because its not Pals or a company i Used at.

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 Solicitor

Post by sandeemae,

9173989727 I 've been receiving calls out of the number many times a daytime for the last week. There is no message. When I do response there is no response. Gere. . .

Post by Annoyed,

917-398-9727 I was on that Net looking Upward many info so that as shortly as I got off your Net they Began calling. I Getaway t been replying but that dozen t Quit them. They went to voice send and did t leave a message. I don t 've call block on my phone so I think I Merely 've for deal along with it. It sucks.

Post by Lizzie,

9173989727 the call from the number is quite annoying. Can they not have anything better to do than bug Individuals all day long.

Post by Bob,

917-398-9727 I Keep getting these calls from W W W and other s as nicely. I Additionally believe that the NATIONAL Don't Telephone LIST is Only a Scam. Because that calls keep coming.

Post by atwork,

9173989727 they 've called here 3 times today and that is a business not private phone Amount. Twice I would say hello and when no answer was Future I would hang up. Third time I stayed on your Telephone. Let them pay for your phone. After a few Instants I began hearing voices in your background having a chat thus I started mimicking what they were saying. The Man Recognized someone was on the phone and asked for Noel. I told him no just one was here by that name and he Installed up.

Post by Reenie,

917-398-9727 I vie been getting calls in the same Amount for a couple of weeks now. I gotten a call last month and when I redialed it I located Outside I was calling Jamaica. They are just 1 number off a New York area code. I was on a Do not Telephone Registry but Place my Amount on it again . . . to NO avail. I no More reply my phone unless a recognizable name come Upward.

Post by Lizzie,

9173989727 Okay. . . . thus now thy need identify themselves as IV . . Who or what the hell is IV. . ANNOYING. . . . . . . Your Amount is still the same. IDIOTS. . . .

Post by JAN,

917-398-9727 Discontinue F CALLING MY Amount You Free RS. . . .

Post by Guest,

9173989727 i dint know y it's always call in

Post by anatasia beaverhouson,

917-398-9727 Quit CALLING ME

Post by Katie,

9173989727 I called back and pressed 1 to become added for your don't phone list. .

Post by Jim Howell,

917-398-9727 this Amount calls us at least two or three times a daytime sometimes they Speak some times they Simply hang Upward after we response the has been going on for a few weeks. Please Discontinue them thanks on your efforts

Post by susan,

9173989727 Learn the way to enchantment.

Post by suuuus,

917-398-9727 Watt

Post by Guest,

9173989727 I text ed them and told them for Discontinue telephone in me and they're still call within me. . . . . I Want THEY WOULD LEAVE ME DA HELL ALONE. . . . . . .

Post by madcow,

917-398-9727 Stop calling. You're using my limited minutes. . .

Post by Alice,

9173989727 The phone number has been calling me that last few days They never leave a voice send It is annoying but how Dumb are these Folks .

Post by Theresa,

917-398-9727 I Demand WHOM EVER To Cease CALLING ME. I Received CALLS Day-to-day Out of W W W AND W W W. YES Every ONCE Within A little while That CALLS Change. PLEASE DISCONTINUE Your CALLS.

Post by suuuus,

9173989727 W

Post by sick and tired,

917-398-9727 that W Place code Offers that away it still did not offer you personally a name or organization

Post by angry guy,

9173989727 HTTP schooldays. com W W W told them do not call again its a Misdemeanor of FTC law to phone UN invited phone FTC

Post by Bek,

917-398-9727 They Began calling me last nighttime and wont Quit. they dint leave a express send or anything. They have called 5 times since last night and I m seriously annoyed along with the.

Post by chris,

9173989727 do not phone me

Post by ROBERT,

917-398-9727 I A In my LATE S'S Why Within That Can I Want For GO BACK For SCHOOL FOR

Post by Guest,

9173989727 Block

Post by mrsjam13,

917-398-9727 did t answer

Post by Frustrated!,

9173989727 The number calls on a Day-to-day basis about 5 times a day. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I called and already took my number off of their do not call list. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Seemingly that doesn't help. I'm tired of this number calling me day in and daytime Outside. . . W W W

Post by Ajax,

917-398-9727 Acquired three calls from this number Now. Your first two hung Upwards when I answered the third was about a few college courses. Installed up when I previously mentioned I 'm retired. I listed that Amount on my blocked Amount list.

Post by jobhunting,

9173989727 Got a call from these Pol in Min's of applying for a job. I got confident to Assess the not interested box. . A hell a Lot ta great that diff. .


917-398-9727 Discontinue calling you personally must discontinue and desist or legal Actions will become taken. . . .

Post by DHERF,

9173989727 YEP I GOT THEIR CALLS ALL OF A surprising This WEEK. . . Great Matter MY CELL Phone HAS Phone BLOCK. They're IDIOTS.

Post by Mrs.B,

917-398-9727 It Began about just one week Past. the Telephone rings and Bands no 1 Addresses when I determine to response. I 've spoken to your same two ladies who always State for become someone Distinct but by now i know the sound of their voices. I feel enjoy that is harassment when I tell someone for Discontinue doing something and they continue at that same rate as if I never Inquired them for Quit.

Post by jjj,

9173989727 They called me 5 times within the past 2 times. So I eventually answered and they Installed Upward.

Post by Phillip Green,

917-398-9727 Was waiting for a crisis call when this Amount rang and kept calling keeping me out of getting my telephone. very upsetting

Post by JG,

9173989727 They Merely called the house at 9 Aisha at nighttime. They did t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 it won t stop calling me

Post by SaElWiMe,

9173989727 They just called me and I am within freak within BED. . . . My hubby answered and they asked for me and then hung Upwards. Seriously WT kinda is the. . Get a real Occupation and Discontinue harassing Individuals.

Post by Tsmith,

917-398-9727 They call all the time I m going to change my number is t a problem

Post by carrie,

9173989727 I could state my Child calls me out of her computer and that is your first 6 numbers that come up

Post by Nanalee,

917-398-9727 Upgrade Thus they Merely called back and this time there was Truly someone on another Finish. As many others have said it was for an question about school with 3 Choices for major. Pissed as I was about them calling me so Regularly and many times awakening me Upwards I kept a rude tone in my own voice and Inquired them for take me off that telephone registry. That guy on the other side sounded somewhat apologetic however his voice also sounded computerized. Hopefully asking them not for call me again can work.

Post by Autonomous,

9173989727 Calling about a company listing. My private phone.

Post by Nicole Rodriguez,

917-398-9727 I vie called them and gone through their own remove from call list multiple times but it dozen t work. They telephone each daytime 9 TIMES AT LEAST. I d be filing a litigation if I had for pay for every single Telephone phone. . . . . As it is I can send these off into voice mail eternally because I have an Alternative in my own Connections. I Simply want I knew the best way to annoy them your same way they re annoying me. Perhaps I ll 've my husband Slice a tree down in their yard he s good at that.

Post by Amanda,

9173989727 I vie gotten 3 calls out of this Amount now. No express send.

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 some form of Schooling scam

Post by 917-398-9727,

9173989727 This number is for a school how that hell they got my Amount I dint know they were calling me nonstop day and night. I called back and pressed to take my number away their list. . . Mg there has to become a law Outside there the was annoying.

Post by Kelly g,

917-398-9727 I have acquired 5 calls from W. W. W over previous W hours. Strange since it was Fresh Years Eve and Brand new Years Daytime.

Post by RiFF,

9173989727 The no. calls because many where you attempted for Use for a job and instead you personally were Actually scammed into giving your own info. to many school B. S. Called your school awaits. So Only Let it ring Subsequently after they hang Upward you personally call it back and press 1 for be removed from your list. I dint know what idiot would believe that because your looking for a Occupation you personally need to go to school but Seemingly there are morons that use this service otherwise it would not exist. . Expect this info helps.

Post by Rob,

917-398-9727 So why Stadium t they posting that correction. You would t be your Owner. would you.

Post by Jack Frost,

9173989727 It happens to me too. IV Discontinue calling.

Post by 4103724784,

917-398-9727 Harassing and demanding phone phone out of law Agency purportedly in Maryland. Indian voice. . .

Post by jo,

9173989727 calling each day Huge pain

Post by Guest,

917-398-9727 please block

Post by Guest,

9173989727 dint know the number

Post by hunter,

917-398-9727 their

Post by jaelynn,

9173989727 this phone number Began calling me since Recently. . they vie called me at least 5 times and the first time i tool that Amount i answered and they hung up. . i woke Upward today to missed calls from the Amount. . . i m expecting they ll stop calling here shortly and locate something else for can along with their time. . i was expecting my Telephone could block them but Sadly no may do. . figure i ll have to wait it out and trust that they Cease calling because its Actually annoying for believe you re getting a ligament phone and you personally re not and they don t even leave voice mails. . those who are Actually Striving for get a hold of you for real reasons leave express mails but not these IDIOTS. .

Post by dherf,

917-398-9727 yep. I get them all of an abrupt since last week. . . they don t leave a message. I m thus happy my Telephone has phone block. let them try again. Cheers for your Information Folks.

Post by suuuus,

9173989727 Watt

Post by Nanalee,

917-398-9727 Update So they just called back and the time there was Truly someone on another end. As many others have said it was for an inquiry Around school along with 3 Alternatives for major. Pissed as I was Around them calling me so Frequently and many times waking me Upward I kept a rude tone in my own voice and Inquired them to take me away the telephone registry. Your Man on the other side sounded slightly apologetic Yet his express also sounded computerized. Hopefully asking them not to telephone me again will work.

Post by carrie,

9173989727 I could state my daughter calls me from her computer and that's your first 6 Amounts that come up

Post by swn5603,

917-398-9727 Obtained a telephone from this number only for have them hang Upward.

Post by Megan,

9173989727 I never pick Upwards but I constantly get a express send. It s certainly a phone Facility of many variety and I always Notice a Second or thus of Bored dialogue before they realize they re being Registered on voice send and yell OH S . before hanging up. Real professional.

Post by Megan,

917-398-9727 Every daytime for a entire month this number has called me each morning and I let it go to voice mail. There s always a W to W second message and when I listen to it it s Simply History Sound from a call Centre. I Viewed at other reverse look Upward Websites and they were saying for phone your Amount back and follow that automated immediate for be removed from their calling list. The Hans t worked. I vie done it twice and they keep calling me. My whole express mailbox is filled with their telephone Centre background chatter.

Post by Guest,

9173989727 I even tried for quot remove quot my number via their own automated Phone service. . . did not work

Did you get an unwanted call from 917-398-9727? Is 9173989727 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

5125888059 Complains by John Smith,

Be more specific please, did he ask for money, is "Manuel" by any chance also a name of one of your relatives, did he say he was going to visit?

8186024666 Complains by John S,

They called me for and my Amount is on that Government Don't Phone list. Go figure

8662731565 Complains by Guest,

Called both my cell phone and office phone. Asserted she was calling viewing your own business question.

9372261416 Complains by Guest,

Bill collector

2529550172 Complains by Guest,


4433201201 Complains by Guest,

tell Mark

5149512681 Complains by Guest,

can t take call

9192575835 Complains by Guest,

out of service

9036011354 Complains by Guest,


6014802946 Complains by Toni,

Call around W times would not state anything. Subsequently that Man Began testing insane matters.

4254544088 Complains by sick of it,

Only mumbling or Television sounds out of other end

6032149002 Complains by Guest,

I response and no 1 says anything

5616039775 Complains by Guest,

Caller ID states is out of David Keller of West Palm Beach Fla. . . . . no Result when answered

2147081697 Complains by sara,

Brighton Auto Clinic - Engine, Transmission Repair390 N Main St Brighton, CO 806017206858801 PHONE7206858802 FAXBrighton Auto Clinic offers the following services: engine repair, transmission repair, auto repair and diagnostic in Brighton, CO.

3109614168 Complains by Guest,

National service something calls and calls never leaves a message

2097320940 Complains by patricia,

repeated calls, survey of service; I texted and told them not to call me again; Obviously I am talking to the wall!

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