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9187714647The only other thing I've ordered within several months on that credit card was a Bugzooka from 07:46:30
9183406002I also received a text message from a "Kris ross" who said they found me on and we're looking for a babysitter for their cousin who was relocating to the area. When I emailed the supposed cousin it was very obvious it was a scam from their inability to use correct English and their unwillingness to answer questions. beware!Guest52016-06-17 08:38:09
9188140596hhhhhsara32016-06-17 09:28:37
9187714645call me to mmychGuest42016-06-17 10:40:35
9188140591Dating site scam. Do not give out your number.Guest62016-06-17 11:54:13
9185767815Calling bout some child safe kits threw donations to police associationGuest32016-07-05 08:22:18
9183887341Calling me inappropriate names, and saying inappropriate comments!Guest62016-07-07 02:05:06
9188030136they keep calling X within a Line when I Decrease that telephone. . . quite annoying. . . it s a robot call when replied. . . Guest192015-11-04 17:07:53
9184429140Understand Folks in the Oklahoma Place none have the Amount exchange. . . And they would t Merely hang Upwards on meGuest222015-11-04 20:29:26
9184429119harassment. . . asking for personal Information and repeal demanded without giving me any Information exactly why. Guest372015-11-04 16:19:26
9184415218've been getting a telephone twice a daytime out of a different guy. Called 3 times. . . no answer. Finally got a hold a an actual person today. . . could t get anymore INDIAN sounding than this guy but when I Inquired his name. . . funny enough. . . he said. . . Scott DAVIS. I told him my name was Ra minder and for call me back in W minutes. . . never heard back from him. Joe42015-12-08 07:28:50
9188606067Next time I ll Speak in another language . . . . . . Not English maybe French Perhaps not . . . . . . . . Guest352015-11-05 11:42:27
9184429127I added a fresh Apple for my phone its called Mr Number and it is FREE. It blocks even W Amounts. Won t even let your number ring through. I have had so much serenity of head since I installed it. Oh and when someone new calls you've that pick of blocking any future Course Immediately. Check it Outside. I have an android side kick. Best of luck you personally allGuest272015-11-05 11:54:26
9185541354I have got several calls from this number and the person on the other end tells me they are with American Airlines and they desire for understand alto of info about me. They Direct you to believe you are becoming free flights Someplace. . Needless for state I won t provide them any info and have Inquired them to lose my Amount but getting calls all your time out of them. . Guest62015-11-05 13:56:26
9186159026Repeated calls each daytime from this number. No 1 is on that Telephone. It can disconnect after a few second. Guest292015-11-05 14:12:27
9184011345Discontinue calling . . . It Only keeps beeping each time we reply your call amp Fairly frankly its annoying . Guest12015-11-05 14:38:52
9187605958Said he was with the Government. . . um Yes. . . no. Because that Government contacts you via mail not phone. Guest62015-12-17 20:45:45
9185054744Told them not to phone back. Tonight they got your air horn. Believe they ll telephone back tomorrow. LOLA Guest42015-11-05 19:51:52
9184420719Have been getting several calls a day for 2 months. Said he is along with American Services I owe W W. on a credit card and must make payment with him now. Nicely he called again few minutes Past I replied phone by saying quot Remove my Amount out of your own list quot . He started yelling quot why why exactly why lady. What don t you understand English Female quot Guest352015-11-06 00:37:24
9189167745I got a phone out of the same number few times ago and I told him that I did never get a surgery and he request me ARE You Sure. . . Lola. . . the Feature from this male was enjoy Asiatic then he end that call. Now I receive a call from quot UNKNOWN Amount quot surprise. . . is your same guy asking me your same questions jejune I am pretty sure the are spam callsGuest82015-11-06 01:54:53
9185195402I received a text saying Behind in your Mortgage Payment. Lousy Credit No Money. Let's help you personally along with your fresh HA MP Authorities Software for Information reply quot HA MP quot to Select out reply quot Discontinue quot . What a load of crap and how did they get my number and who Offered them rights to text me without my Agreement. Guest32015-11-06 04:21:52
9186333071they use a haphazard group of W W xxx Amounts so which you cant block it. Messages says there are no Difficulties along with your own account. . we would love to . . . etc No even Thought what account. Called back got person once asked for take me off list. . and Installed Upward on me. I have do not telephone and Regular between 2 W and 3 W they ring my cell while I 'm at work. Guest12015-11-06 04:22:53
9188580590Rob telephone ripoff phone. Refused to provide phone Amount or company name unless I Offered them a credit card Amount. Claim to become giving away free medical alert systems with a W. W monthly maintenance Payment . Owned and Managed by People with criminal records within Florida and Tennessee. Report them to your own state attorney general and file a complaint along with the FTC FCCGuest62015-12-08 23:24:05
9187390111Obtained text Around Looking for chat. They telephone themselves Poor Girl. Tried Performing. . . no response. Guest32015-11-06 05:38:53
9186158240I have been becoming calls from this Amount each couple of times. No voice send message gets left. If I return that call I go to some Registered express stating that I m on hold for your next Representative. No company identification no explanation of what this Firm is or does. If I hold the line goes dead after about three minutes. It s got to become a scam. Guest32015-11-06 09:12:52
9189773009Harassing calls. Called around n around. I answered but the did not Speak Simply called back Around 5 times. Guest92015-11-06 10:30:53
9188599644I am supposed to become on your don't telephone list. This Owner did t say anything. . . Simply Lay} there. Guest82015-12-21 05:55:11
9184420718I 've been receiving one or two calls each day for your last week. Today I decided for response and replied several times within quick succession and eventually Put Upwards. That caller ID showed quot LIFE Help quot . I called your number and a canned message Arrived Upwards and said if I did t need for receive anymore calls and Prefer out for Call one. I did and Put Upward. Guest302015-11-06 17:54:52
9188763248Calls and dozen t leave s message. Has called multiple times. I block Amount and the last Numbers change. Guest12015-11-06 18:13:53
91869173281 telephone. I could not reply and they made a Sound within that phone on my express mail. Did t say a wordGuest12015-11-06 19:17:53
9187215264Appear for become that same people as W W W. Merely a favorable heads Upwards. Don t fall for your scams. Anon72015-12-18 16:14:15
9186911604Question re crackliest ad. When I Face booked it it came Upward Mary Lu en. I don t understand anyone by the name. Guest12015-11-06 20:48:53
9182864217Claiming to be out of Cox. Inquired me to phone Around my account with them. I have no account along with Cox. Guest72015-11-07 02:47:52
9188761036KEEPS CALLING EVEN THOUGH I m on no telephone list. I don t answer and he hangs Upward once express mail comes on. Guest42015-11-07 04:58:53
9188761444I don t desire Telephone telephone s or text s messages or a express messages out of u leave me alone Sunday. Guest52015-12-16 10:58:19
9189211376I have received multiple calls over the past few days from this number, but no one was there. I called back more than once, but no one would talk, even though they answered. Today, a woman from this number called and did talk to me. She asked for me by name, and I replied by asking her who she was. She told me, and then asked for me by name again, but I did not tell her. I asked her what she wanted. She told me that she had a business matter to discuss with ______ (my name). I asked her what was the name of her company, and she told me something with letters, and I asked her what her company did. She balked then asked me again if it was me she was talking to. I would not tell her. I asked her what her company did again, and she said this was a matter about - calling my name - and his business. I replied that he does not have a business. She then asked if she was speaking to and named a volunteer organization I am in, and I told her that it was not that organization that she was talking to and she hung up.Guest62016-10-07 19:52:57

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