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9363623074They keep calling and hanging upGuest92015-11-05 10:04:50
9364832057No idea who they are calling for. Left a message for a Ryan Care em I m not even confident if that s how you personally enchantment your guy s last name but that is what it sounded like. I do not understand the Individual and I 've owned my phone number for W years thus exactly why would they be calling all of a sudden. James92015-12-20 10:14:26
9362455269TeaGuest12015-11-05 10:20:51
9362733936calls 3 or 4 times a daytime but then never answersGuest12015-11-05 10:21:51
9366474175Well-being careGuest22015-11-05 10:21:51
9365605656please stop calling me don t have money now when Assess goes I ll come by got about 6 months to go. Guest32015-11-05 10:29:50
9362080552leave me aloneGuest12015-11-05 10:40:51
9366629841The Man keeps text ed my safe link Telephone. . . will not tell me who it is. . . . giving me adore text. . . . when I call it nobody will speak or tell me who they're. not able for block their number from that phone. . just calls and text could be made on that Telephone. . it's no Web. Guest12015-11-05 10:58:50
9364459114Offbrpwn62015-12-20 16:48:45
9365492251Your where Striving to get my medical data. Guest52015-11-05 11:11:50
9364990935Is your own claim of a present card reward FOR W From Charge legit. Juicy23452015-12-20 12:31:15
9368569884This number has been calling me for the past 3 weeks. They phone 1 2 times a day at least twice a week. They Merely breath on the Telephone. They don t talk. Afterward after I cry at them they hang Upwards. Guest22015-11-05 11:18:50
9364420410Approved For W Credit Line 1 timeGuest22015-11-05 11:43:50
9362227564blocked. she can not get within touch along with me what so ever. Guest62015-12-08 09:30:27
9363233741They were Assumed for send me something never did. Christine42015-12-18 06:03:42
9364420752Previous pervGuest62015-12-21 16:11:30
9366721888infant daddyGuest42015-11-05 12:55:50
9368786910Said wanted to Purchase my Guitar from crags list. What is your point of these people doing the. . Guest82015-11-05 13:10:50
9369339648can t talkGuest302015-11-05 13:12:50
9365693611This Owner can phone repeatedly and leave an automated message that says quot This really is the Government. This is your last notification that we have been filing match against you. quot Afterward it Offers a few Amounts and says for call back immediately. When you phone back they do not reply. Guest72015-11-05 13:16:50
9366573093Telephone and says needs cash paymentGuest52015-12-09 09:14:44
9366502856Only got a telephone at 6 W this morning. . . . . . wtGuest42015-11-05 13:27:50
9362038675Credit card scam. Guest12015-11-05 13:33:50
9362173686bill collectorGuest62015-12-18 16:16:22
9365602353SPAM CRAP . . . . . . A HolesGuest82015-12-20 14:53:50
9367553498telemeterGuest372015-11-05 14:23:50
9362233225She auto calls all the time and when you personally can wait for talk for someone they hang up. Please remove me from the callerGuest72015-12-20 08:50:13
9364355773In that last week we get at least just one telephone per daytime. No one will there be and when trying to call back no answer. Guest72015-12-14 08:26:24
9362394621Pu es Que pied deice Hey soy Ora mas en la list pies a mi me environs UN Mensa divined Felicitations Si numeric ha Sid Eli candor P} Apple Ho vi site Www. apple. pr. A. me . W para reclaim gratis Si product De Apple hora. . . . . Como es ta Eli fraud mi Genet. . . . . inquire. Guest22015-11-05 14:37:50
9362153115at my house it was a Girl s voice and she started laughing and said she was sorry and hang Upward. . . Guest82015-12-16 20:48:46
9362409782don t want this number to call meGuest42015-12-18 18:21:32
9364945046A person that is suspected of Marketing pillsGuest12015-11-05 14:50:51
9362713000BMW Woods DEALERSHIPGuest22015-11-05 15:09:50
9362987021Asking money for Texas State TroopersGuest132015-11-05 15:23:50
9362302908Beloved Johnson Resources customer. . . . Guest82015-12-18 03:15:13
9368276677Paid solicitor for firefighters fund. Guest52015-12-22 10:24:33
9366810536school marketersGuest52015-12-14 17:43:30
9363674102Cussing and disrespectful peopleGuest52016-04-17 11:04:37
9364149845ACNE representative who scams Individuals into pyramid Techniques that she knows but infrequently talks to unless she could make money away youGuest12015-11-05 16:05:50
9363918578surveyGuest32015-11-05 16:09:51
9363074394calls each minuteGuest62015-12-19 13:07:08
9362227576Yes I get callsGuest22015-11-05 16:24:50
9363623093Call from W W W Jamaica Me Hi. Attorney Hello how are you. Me Please take me away your own call list. Lawyer F you. F you b . AKJ72015-12-16 17:10:13
9362010393harassing me please. block the numberGuest22015-11-05 16:36:50
9362936068Heypoop42016-04-26 01:32:34
9367186970i got a phone out of the cell phone and the person said their name was Bridgett. . . . . . . They were laughing within your background along with their friends. . . . . Guest82015-12-16 11:02:24
9365855094Man along with thick Indian accent left an Private phone message saying a legal case was going to be Submitted against me at the courthouse amp my properties would become seized by quot his Section quot if I did t phone back. Left no name or identification for who he Signified or was calling on Part of. Guest322015-11-05 16:48:00
9364639563Multiple calls hang upsGuest32015-11-05 17:11:50
9368275621idiotGuest72015-12-16 21:40:41
9367180653Dumb Butt Striving for rip me off. . . I won 5 million dollars and a new car. Yeah right. . . . . Another 876 Victim!52015-12-16 11:02:10

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