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Phone list in area 938

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9382855256Spanish recordingGuest42015-12-16 17:45:32
9384691384Keeps calling don't know this personGuest42015-12-09 04:50:29
9385623701Called late at night...prank callGuest42016-02-15 23:52:34
9389427996Got a call from this number on my cell phone, but I have no idea who it was.DJ42015-12-14 09:59:12
9387715391They keep calling about 1-2 times a's been about half a year now.Guest82015-12-09 23:44:23
9380237066randomly texted meDevin42015-12-09 22:28:52
9388717866these creeps keep calling me and the phone display shows Unknown. I don't talk to unknown callers...I tried to talk to them once and told them to quit calling me and they kept saying "Why"... and would not tell me who they were. I gave up, now they are blocked.Guest12015-11-14 13:15:53
9385693661little boy That likes to play games and waste your time... don't answer for this number. .Guest82015-12-15 13:04:14
9382231846crazy callerGuest62015-12-14 17:44:31
9388989908Don't answer! Just spamGuest12015-11-14 20:21:53
9386933226Leave me alone! ScamGuest72016-02-16 07:43:10
9380387875DUMB TRICK CLGuest72015-12-14 17:18:26
9385623707Money for a businessGuest42016-02-15 19:29:56
9381246007Didn't answerGuest62015-12-18 19:28:23
9385643691730am call. Automated voice that says final notice. IRS is filling a lawsuit.Guest12015-11-16 02:22:53
9383532604the guy is Geno he has several mental problems he keeps calling and hanging up.Guest82015-12-16 15:23:26
9380650620debt collector dont answerluis72015-12-09 17:54:29
9386928813Same thing here...they call at least 3x a day - annoying!Same32016-04-14 10:23:44
9384571245who him?Guest12015-11-16 11:57:53
9385613619blockedGuest42016-04-10 16:42:56
9384887481Called twice - no message left - called the number - went deaddb72016-04-06 20:05:12
9385693682His name is John from Kewanne. He claims to women that hes from Morton.nunya32016-04-10 06:24:35
9388734997spamGuest22015-11-17 00:30:53
9389509513she keeps harrasing mehGuest62015-12-08 18:40:44
9385541884Trying to sell you payroll loans you never requested (because you don't have any debt) from numerous numbers. All 20 reps I've talked to so far are from India and promise to put you on the no-call list, then call again the next day.Guest12015-11-17 20:08:53
9385613616calls and never anyone on the other end. call back and has a very bad computer answering service.Guest32016-04-14 09:02:46
9385693687Random calls no messageGuest52016-04-11 15:05:56
9386928814dummy. sound like police or just an idiotGuest42016-04-10 19:30:45
9382388862verizonGuest42015-12-21 06:20:15
9380332422I am almost 70 and they keep calling about schoolGlenda82015-12-14 20:49:22
9385623697+447053796687Eric62016-02-16 05:24:30
9384411301Confirmado, hoy me marcaron a mi tambien con la tipica "adivina quien habla".Anonimo42015-12-13 19:48:01
9385603641No answerCraig52015-12-14 20:51:37
9385623705Walter campbellGuest72016-06-16 10:45:06
9389356678Spam, not a valid number.Guest12015-11-19 14:19:53
9386928816Diamond tool salesman for SencoreHammer32016-04-06 23:50:34
9385663605Calvin's man likes to play on phones using this phone.Guest42016-02-15 19:29:54
9385693683manipulative c*ntGuest52016-04-10 02:36:42
9386928811Second time called home today. No message left.CC42016-02-16 04:34:20
9388959435HarassingGuest72016-03-25 04:34:50
9380201904goodGuest12015-11-20 11:01:53
938238508517 years oldGuest32015-11-20 11:56:53
9385574451I've had several calls since yesterday and continued throughout the night until this morning and no one is on the other end it's just a hang up, when calling the number back its invalid icomes back as invalidGuest12015-11-20 19:05:53
9384887483Sent me a nasty message and I don't know them. Some scam to go to a linkGuest72016-02-15 17:10:11
9389301211this number sucks who is itcc52015-12-09 22:50:30
9385623706This number keeps calling and calling and calling asking who this isJohn62016-02-15 18:13:26
9389546939ForwardGuest82015-12-14 11:55:41
9385693684FraudGuest72016-04-14 03:26:26
9386933219Keeps calling in a weird voice saying ok if you have more information on this number please let me knowUnknown52015-11-21 11:06:04
9384958354This area code exists in the Huntsville Alabama region. So it's a scam rather than a hoax.Jordan42015-11-21 11:14:59

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