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9384887480always calls at 4:00 am says nothingjazz62015-12-16 11:00:46
9385603681This is part of a scam going on for over a year, Oct 2013... called me Nov 2014.  You can report this to the IRS - just Google "IRS Scam"  IRS will never leave a message, trust me.  They only send official certified mail :)Frank42015-11-21 11:38:34
9385613651Hi Sue - I received the same call but know for a fact that this information is untrue. See below.Jen K32015-11-21 12:12:56
9382177944They keep calling wanting me to get a payday loan. And seem to be very demanding about it.Guest12015-11-21 12:43:53
9382265034Sent me text message "hey cutie I think your sexy lets chat" Creepo. Reporting now.Guest72015-12-19 11:16:02
9385613661 the Calls to the real IRS here:•report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 800-366-4484.•You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.******Do consider maybe getting a call blocking device or phone.. You can google them and many are around $50.00 or so.Steve32015-11-21 13:05:00
9386475715I only recieved one call. Asking for me or the property owner of my mother's address. They asked for me or my attorney to call within 24 hours or their decision is final or they will take more action.Guest52015-12-09 21:50:58
9385457976harrasingmaria delgado12015-11-21 14:53:12
9381768579i got prize at my cell no.Young joy12015-11-21 14:53:16
9385603621I got the exact same message from this number.jan32015-11-21 14:54:21
9385693621Say they are calling on a personnel matter....but student loan call.roger62015-12-09 03:37:10
9385633691Said they were IRS and suit will be filed if I don't call promptly. Was a recorded message.Guest22015-11-21 15:47:53
9384887490Craigslist spam by textGuest42016-04-17 20:14:26
9382042728yes we recieve and its really unappropriateGuest12015-11-21 16:46:53
9385623601Also received a call with an "IRS Threat" Sounds like a scam.Tanya42015-11-21 16:52:09
9385988235education centerGuest12015-11-21 17:07:53
9385693611Got a phone call from 1 938-569-3611, sent it to voice mail. I then listened to my voice mail and the message told me that the irs was filling a lawsuit against me and to find out more I had to call a 202 number. I decided to do research knowing that the irs had no reason to sue me. Tried calling back the original number and it's a disconnected number.lynnette32015-11-21 17:18:08
9385633671got a txt from this number and they new myname as well.. spookyGuest42015-12-09 22:19:47
9385653691Same message about a law suit from the IRS.  Caller ID comes up with "name unavailable".  I believe this is a scam.  When I dialed the number back, I only get a busy signal.sp22015-11-21 18:06:02
9388484372hiwaa12015-11-21 18:10:39
9381147431")Guest52015-12-10 01:35:09
9385591269stop calling meGuest12015-11-21 18:59:53
9385683641There is a fairly common IRS or "tax scam" being practiced by scammers on both Canadian and USA residents.USA tax payers should read this: ... -Telephone-ScamShort answer:The IRS never initiates a contact via phone.They always send a snailmail first.Educational post:This scam is also described as scam #11, here: to return here, to, after you look at any of the information at that site, either to post more information, or to let us know you avoided the scam, or to read any further information about that number that others may post.Bill22015-11-21 19:04:59
9385613621bill collector calling wrong numberGuest92015-12-16 19:45:45
9385653621Claims to be the IRS and last notice that a lawsuit has been filed. Says to call 202-559-4669 which is consistent with this scam. 19:20:41
9389548243scamGuest42015-12-14 17:36:51
9386970292Roquemore & Roquemore Inc - Collections agency.www.roquemore.comJohnny52015-12-18 23:42:11
9380983442fuccc youuuGuest92015-12-14 15:46:01
9387099915from south AfricaGuest72015-12-14 06:44:10
9388855434Called me,left no message.Marie22015-11-21 21:01:01
9385643671The caller identified herself as working for ARS.  However, when asked to provide a physical address, the caller refused.  She has been told that she is calling a business number and that the person she is trying to reach does not work here but persists in calling.ava52015-12-14 18:41:40
9385683611jungle monkeyGuest72015-12-16 10:50:49
9382343262dunno why, if u learn, repost here whyme too62015-12-08 21:05:40
9385613631me: hello?them: "this is so and so from 'technical support' regarding your computer update"me: ok... is this for _____(my workplace) [wondering why they didn't call my work phone and thinking something is up]them:  "Are you at your computer right now?"me: yes...them:  "Can you press the windows key and R key at the same time?"me: where are you calling from and what for?  Is this for ____(my workplace)?them: "calling from technical support, are you at your computer?"me: (still confused, thinking something is up)  ...which one are you referring to?and they hang up.Windows key + R key brings up the Run command, where you can put in a code/string of text to execute programs, etc on your computer.  "Technical support" makes it sound like it's coming for your job, or from a knowledgeable source, don't be fooled.Don't enter in anything, you'll probably get scammed, viruses, ID theft, etc.  If you don't know the number, first red flag.  If you don't understand the reason they're calling, second red flag.  If they dodge the question, third red flag.  If they tell you to bring up the run command, fourth red flag.  If you have not hung up by now, do so.Cody32015-11-21 22:13:51
9385613620Please stopGuest52016-04-10 11:05:16
9385643611The number is linked to a group of websites that make unauthorized charges.  from one of their numerous fake websites:"WARNING:For those considering issuing a charge back, we keep detailed records of your IP address and timestamp of all accesses. If you feel that you deserve a credit, we will be more than happy to listen and help out. However, if you attempt to defraud us, we will prove to your credit card company you are defrauding them. Charge backs not only hurt our industry, but it will also prevent you from joining other sites.DO NOT CHARGE BACK!! Your IP & hostname are recorded:"Gary72015-12-15 11:12:49
9388348800no callGuest12015-11-22 00:37:53
93869288185 calls today!  No message nor caller ID.MarFab32016-04-17 04:18:15
9384887485craigslist scammerGuest42016-04-11 15:05:44
9382294941middle of the night 4 amladdie12015-11-22 01:44:40
9384547730Giggly girls playing pranksGuest82015-12-14 10:12:52
9383470890LOTFAN JAVAB BADEREZA12015-11-22 03:19:07
9385693686866-229-7834Trans World Systems. collection agencyMark42016-04-13 07:50:30
9388410018aaaaaaaaaaash12015-11-22 04:34:35
9383268743reverse phonew89012015-11-22 05:21:02
9385643641scam scam938-564-364112015-11-22 05:26:14
9386928819Stop calling meGuest32016-04-07 02:52:52
9386537469I got a missed call from this number at 12:30am and when i called back it says that the call cannot be completed???Meera12015-11-22 07:50:47
9382343267Wanting me to get another credit card.Guest42016-02-15 22:50:44
9385653601We've recently received calls from several different numbers around the USA claiming to be from the IRS. Some have been a computerized recording (such as this one) and others have been from a guy with a Pakistani accent with background street noises. This time, the caller ID just shows as "ALABAMA." Sometimes the caller ID shows as a city name. Never does it shows as the IRS.Put it on call blocking.Roger42015-11-22 08:17:32

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