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2017-05-17 21:03:09
This number calls our office at least once a day and listens but never speaks then the phone is disconnected. ANNOYING!!
2017-05-12 21:36:59
Hi everyone. I saw comments from people who already got their loan from Jenas Pedro and then I decided to apply under their recommendations and just few hours ago I confirmed in my own personal bank account a total amount of $80,000 which I requested for. This is really a great news and I am advising everyone who needs real loan to apply through their email ( [email protected] ) I am happy now that i have gotten the loan I requested.
2017-04-25 18:33:15
Repeated calls all day long! Health Insurance scam! If you answer its a robo call WHICH IS ILLIGAL!! I am on the DO NOT CALL list( Its a joke in itself!!) I did not sign up for health insurance and DO NOT NEED IT! I do not know where they got my number!! I have reported to FTC and blocked them but they just spoof another number!!
2017-03-28 19:17:11
2017-03-24 17:34:40
they call every day from a Vets organization, lately when I call back to ask them to stop calling I get no ring to the number my phone is silent.
2017-03-06 09:28:32
Calls everyday!! I answer and none will answer me so i hang up. Not waiting for the voice.blocblocked the number so far so good no calls few days now.
2017-03-03 15:58:51
They call said my name and when I asked who is this? they hang up... calling back of course nobody answer or just answer and hung up...
2017-01-30 21:36:24
2017-01-11 19:01:58
Scammers !! Do not engage with this number or anyone associated.
2016-10-28 20:17:32
Scam about needing to help granddaughter. 3 calls and texts in as many minutes.
2016-07-03 20:22:40
These Folks phone you by name enjoy they understand you
2016-06-26 15:19:57
f en scampers. . . attempted the same along with me
2016-06-14 03:32:03
off mobile
2016-06-13 08:13:30
Political republican poll
2016-06-04 15:44:37
I already gotten 3 calls from the direct Amount. All I know is the Amount is out of Atlanta. That woman calling referred to your case number that I Desired for Recommend to when I call her back. Not just is the Amount not a 1 W Amount which I would need to pay for but she never mentioned who the call was for and what it was Around. When I called I Inquired what the company was and another Girl answered it was an insurance company. I m Very irritated on how vague this really is and that they keep calling. I m into locating a Authorities number I can telephone to have them can research on the company and Monitor them down.
2016-05-29 22:40:08
Called 2 for 3 times a week warning that I could have a credit card Issue. . . I finally talked for them and they Put Upward on me when I accused them of fraud. . . now calls and won t leave a message. Spam or fraud no doubt.
2016-05-26 00:32:03
don t call me ever again
2016-05-19 03:58:35
2016-05-16 23:21:04
Keeps call in. . . . . .
2016-05-15 03:25:34
It is Sirius satellite radio.

Phone list in area 941

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
9415263002TWIT. Playing gamesGuest82015-12-10 00:21:58
9415279184Talking Around my credit cardGuest12015-11-04 16:01:55
9419154565WGuest22015-11-04 17:23:55
9414792500unwanted Obama attention solicitationGuest182015-11-04 18:42:55
9418070722supporting Masters. Seeking money. amusing fact I 'm a Expert. Guest92015-12-20 16:32:37
9412126404Mexican jobber jabberGuest12015-11-04 20:18:54
9412543730i got a text message out of them doing a molding looking for brand new talentsGuest52015-12-08 08:46:08
9416370315nothingGuest12015-11-04 16:04:55
9412447934Asserting he was People treasury said that when i hung up there may be a warrant for my arrest. he disconnected they phone twice. Guest202015-11-04 17:03:54
9418009387the number text Edward me and said they knew me but i don t remember them and they wont tell me their nameGuest82015-12-16 19:12:40
9413571479Hangup computer callGuest172015-11-04 19:14:54
9412512695Gift pledge driveGuest92015-11-04 19:34:54
9419328888sunlight coastGuest82015-11-04 15:46:55
9419550323telemarketing investmentsGuest42015-11-04 16:47:55
9413758187No message multiple callsGuest12015-11-04 17:09:55
9412095851Change off. Guest12015-11-04 17:29:54
9417690832Scam Registered phone Around Looking me for call Around a credit card savings. Either an identity Larceny scam or fraud. It comes as a local cell phoneGuest12015-11-04 17:56:55
9414791530I don t know you personally or who your searching for. Please Quit calling me I m wedded. Thanks. Guest12015-11-04 17:59:55
9419322177Yes a Bloody Indian telemarketer who dozen t offer a damn about that do not Owner list. Joe42015-12-18 21:37:49
9416777122Unsolicited callGuest132015-11-04 18:13:55
9413635295SpamGuest72016-04-13 19:38:11
9412960790callingGuest12015-11-04 20:31:55
9417396200StopGuest132015-11-04 20:35:55
9414475258Debt CollectorGuest72015-12-11 00:27:39
9412573844Called and said his name was Mark Kruger. He is within jail and cant get Thur for his sister Kristy on her phone would I attempt. I don t understand this guy. I did not try Kristy s Amount. Guest62015-11-04 16:08:54
9413631942Whoever this can be called me a NIGGER and Installed up. I feel like you have time to play on people Telephone s you can get a real jobGuest182015-11-04 16:23:00
9415678778pleaseGuest12015-11-04 16:43:55
9418960004Stupid Az Requires how Considerably for head or for an hr. Trashy Genetics. Guest12015-11-04 19:42:55
9415656106they keep calling and leaving express mails of them breathingGuest12015-11-04 19:51:55
9412512488this Put keeps calling my cell Telephone and I am on the do not call list they phone and let my replying message go through Subsequently hang up it happens at least twice everyday and from different numbers I need it for stop. Guest62015-12-08 23:34:32
9417730329Calls a Amount of times but don t leave a message. Guest52016-02-16 07:21:06
9412327720Private Dwelling Not leaving message Brian L White Country GA. W WTS82015-12-08 20:35:05
9412756978did not reply unlike numberGuest42015-12-14 07:01:03
9417796336Spam. Says i win. Did t Triumph nothingGuest52015-12-19 15:45:47
9412493408The scumbag tried for signify himself as a System Mechanic Technology Support. I got him present me his Amount and extension. Of course when I called they had no record of anyone calling me Or anyone named Bob Singh. Guest732015-11-04 22:16:00
9412035908I get two or more calls a day from the Amount. They never leave a message and Don't reply when I attempt to phone back. Guest302015-11-04 23:02:00
9416504123bullshitterGuest12015-11-04 23:12:55
9415319024I 've gotten many calls from this number no 1 ever Addresses when I reply. I attempted many times for phone it back and says quot we re sorry your own call did not go Thur please attempt your call again After quot Guest102015-11-04 23:55:55
9416139058spamGuest632015-11-04 23:58:00
9413600028I live in Texas and acquired a text from Virginia about an item on grisliest. Appears sketchy kmduckslayer42016-04-13 06:17:21
9415489752scams criminalGuest472015-11-05 00:20:55
9413888085attention speed scanGuest292015-11-05 00:23:55
9415640778I do not understand this person and she sends haphazard texts without identifying herself. Guest82015-12-09 22:29:39
9417291545Got the text message about quot Security Dilemma seemed BOA. We rue the quot . I haven't had a BOA account within many years. Guest472015-11-05 01:15:00
9417353337stalkerGuest42015-12-08 08:04:20
9417311222I 've acquired 4 calls out of this number within 4 hours. That first phone was at 7 W Am 8 W 8 W and W W. Foreign Girl along with heavy Feature. Asking about my computer. Guest892015-11-05 01:22:00
9412349283Bacall for securityGuest752015-11-05 01:22:54
9417860387Annoying. Something about Well-being care. Telemarketer calls. Guest42015-11-05 01:22:55
9419229720left no messageGuest312015-11-05 01:35:55
9419327907Professional Artwork Service's S Th St Lincoln NE W Wana52015-12-14 23:21:27

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