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9473069471stalkerGuest82015-12-14 20:54:00
9479737771tried pickin up and they straight out hung up... fishy...bj12015-11-22 11:48:46
9477618427Another 947 number that these annoying early morning/late night calls are coming from.  Same as the other two I posted earlier.RBT.12015-11-22 12:09:23
9472470602jailGuest82015-12-09 14:30:02
9477500014Called at 8:54pm...left no message. May have been a wrong number of some sort.Joe Mamma42015-12-09 15:18:49
94783693449478369344anita12015-11-22 14:43:02
9475535185Called, I did not answer, no message leftSandy82015-12-19 01:07:56
9475177604bullshittGuest12015-11-22 16:32:55
9475179401(my name)...HaHa www.localherohere.comCocoa55662015-12-10 00:47:29
9470000000This guy called asking for the owner of our company and when I told him to take us off his list he proceeded to call me a string of vile names.Tiffany12015-11-22 17:58:11
9471160228RhondaGuest52015-12-13 23:26:13
9475170097keep calling don't said any thingGuest42015-12-09 04:42:42
9472548084I keep receiving calls at all hours from 947-254-80849. The extra digit is not a mistake. When I finally picked up, the call ended immediately.suspicious cel phone owner12015-11-22 19:28:30
9477655577this guy calls prosititute he no good a [***] [***]cracker62015-12-18 19:32:41
9474918432Who call me?Pulok12015-11-22 20:09:35
9475003832hay what is up federicjosefina62015-12-14 10:36:21
9472033326They call, don't say anything. It's Organizing for AmericaGuest62015-12-14 17:41:21
9475090591Crooks email phone scamGuest72015-12-23 16:48:47
9477857347what the h*ll!!!!Enough alreadyflatlander42015-12-15 21:32:52
9470001257Called leaves no msg. It is IC systems. On the one time I did answer is say please wait....annoyed82015-12-16 16:43:54
9470145497SpamGuest52015-12-16 13:40:35
9478629042spam text about compromised google account. do not reply. probably a phishing schemeGuest72015-12-16 15:27:19
9478874504Received a call from number asking about additional income. Blocked number, hope not hear from them again.Guest72015-12-14 16:53:47
9478885182This number belongs to the Scientology freaks.SickOfIt42015-12-14 13:49:35
9476771139They called twice today and hung up each time.Guest72015-12-16 11:11:40
9472083649hung upkaileena42015-12-21 06:19:09
9471125421Keeps calling late evenings during the week. Never leaves a message and if you do pick up to answer, there is a long pause and background noise of a call center. I just ignore calls from this number from now on.Jay52015-12-14 11:05:02
9474031920Call was left on my Verizon answering system. It was nothing but heavy breathing. Wasnprobably a marketing call, but was incredibly thoughtless. Rude.Guest62015-12-14 15:32:44
9470639871Got a call from this number showing it was from Deseret Book.  I didn't answer and there was no message left on my machine. I doubt this call was from the Deseret Book I know because the few times I've gotten a call from them they left a message.marie72015-12-16 08:07:03
9478048405I just received a call from this number and answered, was a lady saying this an urgent business emergency with the company and the board of directors. VERY strange... No idea who it isChris72015-12-16 11:56:18
9472421163my husband got a call at work from a lady named Jane faith, she stated that we owe 3000.00 for a loan of anywhere between 300-500 when I asked her who they were she stated the name of the company she works for was call payday today resources. I then asked her who I owed money to she could not tell me she said if we did not pay 300.00 a month she will garnish my husbands wages. she would not let me call her back i had to make a decision right there. It then hit me this is a scam who or what creditor collection agency would not know the name of a company who you owe money too. she was very persistent and rude don't fall for this scam its all over i called the police and reported them.Lori82015-12-16 14:08:47
9479393727This is a child molester who contacts you and ask if you can provide him with underage girls if you say no he will continue to text you and harass you and talk about how he's going to rape your underaged sister and enjoy her company while you can cuz once he finds there you'll never see her again if this guy contact you please contact your local police department and let them know the faster he is removed off the street the same for underage kids will beGuest72015-12-17 01:23:45
9476329427Got a call from this number asking for the manager, owner, purchaser, IT department head all in the same sentence.  Some spiel about being the largest computer wholesaler, blah blah blah.  If you don't know the person you want to speak with, you're not getting past me, especially when your spiel is minutes long.  Caller ID showed Toll Free Caller.Call Blocker82015-12-18 17:02:38
9475115375I suppose people have wised up enough not to answer any call that shows on your caller ID as cell phone Jamaica.  I get several calls a day from a variety of different numbers from Jamaica.  I stopped answering these calls last year and let the phone ring and yet they still call daily.  The last time I answered one of these calls they said I had won $2.5 million plus a brand new car.  Imagine that and I didn't even have to enter to win.  Scammers!!FedUp82015-12-18 20:04:38
9472823390They called, I answered, it was a guy asking me to verify my address to make sure he was speaking to the right person. I told him it wasn't and he hung up.Guest52015-12-19 01:09:21
9475335454I answered and no responce, then after a pause there was laughing in their boiler room and the guy asked me if I was there. I told him I had already said hello once and he hung up on me.Guest42015-12-19 11:46:38
9471838686North or South Carolina comes up I forget which one pretty well known for spam calls I could be wrong but that's life Mr number blocking going to happen maybe they'll text me if its a friendGuest52015-12-19 17:00:06
9476632173I just got a call from 989-854-2368 and I put them through the lie as well.  After I got really far along with my lie, i disconnected the call on my cell phone like the call dropped.  Then he called me back on my phone with this number 757-205-0737.  I told him I was onto him and had already reported their company.  He said he didn't care.  I asked him to remove my number and he said he wouldn't.  His name was Don and he called himself a "fronter"rn in ca82015-12-20 18:40:15

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