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9493038754Replied Telephone. Waited for someone for speak. Male said Hi twice. i asked if i could help him. He Put up. Guest312015-11-05 20:32:01
9495964840I get no less than 8 calls each day from this Amount they won t leave a message and won t Discontinue callingGuest42015-11-05 23:52:00
9493780961Demand Cash now. Receive W W direct to your own bank within Hr. no credit Assess get instant acceptance at Web. Baptiste. com something thus Straightforward but May n't get someone Pol. they ask on your address DEL bank routing and acct That is how people create fake checks everyone. And prop ably worse enjoy ID theft and create a Actual bank acct. . . Guest52015-11-06 01:55:58
9499731648I got text message out of this Amount said quot Eliminate Upward to W percent of your own debt Now Actually. Text Yes if you personally would like to understand more. TEXT No for Elect Outside or E-mail your own to putout yahoo. com Survey quot I pay for incoming text messages. It will become great If someone can help for identify the sender. Guest252015-11-06 01:58:01
9494634097unwanted text I though it was Only a wrong Amount it read quot Mark Hi man Internet. payday. com worked. I got that W I needed within 1 day and they did. t even Assess my bad credit. What a Cope. You got my family s X MAS. quot I don't have any idea who John is. Text was just as above typos and all. I believe its Only someone Attempting to Increase that Web site. Guest42015-11-06 04:42:59
9497522838Desires for sell me an automated stock trading Software. I m on your do not phone list and they call me anyway. Guest132015-11-06 09:00:00
9498617352you request them to take you off their list. . . negative dint provide them any info they already 've your own numberGuest372015-11-06 12:28:01
9497835218Received telephone out of this Amount saying they are with the U. S. Doc Prep. for modifications. Is the a spam. Guest32015-11-06 13:31:00
9493199624Silence on your phone when answered with quot initials Home. . . quot They call Practically every week day. Guest442015-11-06 14:25:01
9492808472Not Charles and I do shop at Target. Simply cell Telephone SPAM. I ll contact Www. dentally. gov and report. Guest72015-12-18 23:23:50
9492014250Got a telephone from this number. Replied your phone. After saying hello simply heard silence on the Telephone. Jerry62015-12-16 12:51:41
9493789138The Girl wears red winter time Coat and black slacks. She has a models face and wears aviator glasses which are yellow. She is Chinese and has the presence about her like she knows alto. She Offered me her Amount and told me her Chinese name yet altered it for just Nancy before I could enroll it into my brain. I had an in cling for tell her my name was Ronnie or Ronald or Simply Reagan. Yet I settled for my real name. I said my name and she said it back to me. I said would you enjoy Chinese I understand of a terrific Chinese Cafe where you personally live. As a Booger you personally must Recall that Draw is at eye Amount and her Put of Home is above sea Amount and I had Only ridden from there as she waited for her cab. The Telephones Place is within a town Much far away and she spends only her weekends there. Where. Booger keeps you personally within suspense. Guest22015-11-07 02:29:01
9493312329A masseuse that Supplies happy ending along with a Important Outlook Difficulty if you personally state no for herGuest92015-11-07 03:24:01
9499033542Text state can you personally demand help with dealing along with that Government and back Fees. Text Irs nowGuest72015-11-07 05:14:01
9499032876Got a text Advertisements actors and models wanted. Same text yesterday from another Amount within that same Region. Guest12015-11-07 10:46:01
9499452103There was a message asking I was available to take on new business. The call to my office at 8 pm, an unusual time to be calling to discuss business opportunities. I thought it might be legit, but based on the responses from others, it appears to be a clever marketing ploy to get a return call and then promote themselves. I think I have received a call from this same number several months ago. I would give this a negative rating as a probable telemarketer, even though I never spoke with the person calling. No name is given for the caller, just a telephone number. Again, this seems a classic "backdoor" attempt to sell a product or service.Arlee62017-07-22 17:11:31

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