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9703730142yes i got a telephone out of a honest Smith saying i owe cash which i do not he claims for become us offense bureau what he told my bossGuest32015-11-05 00:57:49
9702860970The Scam Of "we have a civil warrant to clear up - call me back right away - SCAM!!Bill62017-03-24 18:38:21
9706706161This really is a Remove my Amount Amount. . . W W W. Seems to 've worked for me. Guest132015-11-05 01:03:50
9702362161medical supplierGuest362015-11-05 01:10:45
9702380477no texts pleaseGuest52015-12-14 08:51:13
9702338162Called me 3 times within less than W minutesGuest42015-11-05 01:14:45
9703291947SCAM says they're with Job Radar. com but they don t understand your own data. Do not share your own data with them. Guest42015-11-05 01:19:48
9709442315Unwanted callGuest6122015-11-05 01:21:46
9704493036THIEFGuest12015-11-05 01:25:08
9708799183 s run hi. I demand Information on house in Milne. next for store. I ant find my real estate contract from the W s. THC. W W W. Guest12015-11-05 01:30:46
9709780916She is fraudGuest12015-11-05 01:35:08
9708120695called left no messagetom72015-12-18 18:48:34
9706723390Keeps calling my cell phone looking for my brother who I haven t lived with since Youth. State they desire to enlighten him of a civil case being Registered against him for debt owed. It s a lie. It s a scam. Guest32015-11-05 01:38:46
9702362024unsolicited marketingGuest252015-11-05 01:50:48
9702242200Schools First National credit unionGuest62015-12-21 00:25:55
9709782779Watch Outside for Ph Advertising they re ripoffsgot scammed42015-12-22 09:27:41
9706706187I already 've the caller blocked amp I still receive calls. Guest702015-11-05 02:04:46
9703648226Only some fuckedGuest12015-11-05 02:08:07
9706584898I won W dollars within online present cards because I Seen a partner Site. . . I instantly hung up and blocked the Amount. Guest12015-11-05 02:14:46
9707796404blockedGuest42015-12-22 01:23:42
9704444085Man Promised for be a state trooper fund raising. Would state troopers fund Improve by Phone. Guest52015-11-05 02:47:46
9702326238Spam phone. . telemarketingGuest2012015-11-05 02:49:45
9705159081WGuest12015-11-05 03:18:08
9702938098inGuest42015-12-18 15:48:04
9702794423creditorGuest32015-11-05 03:23:45
9705894117An obsessed girlfriend that won't leave me aloneGuest12015-11-05 03:36:46
9702609740i get steady calls out of this Amount but no messagelou42015-12-19 04:41:46
9705550177Sadistic a holes. Telephone all times of the day return phone goes for dead atmosphere. Guest382015-11-05 03:39:46
9704574028SpammersGuest292015-11-05 03:57:49
9703435062blocked Place codeGuest92015-11-05 04:06:48
9705994611Martinez Trash Hauling Service W N School Ave W Fort Collins CO W W W W Do you demand a garbage Group service Supplier that could offer you an impeccable service in a professional and timely fashion. Or Perhaps you personally Only demand a hauling service. In either case Martinez Waste Hauling Service is your Firm that can provide you along with customer satisfaction regardless of your nature of your own needs. Hauling Service Garbage Set Garbage Treatment Junk Disposal Junk Removal Hauling Waste Treatment Garbage service Waste Disposal Waste Collection service HTTP . com Guest12015-11-05 04:09:50
9703359567They don t understand their facts. . Guest12015-11-05 04:13:07
9706706154Would telephone at Bizarre times of the daytime Approximately 4 6 times. Not say anything and hang Upwards. Guest102015-11-05 04:13:46
9702165716hookerGuest12015-11-05 04:14:07
9704171105WHO's talking to u enjoy disGuest132015-11-05 04:19:49
9704233088Called and said he was Jerry out of GE House Security. Inquired me how I was and Afterward Put Upwards on me. Guest282015-11-05 04:35:46
9703766616They scared me along with rude and inappropriate crammerGuest72015-11-05 04:36:49
9706825204block the number from text and callsGuest52015-12-08 14:06:25
9702152942Junk Man Fort Collins CO W W W W We provide garbage Set service for your area of Fort Collins CO since W. Garbage Treatment Service Trash Trash Service Junk Group Service Waste Set Service HTTP junketed. comGuest12015-11-05 04:38:47
9702422010Sean Strongman likes for watch his ex Partner Sharon Strongman s sex along with her brand new Man Michael Cl egg W W W. Connie Strongman and Fred Strongman likes for watch Sharon Strongman Cl egg Michael Cl egg s sex too. . W W WGuest52015-11-05 04:48:45
9709802002stalkerGuest82015-12-18 15:29:24
9702608878Hacker left the number when I demanded a call back Amount. Guest12015-11-05 04:50:45
9707769659I got the unwanted phone call. Guest392015-11-05 04:56:46
9702837535This Amount Individual people need for stop harassing people. Get a life. . Guest82015-11-05 05:04:48
9702098762Chinese hooey jun strongman nick name is Sharon strongman was fuck with Michael cl egg during marriage along with looser husband Jim strongman. Chinese hooey got pregnant from Michael cl egg during wedded with looser Man Sean strongman W W W. Chinese hooey jun strongmanGuest82015-11-05 05:13:45
9702755048Its Google gm ail security. Guest72015-12-15 00:28:01
9707584808This really is an automated message for a Residence security system. Guest812015-11-05 05:20:46
9706166755block it no one thereGuest62015-11-05 05:22:50
9705912393Block calls and textsGuest52015-12-09 15:00:26
9705298078SpamGuest102015-11-05 05:23:50

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