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Phone list in area 971

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
9712222500Unwanted callerGuest52015-12-16 15:22:40
9712201558Trying for sell me insuranceGuest352015-11-04 16:33:47
9712701513Red crossGuest282015-11-04 16:48:37
9712565635blockGuest262015-11-04 17:01:47
9715330084called on Tuesday 6 W PM Caller ID W W WNick62015-12-18 18:02:40
9712179508Telephone back says that number is not in service. Guest2902015-11-04 17:22:46
9712089936I trust someday someone may Discontinue these calls. I have Truly had to turn my replying machine away. I 'm weary of these calls. I get several a daytime and occasionally as late as W PM. and on Sunday. Guest15012015-11-04 17:26:37
9712179563 Lt . Comprise file quot Nassau's. HTML quot gt Guest812015-11-04 17:49:46
9712201002CDCGuest4502015-11-04 17:53:46
9712565554Will not leave a message. Called X at W minutes apart this morning on my New . I may have for see if my Telephone will block who ever these Folks are. Guest372015-11-04 17:53:47
9712404269Automated messageGuest12015-11-04 18:35:02
9712635022I got a text from the Amount saying FIRST LIGHT F. C. U. Detect Your CARD has been DEACTIVATED. Please contact people at W W W. I DON T 've A CU account Considerably less a card either. Guest82015-11-04 18:36:47
9713027263Olympic securityGuest62015-11-04 18:43:48
9719997535Tex ting my daughter Seeking to meet herGuest52015-11-04 19:23:03
9712387461Really annoying won t Quit calling. . Guest672015-11-04 19:27:37
9712201050FaveGuest912015-11-04 19:42:46
9712695697Hey wiz sup. Guest12015-11-04 19:47:03
9712179538TrashGuest1562015-11-04 19:51:46
9712201021Annoying callsGuest102015-11-04 19:51:50
9715331164got text at midnight Aug ST quot Fwd Kali I's he is quite W. he is my I would adore for if i could. I would him. I want he was my W. i want to never him. quot and Subsequently another a few seconds After quot I meant she. . . quot . I Don't Know WHO The Person S IS AND DON T Care For. GOT TEXT From This Amount A FEW WEEKS Ago Too. TRACED IT To SOUTHERN INDIA. . . LEAVE ME ALONE. . . Guest22015-11-04 20:01:48
9712662266Advertising telephone. Guest462015-11-04 20:13:47
9717776643Block itGuest12015-11-04 20:20:03
9712778979Calls every couple times and dozen t say anything. Just stays on your line for a few seconds and then hangs up. SPAM. Guest42015-11-04 20:50:48
9712201781SpamGuest2292015-11-04 20:51:47
9713048818this Amount was blocked disconnected or is unavailable Malfunction WGuest42015-12-13 08:27:14
9712201000I looked Upwards travel international Active group and the BBB said they 've had many Gripes i Installed Upward on them. Guest152015-11-04 20:59:46
9713730184ID who called but they demand not telephone again. Guest1232015-11-04 21:06:48
9712201761I Directed} the Amount to vim back they Dna state ACTH when I Pu. Guest3002015-11-04 21:18:47
9712280803Credit Amass erGuest182015-11-04 21:19:47
9712690566Rob telephone. . constantly calls says they're Google listing and to quot press 1 quot to be removed out of the listing. Multiple calls and they never look to remove your number from their listing. SPAM. Guest252015-11-04 21:21:47
9714043092Calls and leaves a message about being served Forms at work regarding a legal issue doesn't provide that name of a Business when you personally call back that Amount W W W that they present you they won't give you that name of their Business when you personally call them Outside about a scam they hang Upwards. They keep saying quot pretrial how could I Support you quot . . Complete ScummierGuest32015-11-05 03:38:48
9711203915Installed Upward when attempted replying as wellGuest52015-12-16 08:30:16
9712560047They have called before Striving to con me into authorizing an order of diabetic supplies. I 've my own source for supplies. I resent being called during my Residence time. Guest22015-11-04 21:42:51
9712404307U have been blocked. . . . . . . . Guest52015-12-16 11:32:41
9712778004Nothing I hung Upwards on themGuest872015-11-04 22:01:48
9712092493don t phone meGuest52015-12-09 08:45:43
9712201944CC BSGuest1242015-11-04 22:14:37
9712022143bloodthirsty collectionsGuest72015-11-04 22:21:46
9712390109They telephone at least three times daytime and never leave a express mailGuest62015-12-19 10:53:27
9714005255Go to hellGuest72015-12-16 19:05:10
9712662133Duplicate Owner no messageTD92016-02-12 04:03:29
9712201929Doing answerGuest412015-11-04 23:03:37
9714042639It s a Group Bureau for Outstanding cell bills. Try to telephone it back that s the info it givesGuest512015-11-04 23:07:48
9712161086Residence sliceGuest12015-11-04 23:26:08
9712082819That text said quot Dedicated STARBUCKS CUSTOMER You GOT Awarded A W Present VOUCHER For STARBUCKS. HTTP present. Starbucks. comGuest12015-11-04 23:27:46
9712201787No answer. Guest542015-11-04 23:33:47
9712701506Automobile insurance quotesGuest402015-11-04 23:35:48
9712001620no answerGuest12015-11-04 23:38:08
9712201751Called left message to telephone back. Angela W W W Ext. W Atlanta GAGeorge90742015-12-18 20:31:34
9712201932Dental insuranceGuest152015-11-04 23:51:51

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