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9724204375They called asking if I took credit cards. I told her that I don t and she got rude and then Installed Upward. Guest132015-11-06 07:49:49
9727938177Who are these people. . . Merely don't reply . . . they could need to understand if You're Residence or not. Guest222015-11-06 08:25:51
9725989012Yes I did. Maintained to be with cable company but would not tell me who. They wanted my address. I Put up. Guest132015-11-06 10:17:50
9725981500 stone gate mortgage tries to get your own name after cold dialing your Amount. Hang Upward on the b. Ch. . . . . . . Guest32015-11-06 11:21:50
9727201232Excellent Anticipations Relationship service. they leave a express mail acting enjoy they understand you personally. Guest212015-11-06 12:45:50
9727886990says that I'm approved for a W W gov. grant but needs cash for bank fees but will get back within W Minimum. cheryl52015-12-23 05:37:17
9728912317This person called and did t get to speak along with Ernie and called people a before hanging Upwards. 480628673462016-04-15 15:28:09
9728853166call my number at 9 PM saying this really is Allstate Afterward ask me if this was Greg and Afterward hung up on me. Guest172015-11-06 19:11:51
9722001086Amount. Call Day-to-day and hangs Upwards when you personally reply. If you personally telephone back it goes to message systemGuest312015-11-06 21:16:48
9723013798called our business fax line amp Inquired for owner. When told owner not in they rudely hung Upward. SPAM. Guest892015-11-06 21:37:37
9728086176The Owner is pretending for be a House owner Striving for rent a home. She States for have went to Texas and isn't wanting to use a Actual estate agent. She claims that the Representative is stalking and always putting a for sale hint in your yard without her permission. The actual owner still in fact lives within Anchorage and is within fact a retired W year previous womanGuest12015-11-06 22:24:51
9724621575Owner pretended to have just just one telephone and was quot Favourite grandson quot within trouble within Vegas. Hung up telling him to 've his Lawyer phone mine. Gotten callback about 3 Min's later saying I Put up on him. I stated he said he just had one telephone and the was his second then Inquired quot what s your name of your Mum. quot he Subsequently Put Upwards. Guest192015-11-07 00:33:49
9722019985telephone in any respect hours no one there when answered they have called many times within the last week. Guest172015-11-07 03:19:48
9724455936Name was B. Cunningham. . . two calls within String. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Guest32015-11-07 04:51:49
9728582844Returned telephone fax tone and then message quot it is now Essential for Switch your Region code quot . SCAMGuest42015-11-07 06:17:51
9725287653Contact Washington D. C. Around your money scamming Dilemma. Have F. B. I. agents assist local police in this area. Guest32015-11-07 07:14:50
9727938189Called my aunt stating he had papers for me to sign and that I needed to call back asap. I checked my email and he said that I needed to call him back because there are papers that I need to sign I needed to be home on Monday to sign the papers or reschedule for a later date. If I'm not home the next attempt will be made at my place of employment. I called back and got no answer but a voicemail that sounds like a cell phone. I told him if he called any of my references again or go to my place of employment I will sue him.Latoya Payne72016-10-14 20:53:55
9724681318Each time this Amount calls there surely is no 1 there and it calls each hour everyday. . Thus irritating. . Guest22015-11-07 09:29:49
9724200715972-420-0715 called today asking for previous owner, told them they are no longer here then they asked for Accounting, told them that was me. He proceeded to ask if we fire people or lay them off. We are on the do not call list so I said "no thank you" and hung up. He called right back. I told him we are on the do not call list and not to call. He called me on both business lines over a dozen times in a row. I would hang up and he would already be on the other line. I put him on hold he would hang up and call right back. DO NOT GIVE THESE CREEPS ANY INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!972-420-0715 harassing caller312017-05-17 21:15:32
9728092970The woman asked for owner, then told my secretary she was wanting us to donate money to local high school. Total Scam!Steve,72017-08-16 19:16:15
9726768389Got this TXT msg. From:[email protected]: "Dear customer, For security purposes your GOLD CU VISA card was suspended. To reactivate your card please call 1-918-438-7011 and follow the steps."[email protected]: Dear customer, For security purposes your GOLD CU VISA card was suspended. To reactivate your card please call 1-918-438-7011 and follow the steps."...I don't have a GOLD CU VISA card.GOLD CU VISA card72017-07-09 04:47:08
9727411162I've gotten a call from "Jacob Durst" using this number and claiming he's a "Coordinator for PSLGP" and works for Attorney General Jeff Sessions. I cut the call short and he told me to text a photo to him (freak). He texted me again today saying he was meeting someone named "Hannah" at the baggage claim in an airport and reminding that he's a coordinator for PSLGP. This has gotten beyond creepy, and this guy is claiming to work for AG Jeff Sessions.Boo72017-07-09 20:19:20

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