2017-07-21 04:49:03 Stalker: Tyrone Patterson "Ty" Wrote:

African American male. Darker skin. Full eyes with salt and pepper hair. Age around 40 to 41. Very aggressive stalker

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2017-07-21 04:14:20 IRS scam Wrote:

Automated call advising that the IRS is filing a lawsuit and the need to call ASAP

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2017-07-21 03:36:14 Johnson family Wrote:

I get numerous calls a day with this (310)526-8438 starts in the morning and pretty much through out the day until evening time. It is pretty annoying!!!

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2017-07-21 02:08:56 Kim Wrote:

Got a call from this number called back and they hung up

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2017-07-21 01:54:02 Carol Smith Wrote:

Call from this number 918-708-9178 they said they were Direct TV and offering me free Cinamax for 3 months. It should be on in 48 hours. Now it is 72 no Cinamax so I call Direct TV they know nothing about it. Fraud Alert!!!1

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2017-07-21 01:06:14 IRS LAWSUIT Wrote:

Scam claiming I owed the IRS an insane amount of money and threatened me with jail time and lawsuit. They don't like being called out on their BS, and get really pissed if you "waste their time"

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2017-07-21 00:44:52 Cecilia Delgado Wrote:

This number called and said I would be arrested if I didn't pay

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2017-07-21 00:22:33 credit card scam Wrote:

scammer - This is a call about your credit card... there's nothing wrong... blah blah blah

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2017-07-21 00:21:32 credit card scam Wrote:

spam caller - starts out about my credit card but nothing is wrong.. blah blah

View more about who called from +17738176390

2017-07-21 00:09:23 cS Wrote:

Just range and no message

View more about who called from +17572140671

2017-07-20 22:59:07 L Wrote:

Called with a recording stating that I was being prosecuted by IRS. Which is untrue.

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2017-07-20 22:38:57 STOP CALLING ME Wrote:


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2017-07-20 22:34:49 bg Wrote:

persistent human female, not a recording, offering funding for craigslist vehicle for sale. They called 3 times a day yesterday and today immediately after the ad was posted. Every time I said thanks but not interested, asked they not call back. they ignore that and call anyway. I think they are just trying to harass.

View more about who called from +14152300600

2017-07-20 22:10:21 c in san diego Wrote:

I received a white "Notice of Package on Hold" in my mailbox shortly after I bought a new condo. It said "Second Attempt" and directed me to call 800-783-5982. It looked shady since it was not the normal brown notice from USPS, so I did not call. I received another yellow notice that said "Notice of Parcel on Hold" call 951-821-0874. That one said "Final Attempt." I don't know if they are related or if they are two separate scams. I have now read many other complaints on the internet regarding these numbers being phishing scams.

View more about who called from +19518210874

2017-07-20 21:04:57 collector Wrote:


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2017-07-20 20:55:45 Not Happy Wrote:

Telemarketers keep calling my cell. I finally decided to fake that I was interested in their air duct cleaning services. I asked for their company name and a call back number as I needed to inquire with my wife when she would be home for the appointment. They gave me the name HVAC Solutions and the number 519-916-5304. Searched on the internet for both and found Vent Care Services, Kitchener as associated with the number. I called and spoke to Carlos. I verified that the price given by the first telemarketer was the price Carlos was offering. I proceeded to inform him that I will be filing a formal complaint with the CRTC (which I did) as my number is on the "do not call" list. This company is one responsible for all of those annoying telemarketing calls for "air duct cleaning services". Very, very bad!

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2017-07-20 20:31:18 HarleyGirl Wrote:

A phone call from 855-202-6270 was received by someone connected to me with the message that I was to call ASAP. I looked up the number online and numerous websites stated that it was connected to a “scam” organization. That, in itself, made me very cautious in phoning them – but once I did, the games did indeed begin. As of 12:45p CST on Thursday, July 20, 2017, I have called this number NO LESS than FOUR times and each time THEY HAVE HUNG UP ON ME! At 12:17p I spoke to Emily who claimed they were a “mediation company” calling about a “civil complaint”. She wanted me to verify my birthdate and I declined stating that first I wanted to know the name of her company and I was given the name “Client Resolution Services”. I then asked for the client/company name of who she was calling on behalf of and she refused to provide it. She stated that I had to verify my information first and I again declined to do so. Emily said that if I refused to confirm/provide my identifying information that she would tell their client to proceed forward – a client that she won’t disclose who it is. She was quite enthusiastic to speak over and interrupt me to the point that I asked to speak to her supervisor and I was finally transferred to Hailey (sp?). I asked Hailey what city Client Resolution Services was based out of and she refused to tell me. I asked her if I had this scenario straight: Their company calls my side out of the blue, wants me to confirm information, refuses to tell me who they are calling on behalf of AND refused to give me the city they are headquartered out of – but I’m supposed to trust them. I told Hailey that I am the recipient of a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice notifying me of my Victim ID Number due to a federal case in which my identity was stolen so, yes, I am very cautious about who I provide my information to. Supervisor Hailey must be the mentor to Call Clerk Emily because she, too, likes to interrupt and finally hung up on me when I kept asking which city their company was headquartered in. At 12:28p I called the number back and got hold of “Tracy” and my first question was: Where is Client Resolution Services based? I was informed they had 48 locations. I asked where the HQ was and was told Atlanta, GA. Tracy wanted my SSN and I declined and that call ended up with her hanging up on me when I asked for the mailing address of their HQ and their CEO’s name. Oh, yes, this is where the call recipient/victim is the agitator harassing “Client Resolution Services”. At 12:35p I called back and got hold of “Sandra” who claimed they were NOT based in Atlanta even though on the previous call I had been told they were. I asked Sandra that with their company being so evasive, how was I to know they weren’t a scam like what had been written about them by numerous people in online reviews on their phone number. Her reply, and I quote: “Maybe you are the scammer….” I latched on to that one and told Sandra that was a perfect quote and that I was writing it down at that very moment – and she immediately hung up on me. In closing, is the mysterious “Client Resolution Services” an authentic company? I honestly have no idea. So far, I’ve been unable to find a company by that name in Atlanta GA, a website for them, etc. HOWEVER, I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Dallas and pursuing my options with the Texas Attorney General for deceptive business practices.

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2017-07-20 20:15:40 Chris Wrote:

This number keeps calling my mom. Comes up as Com Health Choice on her caller id. It rings 15-20 times. My mom is elderly and doesn't use anything but a landline so she knows nothing about blocking numbers. ANNOYING!

View more about who called from +17138424900

2017-07-20 20:01:51 Guest Wrote:

Jerry Mefford is the owner of this phone. I hired a PI to confirm. He owns an exterminating pest business. He lives in Dallas, TX. He is mentally disturbed. Threaten me because I did not to business with him and then prank called me. STAY AWAY.

View more about who called from +12148545469

2017-07-20 19:08:41 No espeki spanich? Wrote:

Greeted me in spanish and promptly hung up after I told her I didnt speak spanish.. it must not have been urgent.

View more about who called from +13057090683

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